Tips on Adding a Mudroom In Garage – Garage Transformation Ideas

A mudroom in a garage is necessary to keep the space organized. Adding a mudroom in garage also keeps the rest of the house clean. It is an area where you leave all your dirty shoes and clothes and store things that you cannot take into the house.

The good news is that adding a mudroom in your garage does not have to be expensive. Creating a garage entry landing is a small home improvement project that you can do on your own.

Steps on adding a mudroom in garage

What is the purpose of a garage mudroom?

Before you think about adding a mudroom, determine the purpose of your mudroom. Ideally, a mudroom will be a place in your store and clean muddy shoes. It is the first landing place from outside or from working in the garage. If you do not want to take the dirty shoes and clothes inside, this is the place to leave them.

Once you determine the exact use of the mudroom, it will be easy to create a space that fits your needs. If your primary purpose is storage, then you need to focus on adding as many cabinets are possible. On the other hand, if you want a landing area, make sure that you increase the seating area.

Determine the size of the mudroom

A mudroom should take a small space in your garage. The trick is to make the space-efficient no matter the size. Ideally, 25 square feet should be enough for a mudroom. With proper planning, you can include everything that you want in the mudroom, such as storage and even a seating area.

A good mudroom size should fit at least two people at the same time. It is advisable to make the mudroom size proportional to your family size. A big family will probably need a big mudroom since it doubles as a storage area.

Determine the ideal location

The ideal location of a garage mudroom should be next to the garage entry door. After doing some gardening or garage work, you need a place to hang your tools and dirty clothes. Making it as close as possible to the garage entry door to the house will be ideal.

You need to have a mudroom as close as possible to the door so that you can limit the spread of dirt in the house. When a mudroom is as close as possible to the door, you will save a lot of space.

Come up with a good garage mudroom plan

It all starts with coming up with a good garage mudroom plan. A proper garage mudroom floor plan will help to utilize the space efficiently. When creating a floor plan, think about your lifestyle and your needs.

  • Landing area – create a landing area where all the dirty shoes and wet clothes will be landing. A landing area should include a coat hanger for wet clothes. You should also have a muddy boots tray to keep all your dirty shoes.
  • Wash area – a cleaning area, is also necessary for your mudroom. It is a place where you will be washing all your muddy shoes. It is necessary to have a utility sink to make cleaning easy.
  • Seating area – incorporating a seating area is always a good idea. You need to have a place to sit down as you wear your shoes.
  • Storage – you will also need a storage area where you can keep all the shoes, tools, and clothes.

Think about flooring

Garage mudroom flooring is the most important thing when creating a mudroom. A mudroom is where all the dirty shoes and water go, so make sure that you choose the right kind of flooring. Using floor tiles is better than wooden flooring.

In case you have other types of flooring, you can add some mats to help with dealing with water and mud. Instead of installing new flooring in the area, you can add some mats to help with mud in the area. It will be easier to clean mats than cleaning the entire floor.

Think about vertical space

A mudroom in the garage door entry does not have to take a lot of space. If you are working with limited space, think about vertical space. You can take advantage of wall space so that you can save the floor space.

Start by installing a wall hanger where you will be hanging all your coats and tools. Using vertical space is all about being creative with wall storage and adopting smart storage options.

Furnish the mudroom with essentials

Garage mudroom landing area

Furnishing the landing area does not have to be difficult. The main idea is to prevent mud, water from spreading into your house. You can do it by having a place where you keep all the dirty shoes and clothes before taking them into the house. Here are some things that you will need for your landing area:

Hooks on the walls

For the landing area of the garage, you will need to have some hooks. You can stick some hooks on the walls for hanging items from outside. The hooks can be used to hang your coat, tools, keys, or umbrellas. You can get different types of hooks depending on the use.

Mud boot tray

Remember to add a mud boot tray where you will keep all your dirty shoes. You can make the mud boot tray easy to clean by adding some pebbles. It can be a good place where you keep all the shoes from outside before you clean them. Good Directions Garage Entryway Boot Tray from Amazon is a good choice for your muddy shoes. It is raised from the ground and can hold up to three pairs of shoes.

Floor mats

The landing area of the garage mudroom should have some floor mats. Make sure that the floor mats are easy to clean so that you can remove all the mud and snow. Using rubber floor mats is advisable because they are easy to clean. It is important to make sure that the landing space is easy to clean.

Garage mudroom wash area

Utility sink

A utility sink is one of the most important things in a mudroom garage. You need a place where you can clean all the mud from outside and adding a utility sink is a good idea. A stand-alone sink will work for the garage, and you can use it for cleaning mud. On the other hand, you can hire a plumber to help you with installing a garage sink. Mustee Free Standing Utility Sink from Amazon is good for a garage. It is the perfect choice for a garage since it is compact and easy to install.

If you have a water line in your garage walls, then it will be easy for you to install a utility sink in your garage. A plumber will charge you around $ 200 to do the installation for you in the garage. We have utility sinks that come with storage cabinets, and they might be good for a garage installation.

Drying rack

With a drying rack, you will get a place to dry out your items. We have utility sinks that come with a drying rack. You can get a utility sink with a drying rack, and it will help you to save money and space. On the other hand, you can get a separate drying rack to help you keep your shoes dry after cleaning. A stand-alone shelf can work well as a drying rack.

Garage mudroom seating area

Seating bench

A seating area is essential for your garage mudroom. A bench in the garage mudroom will serve as a place where you can sit to take off your shoes. ClosetMaid cube bench from amazon is ideal for your garage. It is manufactured with wood and comes with cube storage options to stay organized.

You can incorporate a seating area within the storage area to save space. A seating bench should be long enough to accommodate at least two people in the space. You can make your own seating area with wood, or you can buy one.

Area rug

An area rug will also be necessary for the seating area. The role of an area rug is to keep everything grounded and also control dirt and dust.

Garage mudroom storage area

Do not underestimate the importance of good storage in the garage mudroom. With good storage, you will keep your mudroom organized and hide all the clutter. Here are some storage tips to consider for your mudroom:

Wall hanger

A wall hanger is essential for a garage mudroom. You will need to get a wall hanger where you can hang your coats, keys, and umbrellas. It is a good place to keep everything that you need to grab quickly on your way out. HBCY Creations Rustic Coat Rack Shelf from Amazon is made using solid pine wood. At 24 inches, it is the perfect choice for a garage mudroom. It will double as a coat hanger and shelf. You can get it in black, brown or white wash.


Garage cabinets are great for keeping everything that you need to keep away. We have lockable cabinets where you can keep all the items that you need to keep safe. Lockable cabinets are the best for keeping away the mess from visible eyes.

When creating a garage mudroom, try and include everything that you will need to make the space functional and comfortable.

Do you have any garage mudroom ideas?

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