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Overhead garage storage can help you to save space in the garage. Using garage ceiling storage allows you to explore your creativity and come up with unique storage solutions. However, when planning overhead garage storage, you need to be strategic and do it correctly.

Make sure that you know how to do the installation correctly without compromising your ceiling’s strength. Before you start the installation, make sure that you prepare your garage ceiling for storage.

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Basic garage ceiling storage accessories


Hooks are basic storage tools for the home garage. The best thing with using tools is the fact that they are versatile. You can use hooks to hang almost anything in the garage. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on what you would like to hang.

When it comes to garage hooks, check the weight limit, and also the material of the hooks. When compared to other storage accessories, buying garage hooks is quite affordable. Hooks in the garage ceiling can be used to hang ladders, chairs, and other items in the garage.

Garage shelving

Garage shelving is the most common method of storage. With garage shelving, you will attach the shelving directly to the ceiling or the wall next to the ceiling. When using garage shelving for storage, it is advisable to have bins that will help you to make your storage efficient.

Garage shelving comes in a variety of sizes and heights. It is advisable to get the best height of shelving, depending on the height of your garage ceiling. You can use ceiling shelving to keep tools that you are not going to use for some time.

Cargo roof box

A cargo roof box can help you to save a lot of space in the garage. It is a compact cargo roof box that comes with a pulley system. The pulley system will be helpful to store the roof box on the ceiling without using a lot of muscle power. StoreYourBoard Cargo Box with Lift Hoist from Amazon is ideal for garage ceiling storage. It is compact, strong and has all the necessary accessories like hooks to hang the box on the ceiling.

Apart from using the roof box for storage in your garage roof, you can use it in your car. You can mount it on your car roof and take it with you whenever you need it. The roof box protects your tools and items from moisture and also makes storage easy for you without taking space.

Ceiling lift hoist

When storing heavy items in your garage, you will need some help to lift them to the ceiling. Using a ceiling lift hoist will make a lot of the work easy for you. The ceiling hoist comes with a pulley system that allows you to lift most of the heavy items to the ceiling. Racor Garage Pulley lift from Amazon is versatile and can be used to store a variety of garage items like bikes and kayaks. The pulley system is safe and adjustable making it easy to use.

You can use a ceiling lift hoist for storing a variety of times. It can be used for bike storage, canoes, and also for supporting heavy bags on the garage ceiling. The best thing about a ceiling lift hoist is the versatility and ease of use.

Double ladder ceiling rack

Using a double ladder ceiling rack can make all the difference in ceiling storage. It can be used to store ladders that tend to take a lot of floor space. In case you do not use your ladders every day, using a ladder ceiling rack will keep them away.

You can also use the rack to store your boat and other fishing accessories until the fishing season. Using a good double ladder for your ceiling is efficient, and it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Ceiling storage rack lift

A ceiling storage rack lift looks like a ceiling shelf, but it is a little bit different. It has a lift system that makes it easy to take it to the ceiling and also bring it down. You can use it together with garage containers to reclaim your floor space and keep everything organized. The best thing with the lift is that you do not have to spend a lot of energy lifting the rack manually before storage.

How to prepare your garage ceiling for storage

Inspect your ceiling for damage

The first step is to inspect your ceiling for damage. It is advisable to check your ceiling for rotting wood or any other types of structural damage. If your ceiling is damaged, it might not be able to hold anything in the garage. In case of damage, invite a structural builder to fix the problem. Some signs of damage include sagging of the ceiling or rotting wood.

Determine the garage ceiling storage weight limit

It is important to stick the weight limit when it comes to garage ceiling storage. Do not exceed 40lbs for every square foot. Sticking to the ceiling weight limit will help youth to prevent the garage from caving in. The safest method is to keep your weight below 40lbs.

Come up with a garage ceiling storage layout.

A garage ceiling storage layout can help keep the space organized. When creating a layout, concentrate on the garage’s corners as opposed to the middle of the ceiling. Remember to watch out for lights and pipes when creating garage lighting and pipes.

Get the right accessories.

Using the right accessories can make all the difference. It is advisable to use the right accessories for storage and proper support. Depending on what you would like to store, select the right equipment to keep your tools in place.

How to get the most of your overhead garage storage

Store seasonal items

Garage overhead storage is meant for items that are not used regularly. It is a place to keep items that you want to keep away temporarily. Using ceiling storage will help you to save the floor space for items that you use daily.

You can use overhead storage for tires and other items that you will only need every few months. When you store items on overhead storage, it will be a big task to remove them and take them back. Do not store items that you might need every week or every other day.

Moisture control

Moisture control is everything when using overhead storage. Before you keep items using overhead storage, make sure that everything is dry. Since you will be storing some of the items for weeks or months, they should be in good condition before storage.

If you are going to store clothes or tools, do not use cardboard or wood storage. It is advisable to use plastic totes or containers. They are the best because they do not retain any moisture. Plastic totes will help you with moisture control.

Store what you need

When it comes to the overhead garage ceiling, it is advisable to be strategic about it. For this type of storage, you need to store what you will require. Garage ceiling storage is meant to expand your storage, and avoiding unnecessary clutter should be the first time.

If you have things that you have not used for over a year, then you probably do not need them. It is advisable to store items that are really important to you or those that you use regularly. Get rid of those that you do not use. Before you think about overhead garage storage, think about minimalist and getting rid of clutter first.

Grouping and labeling items

Overhead garage storage can be effective by doing it in a smart way. Smart storage involves grouping and labeling items correctly. A smart way to use overhead garage storage is to store items that you used together in one place. You can keep all auto repair tools in one place so that you can pick them easily without removing everything. Proper labeling is also a good idea.

When everything is properly labeled, you do not have to waste time looking for things. In case you are storing items using bins or totes, proper labeling can be very important.

Take advantage of technology.

Using technology can be helpful in garage ceiling storage. It is always a good idea to make the storage as smooth as possible, and you can do that by using technology. Using lifts and pulley systems in the garage should be encouraged.

Moving items from the ground to the ceiling is not easy, and implementing technology can be important to help with storage. Technology helps to reduce labor and also makes storage smooth.

When choosing a garage ceiling insulation, make sure that you determine what you would like to store. We have multipurpose storage accessories like hooks that can be used for a variety of purposes. Your ceiling should also be strong enough to carry the weight.

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