Tips on Adding a Laundry Room in the Garage

Adding a laundry room in the garage is a smart way to use your garage space. Creating a garage laundry room can be beneficial for space-saving if you do not have enough space in the house. 

You do not need to create a dedicated room inside the garage. It is possible to create a garage laundry nook or corner in the space. Creating a utility room in the garage is a home improvement project that you can do on your own. 

Is adding a laundry room in the garage or basement a good idea?

Yes, adding a laundry room in the garage might be a good idea, depending on your circumstance. If you have enough space in the garage, moving your washer and dryer to space is a good idea. Here are some reasons why you need to move the garage to the basement:

  • Save space in the main house – when you have your washer and dryer in the kitchen or entryway, moving the laundry space to the garage will help you save space in the main house.
  • Avoid the noise – running the washer and dryer from the main house can be noisy. If you want to avoid noise in the main house, move the laundry area to the garage.
  • Organized and functional space – when the laundry room is in the garage, you will get an organized and functional space. You will have enough space to do your laundry instead of a squeezed space in your kitchen.

Can you put a laundry room in an unheated garage?

Yes, you can put a laundry room in an unheated garage. The trick is to make sure that you protect your appliances like the washer and dryer. Even when creating a laundry room in an unheated garage, make sure that you build a temperature-controlled area in the garage where you can put your electrical appliances. This is important so that your washer and dryer can still work even when the rest of the garage is freezing.

How much does it cost to create a garage laundry room?

It will cost between $ 800 and $2500 when adding a laundry room in the garage. The cost will differ depending on factors like installing water, electricity, constructing a garage room, or buying new appliances. 

If you already have appliances and your garage is properly insulated, the cost of building a garage laundry room should be on the cheaper side. Here is a rough estimate of what it is likely to cost you:

  • Running a water line $300 to $ 750
  • Washer $ 200 to $ 1800
  • Dryer $ 200 to $ 1000
  • Running electrical line $ 100 to $ 500
  • Shelving and cabinets $ 100 to $ 300
  • Folding countertop or table $80
  • Drying rack $40
  • Waterproof mats or Flooring $ 50 to $ 200
  • Utility sink $ 80 to $200
  • Building an enclosed utility room (optional)

adding a laundry room in the garage

What do you need for a garage laundry nook?

Plumbing line – a plumbing line is necessary when adding a laundry room in the garage. You need to have a water line passing through the garage because you will obviously need water for cleaning. Most of the garage spaces have a water line, so that should not be a problem. You can hire a plumber to help you to locate it, or if you are a seasoned DIY expert, you should easily trace it. If you have a hot and cold water line, then that is better for you.

Electrical line – an electric line is important to connect your washer and dryer. Hiring an electrician per hour can help you to get an electrical line in any location in your garage. Before you call an electrician, determine the ideal space to put your washer and dryer.

Washer and dryer – buy a good quality washer and dryer for your laundry space. The size will depend on the size of your family and also the space that you have in the garage space.

Utility sink – a utility sink is necessary before adding a laundry room in the garage. It can be used as a place to clean shoes and stained clothes before you put them in the washer. You can use a portable sink in case you feel that installing one with the water line is too expensive. A utility sink is necessary, but it is not a must. Jackson Supplies Utility Landry Sink from Amazon is one of my favorite sinks. It is a plastic-free standing sink that can withstand the garage environment. This sink is also easy to install in the garage that has never had a sink.

Table – you will need a table in the laundry nook. You can use it as a space for sorting your clothes before you put them in the washer. It can also be used as a folding space or ironing space. A good size table will have endless uses in the garage laundry nook.

Shelves or cabinets – installing proper shelving and cabinets will keep the garage laundry organized. You can use the garage shelves and cabinets to store detergents or other cleaning agents. Using shelves to keep folded clothes, shoes, and towels is also a good idea. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Storage Shelves are great for keeping your cleaning supplies. You can keep your garage items organized and the shelf can support up to 250 lb. It is made with a durable chrome material that can withstand the test of time.

Drying rack – A temporary drying rack might also be necessary for the garage laundry room. You can use it to hang your clothes temporarily before you take them inside. It is beneficial to have a drying rack if you do not regularly use your garage for parking.

Tips on moving laundry to the garage

Determine the ideal size

The standard garage laundry room or nook should be seven by 10 feet. This is enough space to store all the appliances and still have some space for a few extra things. 

Of course, the size of the laundry room will depend on other aspects like the size of your family and even how you want to use your garage nook. If you want the laundry room to double as a mudroom, then you can increase the size and make it 12 by 15 feet.

Determine the ideal spot

Determine the ideal place in the garage will be very helpful when creating a laundry room. Create a laundry room garage entry for easy access near the entry door. The idea is to make sure that you can access the laundry room easily from the main house. When choosing a spot for garage laundry room, make sure that you create it near a water and electric line to connect all your gadgets.

It is advisable to put the garage near the garage door so that you do not have to carry your laundry across the garage. Choosing a good location will give you all the convenience that you need to keep the laundry area clean and organized.

Enclosed or open laundry room

There is always the option to choose either an enclosed or open laundry room. It will depend on the nature and use of your garage. If your garage is insulated, you do not have to worry about temperature control, and an open laundry nook will be fine. 

On the other hand, if you are worried that your washer and dryer are affected by extreme temperatures, create an enclosed room within your garage. Create an enclosed room that is insulated and put your washer and dryer inside. For a finished, insulated, and well-ventilated garage, an open garage laundry nook will work just fine.

To create an enclosed garage room, you will need a wood frame to outline the space and also plywood for the walls. After creating the walls, you will need to insulate the space to protect your washer and dryer.

Install waterproof and easy to clean flooring

When adding a laundry room in the garage, ease of cleaning is everything. It is important to install flooring that is waterproof and also easy to clean. There will be spills in the laundry area, and waterproof flooring will be ideal. 

Vinyl flooring is the best for the garage laundry room. You can install vinyl floor planks or vinyl mats to cover the area. Carpeting the laundry area makes space beautiful, but it is not practical because you will have problems keeping the space clean. You can use a nonskid mud mat around the laundry or sink area to keep the area dry.  Abreeze Store Laundry Runner Rug from Amazon is great for the garage and has a beautiful design. It antiskid and stays in place to keep you safe.

Come up with a functional layout 

Functionality is everything when adding a laundry room in the garage. A functional garage laundry room should take the least amount of space and also be efficient to use. The standard way is to have the washer, dryer, and utility sink on one wall. On top of the wall, install floating shelves will be used to store cleaning supplies and other laundry items. You can also install garage cabinets on top of the wall with a washer and dryer. 

Use the opposite side to place your folding table and also clothe hanging rack. The middle of the laundry will serve as the pathway to avoid overcrowding the space. You can always adjust the layout to fit your personal needs and style.

adding a laundry room in the garage

Start decorating your laundry garage space

Garage laundry decoration can add some personality to your space. When it comes to decorating the space, there are a variety of things to do. Here are some laundry garage spaces decorating ideas:

  • Putting or use wallpaper – painting or using wallpaper on the walls is a good way to decorate the laundry room. You can use unique colors to distinguish the laundry space from the rest of the garage space.
  • Floating shelves – using floating shelves can help you to decorate and also organize the space. Floating shelves look beautiful in the garage space, and you can get rustic ones for your space.
  • Wicker or metal baskets – you can use wicker or baskets to decorate to store your cleaning agents and towels. It will keep the space looking beautiful and organized. For the garage, I love metal baskets like mDesign Store Metal Bin Baskets with Handles from Amazon. They are great for keeping small items like brushes and even cleaning supplies.

Do you think you can move your laundry room to the garage?

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