10 Beautiful Drywall Alternatives for Garage Walls – Garage Transformation Ideas

Most garages come with the drywall as a standard requirement. However, you can replace your normal walls with drywall alternatives for garage materials like concrete or fiberglass. It is also possible to cover the drywall to enhance the appearance or even control moisture. When it comes to garage wall panels, your choices are limitless. Drywall has its advantages considering that it is fire resistant and also durable. The good news is that you do not have to stick to the standard drywall.

Before we explore the different drywall alternatives for garage walls, it is essential to know how to choose the right options. Each of the garage wall materials has some pros and cons. Your choice will depend on the look you want for your garage, your budget, or even storage options.

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Do you need drywall in the garage?

No, you do not have to drywall in the garage. There are other garage walling options like plywood, OSB boards, concrete boards, and others. these garage walling options are ideal for the garage and are easy to insulate. However, many people still prefer to have drywall in the garage because it is fire resistant and can it is the familiar type of walling for many homes.

How To Choose The Right Material For Your Garage Walls

Kind Of Look You Want (Aesthetics)

The kind of look that you want will determine the garage wall that you choose. Wood planks are the best when looking for the rustic country look in your garage. If you want a fancy look in your garage, consider going for textured wall panels. For the traditional look, you can get the brick and masonry that can be painted to bring out different looks.


Some garage walls are durable compared to others. The drywall is a durable garage wall material. Other sustainable options include veneer concrete, brick, and also fiberglass. These options are strong enough, and they will last you for a long time. If you want to use your garage walls for a long time, consider going for these options.

Wall Storage

Wall storage is essential to maximize your garage space. With the right wall storage, it is possible to store keep your garage organized and also save on space. When it comes to wall storage, we have options like metal slats and also using a pegboard. You can also use cork wood for wall storage. When choosing wall materials, consider materials that can allow for wall storage.

Ease of Installations

Some wall materials are easy to install while others are not. It is easy to install wood cork, pegboards, and also metal slats. However, when it comes to concrete walls, you might be required to get an expert to do the job. If you are planning to DIY, consider getting a wall cover that will be easy to install.

Space Covered

When it comes to garage wall covering, you can use a combination of different materials. You can use metal slats and fiberglass at the same time in your garage. You can install wood cork on one side of your wall and use metal slats on the other side. The combination of materials will make the whole space look beautiful and also functional.


Your budget can also affect the type of wall covering you choose for your garage. Installing a brick wall in your garage might be difficult because you need to hire someone to do it for you. However, we have some affordable garage wall options like pegboards and wall panels. It is possible to install wall panels in your garage because you can buy them and do an installation without any help.

Best Drywall Alternatives for Garage Walls

Wall Material Benefits
1.       Thin wood (plywood or mdf) ·         Easy to install

·         Cheap

·         Looks good painted or unpainted

2.       Wood planks ·         Natural and rustic look

·         Different styles and finishes

·         Stronger and durable than thin wood.

3.       Veneer plaster ·         Looks like traditional plaster

·         You can do DIY installation although time consuming

·         Durable and easy to repair

4.       PVC panels ·         Easy to install – screwing to the walls

·         Can cover dry wall

·         Mold resistant

·         Easy to clean

5.       Peg board ·         Affordable to buy

·         Easy to install

·         Can be used for wall storage

6.       Wood cork ·         Affordable to buy

·         Good for wall storage

·         Beautiful textures and designs

7.       Metal slat ·         Easy and fast to install

·         Light weight

·         The shiny look adds to the design

8.       Concrete slabs ·         Concrete is durable

·         Different colors due to painting

·         Industrial look to match with floors

9.       Cement boards ·         Good for high moisture areas

·         Variety of design options

·         Strong and sturdy

10.   Brick masonry ·         Increase property value

·         Durable

·         Looks good painted or unpainted.

Top 10 drywall alternatives for garage walls

Thin Wood (Plywood and MDF)

If you are working with a tight budget, plywood and MDF are ideal drywall alternatives for garage. The best thing with plywood and MDF is the ease of installation. For installation, you only need screws to attach the boards to the wood frame. After attaching the plywood or MDF boards, you do not need to do any finishing. MDF boards come in a variety of colors, and you can choose your ideal color in advance to avoid painting.

The downside of this type of wall paneling is the thin material. You might be required to replace the wall after some time. For more durability, go for the thick plywood that is about 3/8 inches. Do not go for anything below ½ inch thickness. With MDF, you have to be careful with moisture because it tends to absorb moisture. You might want to make sure that the walls are free from water to make MDF more durable.

Wood Planks

Wood planks are more effective drywall alternatives for garage. You can use reclaimed wood for garage wools, and it creates a rustic look. The best thing is that you can get different wood colors and designs. Wood planks are more durable than thin wood because of the thickness. However, they might be a little bit difficult to install because of the thickness.

After installing a wood wall, it is easy to store tools on the walls. The wood planks are strong enough to carry the weight of most of the tools. You need to take care of your wooden wall by regularly polishing it and making sure that you keep away the moisture. Moisture is an enemy to wood, and taking care of a wooden wall is not any different. You can install the wood planks vertically or horizontally, depending on the shape of the wall and the current condition.

Veneer Plaster

Using veneer plaster is an excellent way to insulate your garage walls. It is possible to do the plastering on your own, although it will take some time. You need to be careful and precise so that you can achieve a smooth finish.

With veneer plaster, you can soundproof your garage because the plaster is thicker than drywall. It also has a smooth finish, and you do not need to repaint your walls. Veneer plaster is also more durable, considering that it is thicker than the traditional drywall. It is the second preferred for garage walls after the drywall. It is possible to use veneer plaster to cover the drywall so that you can make your walls stronger and also for soundproofing purposes.

PVC Panels

For a beautiful garage, PVC panels are the best. These panels are made using synthetic plastic. The idea of installing vinyl in your home can be scary, but the truth is that these panels do not look like plastic. The quality of plastic that is used for these panels is high, and you will not even notice the plastic look.
Installing PVC panels in your garage is quite easy. The PVC panels are lightweight, and they are hollow between the walls. Gladiator GearWall Panels from amazon are ideal for garage walls. The have a sleek minimalist look and you can still use them for garage wall storage.

With PVC panels, you get waterproof walls that will not be affected by mold. Since the panels are already smooth, you do not need to repaint the walls. If your garage is prone to dampness, the PVC panels can help to keep the water away, considering that the joints of the panels are also water-resistant. They are fairly affordable, depending on the quality and thickness of panels that you would like to buy.


Using pegboards for your garage wall is a good option. It is not advisable to use pegboards for your entire garage wall, considering that they are not strong enough. You can use pegboards on a specific area of your wall to act as storage for your tools. With pegboards, you can hang your tools with hooks and keep your garage organized.

It is also possible to attach some small shelves on the pegboards of your garage walls to store the small items. You can get these boards in a variety of colors, and this adds to the interior design of your garage walls. When installed correctly, a pegboard can hold up to 100lbs of tools. To properly install the pegboards, you need to frame them and use screws to attach them to your drywall.

Wood Cork

Wood cork or OSB can be used as drywall alternatives for garage. When it comes to a wood cork, you do not have to use it in the entire wall. A wood cork board can be used for tools organization. It is possible to use the board for soundproofing in case you want to use your garage as an office. It is easy to install a wood cork board since it is lightweight, and you can install it effectively.

However, you need to understand that you protect the wood cork from water. Wood cork boards tend to absorb moisture, and it can be easily damaged by water. You can get the board in a variety of colors and textures, depending on your preference.

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Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is not just suitable for garage walls’ appearance, and a brick wall can increase your home value. Installing a brick wall in your garage requires masonry expertise, and you need to hire a mason to help you with the job.

A brick wall has that classic look that you cannot get with other wall designs. The wall will still look beautiful, even without painting. For garage organization, you can add wall panels on top of the brick masonry to store your tools.

Metal Slat

Metal slat panels are shiny, and they can be great drywall alternatives for garage. If you want to bring light into the garage, installing some shiny metal slats can make all the difference. The best thing with metal slats is the fact that they are easy to install.

You can install them in specific parts of the wall so that you can help with the organization. Metal slats can be useful for tool organization in the garage. To use metal slats for tool organization, you need to use hooks and also bins. You can attach small bins on the metal slats to store the small tools in your garage. Unlike pegboards, metal slats are durable and can be used in the entire garage wall.

Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs are great drywall alternatives for garage. To install the garage slabs in your garage, you need to have concrete anchors to support the concrete slabs. Concrete is durable and strong, and it is safe for your garage. You can paint your concrete garage walls and achieve the kind of look that you want.

Installing concrete slabs in your garage might be difficult, and you need someone to help you. For concrete installation, you can install the slabs directly into your walls. On the other hand, you can pour the concrete directly into your walls. After installing concrete, you can now put metal slat panels or pegboards on the walls for proper wall organization.

Cement Boards

Cement boards are recommended for people living in high moisture areas. If you live in an area with high moisture, garage dampness might be a problem. Using cement boards can help you to minimize moisture in your garage. Unlike wood or wood cork boards, cement does not absorb moisture, and it keeps the garage cool.

You can get cement boards in a variety of shapes and designs. Installing cement boards on your wall will require help because they are heavy. However, you will enjoy the durability of cement boards, considering that they are strong and durable.

Which garage wall covers do you love, and why? Share your thoughts on your favorite garage wall material.

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