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Garage cabinets come in a variety of designs and materials. Metal is the best material for garage cabinets. However, we now have other options, such as laminate and molded plastic. Metal garage cabinets are ideal for organizing heavy-duty tools, while wooden ones give the garage a classic look. Molded plastic cabinets are modern and affordable. Laminate cabinets are the best in case you cannot afford the traditional wooden cabinets.

We have stand-alone cabinets, and we also have fitted cabinets that are directly installed on the garage wall. When it comes to garage cabinets, the main idea is to choose cabinets that are ideal for the items you want to store and also durable. You might also want to consider aesthetics and space saving when looking for garage cabinets.

Best material for garage cabinets

Metal garage cabinets

Metal garage cabinets are made using steel or aluminum. They are the preferable choice for garages because they can be stored heavy-duty items. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, and you can get one that is ideal for your storage needs. You can install metal garage cabinets on the walls, or you can buy stand-alone metal garage cabinets.

Pros of metal garage cabinets


Metal garage cabinets are secure. Since they are made using heavy metal, your items are safe in the cabinet, and no one can break-in. Metal cabinets are ideal for storing valuables or items that you want to keep out of reach. They also come with keys and locks to keep everything inside.

Easy to maintain

Metal cabinets and especially those made using steel, are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe out the dust from time to time. They can take all manner of harsh conditions and will still remain in good condition. You might need to do a fresh coat of paint from time to time.


Metal is a durable metal. These cabinets can stay for decades without any damage. Since metal is not affected by water or other conditions, you can be sure that you are buying cabinets that will serve the purpose for a long time.


We have fireproof metal cabinets. In case you want to store some documents, you can use these cabinets. In case of a fire in the garage, your items will be protected for some time before you can finally go ahead and get everything out from the garage.


Many people will be surprised to know that the metal cabinet is actually lightweight. When compared to materials like wood, these cabinets are lightweight. For garage storage, you can easily move them from one place to another.

Heavy-duty storage

These cabinets are also the best for heavy-duty tool storage. In case you want to store heavy hand tools, using metal cabinets is a good option. These cabinets can take the weight of heavy items without collapsing. They are the best for keeping heavy tools that need secure storage.

Cons of metal garage cabinets

Limited design and colors

Metal cabinets are limited in design and colors. Most of the time you will find them in grey, black or white. If you are keen on interior décor of your garage, metal cabinets might not be ideal for you. They have that industrial, commercial look that is not ideal for homes.

Solid Wood Cabinets for the garage

Solid wood is a classic material for cabinets. For garage cabinets, you can use wood cabinets in strategic areas of the garage. Wood cabinets in the garage make it look beautiful and inviting. Metal cabinets tend to have that industrial look, and space tends to look like a construction site. To make the garage space look homely, consider using wood cabinets. Buying hardwood cabinets can be expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

Pros solid wood cabinets for garage

Classic, beautiful look

Solid wood cabinets are simply beautiful. If you want to give your garage a feeling of home, consider getting solid wood cabinets. Solid wood has been used for a long time because of the beautiful look of the material. It has a natural look that blends with most of the materials.

Easy to customize

Wood cabinets are easy to customize. It is easy to change the look of the wood and even add more drawers. You do not have to use wood cabinets in the same way you bought them. Working with wood is easy, and you just need a few tools and appliances in the home. You do not have to invite a handy means to help you with changing the design of your wood cabinets.

Get in different styles

You can get wood cabinets in different styles. We have light wood and also dark wood. It is possible to get the type of wood style that you want for your garage. You can also use wood stain to change the color of the wood.


Wood is a durable material. But there is a catch. You have to take care of it so that it can serve your needs for a long time. Make sure that your wood cabinets do not come into contact with water. With proper care, wood cabinets can be very durable.

Cons of solid wood cabinets


Buying solid wood might be a little expensive, depending on the type of wood that you want to buy. Some wood materials can be very costly.

Extra care

If you have a wooden cabinet, you need to consider extra care like regularly polishing. You need to polish your wooden cabinets at least once a year to keep the wood looking beautiful.

Wood laminate

Apart from solid wood, you can use wood laminate cabinets of the garage. Wood laminate is cheaper than solid wood because it is a by-product of wood. You get a variety of colors with wood laminate, but it is not as strong as solid wood. If you want to get the wood effect, but you do not have the money to buy solid wood, this is a good choice.

Pros of wood laminate

Affordable to buy

When compared to solid wood, buying wood laminate is cheaper. Wood laminate is made from compressed wood, and you can get cabinets in the quality that you prefer depending on your budget.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining wood laminate is quite easy. Unlike solid wood, you do not need to do routine polishing to keep them looking new and beautiful. Wiping the cabinets is enough to keep them looking new.

Variety of styles and colors

Wood laminate cabinets are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can always find something that fits your aesthetics and garage design.

Easy to install

In case you are looking for built-in wood laminates, they are easy to install. Since they are not bulky, you can do the installation on your own.

Cons of wood laminate

Water damage

You need to be careful with wood laminate since it swells and gets damaged when exposed to water.

Not very durable

Although wood laminate is cheap, it is not very durable. It is not as durable as solid wood or plastic cabinet.

PVC cabinets

PVC cabinets are quite good for the garage. Unlike the kitchen where you have to do a lot of cooking, using PVC in the garage is quite functional. The PVC material has improved over the years, and we now have a durable, heavy-duty PVC.

Pros of PVC cabinets


PVC cabinets are cheaper compared to solid wood and metal. When working on a budget, PVC is always a good option. They are cheaper, but that does not mean that they look or feel cheap.

Different colors

You can get PVC cabinets in a clear material or colored one. These cabinets are available in a variety of colors and designs, depending on what you are looking for.

No maintenance

PVC cabinets do not need any kind of maintenance. Unlike solid wood that needs to be repainted, once you buy these cabinets, you can use them for a long time without repainting or polishing.

Modern options

PVC cabinets are relatively new in the market, and you might want to try them. It is a modern option that is worth trying.

Cons of PVC cabinets

Cheap look

These cabinets tend to look cheap when you do not get the right quality.

I like all types of garage cabinet materials. However, my favorites are metal and PVC. I love the fact that these materials are stylish, durable, and they are easy to maintain.

What material do you prefer for garage cabinets, and why?

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