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There are three places to consider when it comes to garage fan placement. You can place your garage fan on the ceiling, wall, or floor. The place that you choose will depend on the use of your garage and also the type of fan that you are going to buy. It is a good option for cooling the garage space if you do not have a mini-split air conditioning unit or other cooling options.

Proper garage fan placement can help even the distribution of cold air and also ensure maximum use of the fan depending on size. Before you buy a garage fan you need to have a clear plan on where you want to place it. This will make the mounting process easy and you will also be able to choose the right fan depending on the location.

3 places for garage fan placement


The ceiling is the ideal location for garage fan placement. If you are working on a budget and you want to install only one fan, mounting it to the ceiling is the best way to do it. Ceiling fans are affordable and they come in a variety of styles. You can always find the right ceiling fan depending on your ceiling height and also the size of space that you would like to cool.

Advantages of using garage ceiling fans

Energy saving

Using a ceiling fan to cool the garage can be energy efficient. It is more energy-efficient compared to using an air conditioning unit. After installing a fan you will notice energy savings of up to 30% compared to use an air conditioning unit.

Affordable to buy and install

A ceiling fan is affordable to buy and install. If you have a one-car garage you will only need one fan that will cost less compared to installing an air conditioning unit. The installation is also quite simple and you might not need an installation expert.

Cool the room without making it cold

The best thing about a ceiling fan is that it will make the garage cool without making it cold. It works by blowing out the hot air without decreasing the room temperature. It brings comfort to the garage when working in space.

Different types of garage ceiling fans

High ceiling (standard) garage fans

These are fans that are meant for high garage ceilings. If your ceiling is more than 8 feet, you will need to get a high ceiling fan. You can use them on a flat as well as a sloped ceiling and they will still work well. They are not connected directly to the ceiling and they are left to hang by a metal rod at least 7 feet from the floor.

Flush mount garage fans

These are ideal for garages with low profile ceiling. Flush mount garage fans are attached directly to the ceiling and they are ideal for the ceiling that are less than 8 feet from the ground.

Integrated ceiling fans with lights

We have ceiling fans that come with a combination of light. With these fans, you get a ceiling fan and light at the same time. If you want to avoid mounting multiple items on your garage ceiling, it is advisable to get these lights and fan combos. They are also great because they are energy efficient. You are using one gadget for two purposes in the garage.

High-performance dual-motor fans

If you have a big garage and you are looking for high performance, consider getting a dual motor ceiling fan. This fan comes with two sets of blades that can be adjusted to cool your space. They look good on your garage ceiling and if aesthetics are important to you consider this decorative piece.

Modern remote control fans

These ceiling fans are modern and they come with remote control technology. It becomes easy to adjust the settings without climbing a ladder to reach the fan.

They are effective to use and ideal for home garages and even workshops. Since most of the remote control fans come with lighting it becomes easy to control lighting as well as the speed of the fan.


The wall is a good place for garage fan placement. If you are working with limited space in your garage but you want to cool specific spots like work areas it is advisable to get a wall fan. While ceiling fan hot air down, wall fans will pull air horizontally.

For air trapped on the ceiling, wall fans might not do the job. They are good additions for cooling specific spots and not necessarily cooling the entire garage. you can put a wall fan on a specific work area in the garage.

Advantages of wall fans

Easy to install

Installing a wall fan is easy and all you need is a wall bracket to mount the fan into the wall. With a movable wall bracket, you can turn the fan to face any direction that you would like to cool.


For small garages, wall fans are the best. They will help you to save space on the floor and you can get more working space in your garage. Finding a space on your garage wall will be easier and you can still cool your garage. Wall-mounted fans do not take a lot of space on the wall.

Cool the workspace or tools area

The small wall-mounted garage fans are the best for cooling garage workspace. If you want to avoid moisture in your wall storage area, using wall-mounted garage fans can be helping in driving out excess moisture and cooling the area.

What to look for in a garage wall fan


Size is important because it is advisable to choose a wall fan based on your garage size. Depending on the space that you would like to heat, make sure that the fan is large enough to heat the space.

Industrial properties

For a garage, buying a rugged wall fan is always a good idea. Since a lot of heavy work happens in the garage, it is advisable to get a fan that will be able to do all that work without breaking down.

Low pressure

A wall fan should have low pressure, especially around the work station. You need to avoid high-pressure fans because they are likely to blow away your papers or other things that you are working on.

Remote control features

It is advisable to get a garage fan that has remote control features. You can able to switch it off and change other settings without touching it.


A floor fan is the best for garages with a lot of floor space. Most of the floor fans are also portable and this means that you can move them from one place to another. When buying a floor fan make sure that you look for a rugged design and also one that is easy to clean.

Why get a floor fan for the garage


You can move the fan from one part of the garage to another depending on the use. This means that you do not need to have multiple fans in the garage. You will be able to move the fan from one place to another based on demand.

Energy efficient

If running the air conditioning unit is becoming too expensive, you can replace it with a floor fan. Floor fans are efficient and they do the cooling job well by pushing the hot air outside.

Cooling tight spaces

These fans are effective in cooling tight spaces. If you want to cool areas in your garage where the normal types of fans cannot reach, a floor fan will do the trick.

Which type of floor fan is the best?

Height adjustable fan (pedestal)

These stand-alone fans come with a knob that allows you to adjust the height. They have an oscillating feature and this means that you can adjust the speed to suit your needs.

Tower fans

Tower fans are the best for garages with tight spaces. If you are working with limited floor space, this fan will heat the space and at the same time deliver a powerful cooling effect. Most of the tower fans do not make a lot of noise.

Bladeless fans

Bladeless fans are the best for the garage floor. Since they do not have blades, they are easy to clean. Even if your garage is dusty, it will be easy to maintain a bladeless garage fan. You also get better aesthetics with a bladeless garage fan since all the blades are hidden inside.

Box fans

Box fans are versatile because they can be placed on the floor as wells as mounted to the ceiling. These fans are functional and they also come in a rugged design. They are the best for tight spaces and also for someone looking for a portable fan.

There are several places to put your garage fan. You can use the floor, wall, or ceiling. It all depends on the use of the garage, the amount of space that you in the garage, and also the functionality of the fan. With careful considerations, you can find the right garage fan and save on cooling costs.

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