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For many people, a garage is a place where people store hazardous chemicals. However, proper garage chemical storage is necessary for safety purposes. It is important to observe caution and make sure that you keep everything safe.

If you have an attached garage, there is always the danger of toxins coming into your home or, even worse, a fire accident. Mastering safe storage tips can help you to take advantage of the garage storage space and, at the same time, keep everything safe. Here are some garage chemical storage tips to keep in mind:

Chemicals that should never be stored in the garage

Propane tanks

If you have an attached garage, you should never store your propane tanks in the garage. Propane is a highly flammable material, and it is important to make sure that you avoid keeping propane tanks in an enclosed place. In case of a fire accident, propane tanks should be far away from your main house, so keeping them in the garage is the last thing that you want to do. It is advisable to keep your propane tanks in an outdoor shade for safety purposes.


Storing paint in the garage is not advisable. It is not recommended to store unopen paint and also paint remains. You can store paint in the garage overnight, but make sure that you do not store it for a long time. Storing paint for a long time in the garage can lead to damage because of the extreme temperatures. Most of the unheated garages become too hot or too cold, and this affects the quality of your paint.

Muriatic acid

Many people do not know this, but muriatic acid should never be stored in the garage. It encourages the rusting of items, and when stored in the garage, it can lead to rusting. This is because it releases toxic fumes that go into the garage and oxidizes metal items. If you store metal substances in the garage, storing muriatic acid in the garage can rust. Sealing the containers is not an option because some of the fumes will still leak.

Proper garage chemical storage safety tips

Before you store any chemical in the garage, make sure that they are not flammable, and they are also not affected by extreme temperatures. If your garage is not heated, it can be challenging to store most items like acetone because they are affected by very low or high temperatures.

You can store yard chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and also pool cleaning equipment in your garage. It is also possible to store auto chemicals such as lubricants and oil. Here are some tips that will help you to store chemicals in the garage safely:

Read labels on safe storage

The first step is to read the labels on safe storage. Reading labels will help you understand the type of chemicals you are going to store. It is not advisable to store flammable chemicals in the garage. Also, avoid storing chemicals that release chemical fumes into the environment because they can be dangerous when stored in the garage. Before you store any chemicals in the garage, make sure that you consider all safety tips to consider whether the garage is good storage space.

Use lockable cabinets

Using lockable cabinets can be helpful with storage. It is important to use the right storage to keep everyone safe. Using lockable cabinets can keep away corrosive items like acids from the reach of children. Use lockable cabinets that are will keep chemicals that you want out of reach. Lockable cabinets for storage are made using PVC or steel.

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Proper garage ventilation

Ventilation in the garage can make a big difference when storing chemicals. If your garage is attached t the home, it is important to have proper ventilation. There are chances that some of the chemicals like acids will be releasing fumes. Using a dehumidifier can help you to get rid of toxin fumes in the garage.

When you have proper ventilation, you will reduce the chances of indoor air pollution. For garages attached to the main house, dangerous fumes can move to the main house, which can be dangerous. Make sure that you allow proper circulation of air and take note of any unusual smell in the garage.

Keep containers sealed

Keeping your containers sealed is very important to avoid leakages. If possible, make sure that you store chemicals full without opening them. It is also advisable to avoid transferring chemicals from their original containers. When you keep chemicals in their original containers, you reduce the chances of spillage. Manufacturers have container guidelines, and it is easy to stay safe when you keep chemicals in their original containers.

Keep chemicals away from sources of fire

It is important to keep chemicals away from sources of fire. Most of the chemicals are flammable, so it is advisable to keep them away from anything flammable in the garage. If you have a garage heater, make sure that your chemical containers are as far as possible from any source of heat. Keep them away from any open fires or even anything electric.

Label everything

Proper labeling can make a big difference in your garage space. If you are sharing the garage with other people, it is important to have appropriate labeling so that people sharing the space with you can stay safe. In case the containers for storage do not have the right labeling, it is important to buy some additional labeling. You can find the right sticker for every type of chemicals so that it can be easy to identify everything that you are storing in the garage.

Keep the dangerous chemicals out of reach

Many people share the garage with their pets or children. It is advisable to keep the dangerous items out of reach. For instance, you can keep acids on a high shelf that is not reachable by kids or pets. It is advisable to keep chemicals in a raised area away because keeping them on the ground can be dangerous. The garage floor is cold, and keeping items on a shelf will protect them from excess cold and moisture.

When storing chemicals in the garage, it is important to observe caution. In case you notice any strange smells it is advisable to identify the source as soon as possible and take the necessary actions.

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