Vintage Garage Décor Ideas for a Retro Garage – Garage Transformation Ideas

There is something about a vintage garage décor. It gives the space a retro look that feels expensive and reminds you of the old times. A vintage space is ideal for a garage that is used as a man cave. It brings out the masculine vibe that you will need for a man cave. You can create a vintage garage by careful planning and collecting items that will make the space look and feel vintage. The use of industrial items like steel or traditional materials like wood can bring out the retro look.

Vintage garage décor tips

Black and white checkerboard flooring

The simplest way to achieve a retro look is to change your floors. Since garage floors take a lot of space, changing the floors can instantly transform the way the space looks. Fortunately, it does not have to be expensive. It is possible to change your floors by using checkered board flooring made from vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is good for the garage because it can withstand tear and wear. It is also easy to clean and can last for a long time. For a checkered board design, vinyl peel and stick tiles are the best. They are easy to install and you can install them on top of your concrete flooring. All you have to do is to make sure that your floor is clean before installation. Vintage garage decor is characterized by a checkerboard flooring that will give you that retro vibe.

Choose the right color pallet

Choosing the right color pallet can make a big difference when trying to achieve a vintage garage decor. Focus on coming with a color palette that will remind you of the retro look. Fortunately, for a retro look, you can go with a diverse color palette. It is easy to use retro colors because they are less saturated.

You can practically choose any color but the trick is to choose a muted and less saturated version of the color. For instance, you can choose olive green instead of dark green or light blue instead of dark blue. Coming up with a color palette will help you to stick to your theme. The best way to stick to a color pallet is by painting your walls with the right color.

Create a focal wall

A focal wall is important when creating a themed garage. it is advisable to have a focal wall that will allow you to go bold. When creating a focal wall, find a specific open wall in your garage and paint it a unique color. You can also use wallpaper to give your focal wall a unique look.

When it comes to vintage garage decor, you can go bold with your wallpapers. It is also advisable to stick to the retro colors that we have discussed above so that you can still maintain the retro theme. If you are feeling overwhelmed with decorating starting with a focal wall can help you to stay motivated and focused.

Use wood pallets for the wall

Vintage garage decor is characterized by a distressed look. It is not uncommon to see the use of distressed look in most of the retro style themed garages. Fortunately, wood pallets are affordable to buy and they can add that retro look to your space. You can use these pallets to create a focal wall in your space.

Attaching wood pallets to your garage wall is easy and you can use studs to attach the wood to the walls. Apart from bringing out a distressed look for your space, wood pallets can be great for hanging stuff. Since the garage is used for storage, using wood pallets for hanging your garage gear can be a good way to utilize the space.

Think about vintage garage decor storage

Storage is an important aspect of your garage. It is advisable to use vintage garage decor storage if you want to maintain the retro theme. Fortunately, you can get retro storage without spending a lot of money. It is also possible to improvise what you already have to create a retro look for your storage. For a vintage look, using a distressed look is always a good look. Wood pallets are great because they can be used to store light items in the garage like sports gear.

Steel and wood shelves also look good when trying to create a vintage look. You can use stand-alone shelves or install floating shelves that are good for space utilization. A combination of distressed wood and iron always brings out a vintage look.

If you already have wood cabinets, you can give them a distressed look by using chalk paint. Chalk paint on wood furniture brings out a vintage look. Buying chalk paint does not cost a lot of money and instead of buying new cabinets, you can upgrade what you already have in the garage. Wood chalk paint is meant to give your furniture a distressed vintage look

Changing the hardware of your storage is also a good idea. We have vintage-style hardware like knobs and handles that you can install on your cabinets. Changing hardware on your storage is easy and does not cost you a lot of money. It is a good way to upgrade what you already have in your garage and style get a vintage garage theme that you will love.

Vintage lighting

We cannot talk about a vintage garage decor without talking about lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of your garage because most of the garages lack windows. Installing pendant lighting can help you to bring out the retro vintage look.

Most of the vintage lights can be installed on your garage wall. Replacing garage lighting fixtures does not cost a lot of money depending on what you are looking for. You can also get stand-alone vintage lights for your garage. Pendant-style lights are the best for achieving a vintage look in your home.

Use vintage garage signs

A vintage garage cannot be complete without vintage garage signs. Vintage garage signs are meant to add some personality to the space. It shows the kind of person you are as a garage owner but it might also be a good addition to add décor. There are different types of vintage garage signs depending on your preference.

Tin garage signs are the most common for most garages. You can also get garage signs in distressed wood in case you are looking for something unique. If you want something with a touch on modern you can get garage signs with neon light. Garage signs are might be funny or witty depending on the kind of person you are. You can also get personalized garage signs with anything that you want to be written on them.

Add vintage personal items

Sometimes adding personal items into your garage is advisable to update the décor. The items do not need to have any use in the garage. They are meant to make space personal because it already has things that you love. Adding vintage Knick knacks or items that you have already collected can help give your space a vintage theme. In case you do not have any personal vintage items you can start collecting these items and adding them to your space.

When decorating the home many people rarely remember about the garage. it is advisable to finish the garage and make space an interesting and creative space. If you use the garage for creative activities, decorating it can be helpful to make it an inspiring space. You can easily make the garage

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