10 Effective Ways to Purify Air in the Garage

We all know that the garage can be a hotbed for dirt, grime, and other pollutants. Not only do these contaminants make your garage smell bad but they also affect air quality which can lead to respiratory health problems. Luckily there are many ways you can purify air in the garage so you can breathe easier.

Garages are often filled with fumes, pollution, and chemicals. These can be harmful to your health as well as the health of those living in the home. The air purifier is an excellent way to remove these pollutants from the garage air.

What causes air impurities in the garage?

Gasoline fumes

Gasoline fumes can linger in the garage and cause health problems like asthma or allergies. If your car produces fumes, the carbon monoxide builds up inside and it never really goes anyway. This leads to the accumulation of impurities in the garage.

If you have a car in your garage, it’s important to keep it running at all times so that carbon monoxide doesn’t build up. Car exhaust can also fill the air with harmful chemicals like benzene or formaldehyde.

Grease and oil from cars

Grease and oil from cars can collect on surfaces like concrete floors, which will make them slippery when wet. This can cause the smell of grease and oil to linger in the air. The bad odors from grease and oil from cars make the air in the garage impure.

Dust and dirt

Dust can also cause impurities in the garage. If your garage is dusty then you might suffer from allergies caused by the dust particles. For many people, the garage is used for storage and this means dust settles on surfaces. Regular cleaning can help you to remove the dust from the surfaces. If you have pets in your garage, cat litter and food particles might cause impurities in the air.


If you have mold in your garage then you need to purify the air. Mold will cause a bad smell and you will notice the smell of dampness in your garage if you have a mold infestation. This is usually caused by dampness in the garage. You have to be careful with mold in the garage because it is dangerous and can cause respiratory complications when inhaled.

How to purify air in the garage

Clean out the garage

The first step in purifying the air in the garage is to clean it out. You need to get rid of things that you do not need and clean the space. Cleaning out the garage will help you to get rid of dirt and dust accumulated over time. Most of the time dust particles cause impurities in the air.

It is advisable to always come up with a garage cleaning schedule to make sure that your space is clean. Doing regular garage clean-out will allow the proper flow of clean air in the garage. Keeping a minimalist garage can help you with the clean-out since you do not have to go through piles of items during cleaning.

Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier in the garage is a useful appliance. Since most of the garages do not have windows or natural ventilation, using a dehumidifier might be useful to get rid of stuffy air or excessive moisture.

The dehumidifier will suck away excessive moisture in the garage. It is important to choose the right size of dehumidifier depending on your garage and moisture level. Using a dehumidifier will not only purify air but will also help avoid excessive moisture in the garage.

Proper garage ventilation with fans

Make sure there is enough ventilation in the garage during warmer months. Proper ventilation will encourage the flow of air. It is a good way to blow away impurities from your garage so that you can enjoy clean air in the garage. You can encourage proper ventilation in the garage using a mini-split air conditioning unit or using garage fans.

Proper placement of your garage fans will encourage better flow of air in the garage so you need to keep this in mind and consider the careful placement of the fans. A ceiling fan and a wall fan might be enough for space. Hot air can make the space stuffy making the space uncomfortable.

Open the garage door regularly

Opening the garage door regularly can be helpful. This is a good way to allow fresh air inside so that air does not become too stuffy. When cleaning the garage, it is advisable to keep the garage door open so that you can allow the dirt and dust to go outside. Since most of the garages do not have any windows, opening the garage door at least once a week can be very helpful.

Keep the car outside

Keep your car outside of the garage to avoid fumes from entering the garage. Toxic fumes from the garage can accumulate in the garage and the smell will linger for a long time. If you can leave your car outside in case of parking it inside the garage then that will be helpful. For people who use their car every day, parking outside will spare your garage the toxic fumes and will keep your floor clean.

Purify your air naturally

Use natural products like essential oils or baking soda on surfaces that collect dust and allergens, such as counters, shelves, and workbenches. These are natural products that do not have any negative effect on your health. When you place them strategically in your garage they will absorb odors and all the impurities in the air.

Placing balls on baking soda in different areas of the garage will absorb excessive moisture from gasoline, mold, and even fumes. You can also add a few plants to remove pollution from the air. We have specific plants that absorb carbon monoxide so you have to do a bit of research. If your garage does not receive a lot of sunlight it might be a challenge to keep plants alive so you also need to keep this in mind.

Clean and organize the pet area

Many people have a corner for pets in their garage. It is important to keep any animal cages or litter boxes in one area so they don’t spread their smell throughout the garage. Cleaning the cages and litter boxes regularly can help clean the air clean. It will reduce odors and you do not have to deal with dirt air particles or pet hairs in your garage.

Control dust in the garage

Controlling dust in the garage is an important step when trying to purify the air. A dusty garage will always have impurities that can cause allergies. Close off any unused areas of your garage so that it doesn’t get dusty, dirty, or filled with clutter.

Use mats on the floor and take care of your tools to avoid the accumulation of dust when left open. Clean out your storage areas and get rid of items that can produce unpleasant smells.

Use air purifiers

Air purifiers are a great way to eliminate odors in the garage. Using an air filter always you trap all the impurities in the filters. If you do woodworking in the garage or you have a lot of dust in the garage it is advisable to invest in a good air purifier. Depending on the size of your garage, you need to buy the right air purifier and place it in a strategic place in your garage for maximum efficiency.

Cover and lock away chemicals

Keep your car’s engine compartment closed up so it doesn’t smell like gasoline or oil. Impurities in the air are caused by the things that you already have in your garage. If possible, make sure that you lock away and cover anything that emits toxic odors and fumes. It will help to prevent the spread of toxins in the atmosphere.

Purifying the air in your garage is important if you use the garage for pets, working out, or as an office. Using an air purifier is important to prevent odors and also to improve the quality of indoor air. You can do it naturally or you can use machines for purifying the air.

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