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The garage is the best place to store your lawnmower. If you want to store lawn mower in the garage consider safety, temperature control, and space. Some lawn mowers are fairly big, and the garage is usually the ideal storage area due to space availability.

However, when storing lawn equipment in an unheated garage, you have to make some improvements to prevent damage. The extreme temperatures in the garage might not be good for the durability of your garage.

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Prepare to store lawn mower in the garage

Before you store your lawnmower in the garage, make sure that you prepare it. Since you will not be using it for some time, make sure that it is safe from damage. In case you are storing your lawnmower through winter, make adequate preparations for extreme temperatures. Here are some tips on preparing your lawnmower for garage storage:

Remove gasoline

You cannot store lawn mower in the garage with gasoline. If you are going to store it for a long time, it is likely to form a layer of varnish inside the tank. There is also the risk of leakage when you have gasoline in the garage. When storing your lawnmower for more than three weeks, drain the gasoline tank before storing it.

Change the engine oil.

If you are going to store lawn mower in the garage after use, there are chances that your engine oil is already dirty. Storing it with dirty engine oil is likely to cause problems because once everything settles, the dirt will stick into different parts of the lawnmower. Before you finally take it to the storage, empty the dirty engine oil and replace it with clean oil.

Cover the fuel cap

When storing power tools in the garage like lawnmowers, the trick is to reduce accidents as much as possible. It is important to cover the fuel cap to prevent any leakage when the lawnmower is in storage. Apart from the normal leakages, there are always chances of fuel evaporating into the air. You can cover the fuel cap with an aluminum foil to make sure that fuel will not escape.

Remove batteries

Storing power equipment over winter can be detrimental to the batteries. The batteries are likely to freeze, and it will be too difficult to recharge them. If you do not want to go through the trouble, it is advisable to remove them before storage. You can also take this time to remove the spark plugs from the lawnmower.

Wipe and clean the lawnmower

It is always advisable to clean the lawn mower before storage. You can do the basic cleaning like wiping out dust and also oil spills on the lawnmower. Cleaning and wiping down the lawnmower is great for reducing the chances of rusting. Dust and dirt can accelerate dust, so make sure that you store it clean.

How to store lawnmower in the garage

Place your lawnmower on a floor mat.

One of the rules is to avoid keeping your lawn mower directly into the floor. If you have a riding lawn mower, you need to protect the wheels from the cold floor. It is also important to prevent oil spills on the floor, and you can do it by placing your lawnmower under something. The easiest way to go about it is to use a floor mat.

Oil absorbent floor mats are the best because they cush the lawnmower and absorb all the oil to keep spills away from the garage floor. KALASONEER Garage Oil Spill Mat from Amazon is a good choice for cushioning and absorbing all the oil from your lawnmower.

Use a cover

When storing your lawnmower for several weeks, it is advisable to use a cover. The garage is prone to dust and other harsh weather elements. These are things that are likely to damage your lawnmower, and having a cover is always a good idea.

A cover that is waterproof and dustproof is the best. Make sure that it has a drawstring so that you can get full coverage. When buying a cover, consider the size and design of your lawnmower so that it can fit well. With a good cover, you can get protection from dust that can cause dust and even high humidity in the garage. ToughCover Water Proof Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Cover from Amazon is effective when storing lawn mower in the garage.

Use a shelf

When it comes to using a shelf, it all depends on the size of your lawnmower. It is easier to tuck the small ones in a garage, but you cannot do that for big riding lawn mowers. It is possible to make a wood shelf on your own, or you can buy one. Putting your lawnmower in an elevated position is good for saving space, and you will also protect it from the cold floor.

Use a lawnmower lift

If you want something more elaborate and permanent, you can use a lawnmower lift. Using a lift will give you some space in your garage because you can finally get the lawnmower out of your floor. In case you want to do some repair and servicing of the lawnmower, it is easy to do that with a lift. Since a lift is adjustable, you do not have to do a lot of muscle work.

Overhead lawn mower storage

Overhead lawn mower storage is still effective. However, before you use overhead storage, it is important to determine how much your ceiling can hold. It is not advisable to use overhead storage if your lawnmower is more than 300 pounds.

You can use a ceiling rack for the simple lawnmowers that are small. If you are not going to use it for some weeks, you can take advantage of the ceiling space and save on the floor space in your garage.

Secure your lawnmower

When storing your lawnmower in the garage safety is always an issue. It is advisable to secure your lawnmower so that it can be difficult to move it. In the case of burglars, you can be sure that it will be difficult to move it.

Using chains and cords is the best way to keep your lawnmower in place and secure. If you want to go extra, you can use an anti-theft tracker to track your lawn mower’s location in case of theft.
Which is your favorite way to store your lawnmower in the garage?

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