How to Store a Kayak in the Garage – Garage Transformation Ideas

You can store a kayak in the garage since it is the only place in the house with a big space. If you do not go kayaking often, you need to find a good place to keep your gear safe and secure. The garage is the right place because it has enough space, and it is easy to reach whenever you need it. However, for proper storage, you need to master some rules to avoid damage. Poor storage techniques can easily damage the kayak.

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Steps to store a kayak in the garage

Clean and dry the kayak

Before storing a kayak in the garage, make sure that you clean and dry it. If you have been kayaking in the lake or any other water body, there are chances that your kayak has sand, algae, and even mud sometimes. It is advisable to clean your kayak before storage so that you keep it clean for your next kayaking trip.

Allowing the kayak to dry is important so that mold does not grow and damage it. It would be best if you remembered that the garage is humid due to a lack of proper ventilation. Allowing the kayak to dry is important to avoid mold and rust.

Inspect and oil the kayak

After the cleaning and drying of the kayak, the next step is to do some inspection. You will need to make sure that all the parts are working before you keep it in the garage. A kayak has several parts, like the cabin and other moving parts. With inspection, you can take this time to tighten the loose screws and wipe down mud trapped.

It will also be a good idea to oil and lubricate the moving parts. If you are going to store your kayak for a few weeks in the garage, it will be exposed to moisture leading to damage. Make sure that your oil and wipe down all the metal parts to protect it from rust.

Find the right location in the garage

After cleaning and oiling your kayak, it is time to find the right space in your garage. Kayaks are large, and they will take a significantly large space. You can use floor, wall, or ceiling space for storage, depending on what is available to you. Kayaks are relatively big, so that you will need enough space for storage.

Determine the best way to store a kayak in the garage

Vertical storage against the wall

Using vertical wall storage is considered the best way to store a kayak. With this storage method, you need to have a long wall that is at least 12 feet high. You will save on space, and at the same time, you will be guaranteed the safety of your kayak.

However, when storing a kayak using vertical storage, you need to make sure that you cushion the bottom part from damage. You can use foam on the bottom so that you can prevent the kayak from touching the floor. In case you are not sure about the stability, you can tie straps along with the kayak.

Horizontal storage against the wall

If you do not have enough vertical space, you can use horizontal storage against the wall. With this storage method, you will need enough floor space. In case you are planning to store your kayak for a long time, make sure that you use foam under the kayak to avoid it from getting into direct contact with the floor.

The cold floor can damage the kayak and especially if it has moisture. For long term storage purposes, it is advisable to have something underneath the kayak.

Sling Wall hanging

If you have zero floor space, the best way to go about it is by hanging your kayak on the wall. To hang the kayak, you need to invest in good slings. The slings will be used to suspend it on the wall with hooks.

This is a good way to save storage space and protect your kayak while at it. Make sure that you invest in good slings that can withstand the weight of the kayak. We have slings that are specifically meant for hanging kayaks.

Rack wall storage

Apart from using wall slings to hang your kayak, you can also use wall racks. Wall racks are easy and more stable than slings, although they are expensive. When using a rack to hang your kayak, get one that can be easily adjustable, depending on the size of your kayak.

MrHardware wall rack for kayak from amazon is the best. You get a pair of wall racks and all the tools needed for installation. The best thing about using a rack is the fact that you can use it for multiple purposes. You can use the rack to store skateboards, paddleboards, and other sports gear in the garage.

Ceiling storage rack

Using a ceiling storage rack is the perfect way to store a kayak in a garage with no space. A ceiling storage rack holds the kayak in place, and it is safe to use. Yuanshi Ceiling storage rack from amazon is multi-functional and can be used for other storage purposes.

The best thing with a ceiling storage rack can also be used to store other things like ladders. It is multipurpose and can keep your garage space organized. When looking for a ceiling rack, find one that is made with a strong steel material for durability.

Ceiling hoist

If you want to implement technology in your garage, you can use a ceiling hoist. A ceiling hoist for kayak storage comes with slings that make it easy to hang your kayak. Rad Sportz ceiling host from amazon can hold up to 125 pounds of kayaks. It is easy to install and comes with safety locks.

The best thing with using a ceiling hoist is that you do not have to use a lot of energy. The ceiling hoist is automatic, and you can store your kayak up and bring it down without much effort.

Caution when storing a kayak in the garage

Oil and lubricate the parts

Rust is a big problem when storing your kayak in the garage. Since the garage is humid and lacks ventilation, you have to deal with rust in one way or another.

It is advisable to oil and lubricates the steel parts of your garage. Lubricating the moving parts will help you to keep the kayak in good condition. Lubricate the steel parts before you store it and do it regularly in case you are storing the kayak for a long time.

Cover the cockpit

Using a cover, even when storing a kayak indoors is important. If your garage is humid, you will need to protect the metal parts of the kayak. You will also need to protect the cockpit from rodents.

Rodents and other pests can invade the space and cause damage. It will be safe to use a cover and keep on inspecting it every few weeks just to be sure that everything is going fine.

Do not hang your kayak by the handles

The mistake that many people make is hanging the kayak by handles. If you are going to use slings or even a hoist, do not use handles for hanging. It weakness the hull because weight is not evenly distributed.

If you are going to store it for a long time, it ends up becoming weaker over time. The handles are not strong enough to support the weight of the whole thing, so you need to be careful with this type of storage.

Store your kayak away from heat

The general rule is to store your kayak in a cool direct place. This means that you should avoid direct sunlight. Storing it in the garage is cool since it is far from direct sunlight.

However, you have to be sure about your heater. Make sure that your heater is as far as possible from your kayak. The hot air is likely to cause a deformity in the kayak body since it is not made with heavy heat-resistant materials.

Which is your favorite way to store big items like kayaks in the garage?

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