How Do You Store Sports Balls In A Garage? – Garage Transformation Ideas

A garage is a great place for storing sports gear. If you want to store sports balls in a garage, you can keep the space organized. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to keep the space neat without spending a lot of men. Using the right storage method will

keep your balls in good condition and also keep the space aesthetically pleasing. There are different methods that you can use depending on the amount of space that you have in the garage, the number of balls, and even your budget for buying gear.

Preparations before you store sports balls in a garage

Before you store balls in the garage, it is important to do the necessary preparations. This is an important process needed to take care of sports balls.

You need to remember that the balls need to be handled with care so that they can last for a long time. If you are going to store them for a long time, proper preparation before storage is very important. Here are some tips on preparing your garage balls for storage:

Clean the balls before storage

It is very important to make sure that your balls are clean before storage. You can clean them by using some warm water and soap. When cleaning your balls, make sure that that you use a mild soap like shampoo or liquid washing soap.

Most of the balls are made using leather material so you need to be extra careful to make sure that you do not damage them. Using a smooth piece of cloth to clean all the parts.

Make sure that your balls are dry

Before you take your balls for storage make sure that they are dry. This is important to protect your balls from damage because excessive moisture can lead to the growth of mold. After washing them you can air dry them before storage. Avoid excessive sunlight because this might damage the balls with sensitive materials.

Inflate the balls

Making sure that the balls are well inflated before storage is always a good idea. If you are going to store them for a short time, it is perfectly fine to leave them inflated. You need to make sure the balls have enough air and you keep in mind temperature change might affect the look of the balls.

Do some repairs

If you have balls that need to be repaired, it is important to do it before storage. This is a good way to avoid the damage from getting worse when the balls are in storage. Even if the balls will not be in use during storage, carrying out the right repairs can be important to keep them ready to use whenever that you might need them.

Prepare the storage area

The last thing is to make sure that the storage area is safe. Balls are likely to be damaged by extreme weather and unnecessary moisture. Always make sure that the area is ventilated and also you have the right storage gear for your balls.

Different ways to store sports ball storage in the garage

Hammock storage

Hanging a hammock in your garage can be a good way to store your balls. A hammock is affordable and it will help you to hang as many balls as possible. You can use it as storage for your balls as well as resting in the garage.

Unlike other storage options, hammocks are quite affordable and versatile. It is possible to use a stuffed animal net but it will not be as strong as a hammock unlike you are storing few balls. You can buy your own hammock and use hardware to hang it in the garage.

If you are not able to buy a hammock you can make one on your own and hang it. Using a hammock is best if you have enough space in your garage to the hammock on the walls and spread it on the floor. When using a hammock for storage make sure that is strong enough to hold the balls.

Use a mesh ball bag

A mesh ball bag is versatile storage for balls in the garage. a mesh ball is the best because it is flexible and can accommodate many balls. It is also good since it encourages ventilation when storing balls in the garage for a long time.

We have heavy-duty mesh bags that can take multiple balls at a time. You can hang it on the garage wall and pick it whenever you want to go. If you want to travel with your balls then a heavy-duty bag is the best because it allows you to store your bags and at the same time move with them whenever you want to go. Make sure the zipper and straps are of good quality for durability. We have mesh bags that come with a drawstring and this is even better for durability.

A rolling cart

A rolling cart is great for storing sports gear. You can use a rolling cart in the garage for storing balls because it can be moved to a different part of the garage if you do not have space. If you are rolling for a storage cart that is specifically made for storing balls, look for one that has a mesh design.

It is the best because it will allow air ventilation and you can keep your balls in good condition for a long time. A cart that can be moved from one place to another is also the best so make sure that it has good quality casters. You can also add hocks to the cart to hang other sports gear.

Wall-mounted sports shelf

You can use a wall-mounted sports shelf to store your balls and also to hang other sports gear. These shelves are made with rails and this helps to keep the ball in place.

They are a little bit different from the normal storage shelves that are made using wood. You need the metal rails so that the balls can stay in place during storage. Apart from storing your balls, you can also store other storage gear with hooks.

Steel ball holders

If you want to go for something fancy then you can consider steel ball holders. These holders are meant to hold one ball and they are mounted to the wall. If you are creating a sports-themed garage and aesthetics are important to you, these steel holders are definitely a good choice.

Apart from getting the wall-mounted ones that come as a set, you can get the free-standing holders that allow you to hold multiple balls on top of one another. You can choose the type of color that you want to match with the theme of your garage.

Important tips for storing balls in the garage

Use the right storage methods

Using the right storage methods for balls is very important. It is advisable to keep your balls away from any sharp objects that can cause damage. The trick is to avoid putting them directly into the floor and instead use wall mounted storage if you do not have enough space.

Always use the recommended storage options so that you can avoid any damage. The methods I have recommended above are the best for ball storage and they will keep your balls in good condition.

Check the temperature conditions in the garage

If your garage gets too cold, it is advisable to look for an alternative way to store your sports ball. Extreme cold weather might affect the structure and material of the balls so you need to keep them safe at standard room temperature.

Deflate the balls for long term storage

When storing your balls for months on end, deflating them might be a good idea. When you deflate them you do not have to worry about temperature changes. You can also lock them up in a safe place away from dust and sharp objects.

Inspect them regularly

After storing your sports ball in the garage make sure that you inspect them regularly. By doing this you will be able to notice any temperature changes and know the condition of your balls. You can also wipe out dirt regularly.

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