How to Insulate a Garage Door Cheaply – Garage Transformation Ideas

You can insulate a garage door cheaply to help you with temperature regulation. It is also a good way to update your garage door. Unlike popular belief, the garage door is not expensive. We have cheap insulation materials available, and the best thing is that you can do the installation on your own. 

Some of the cheap materials available include garage insulation blankets, reflective foil, fiberglass, and foam. Before you start with garage door insulation, make sure that you understand the best material for your door and also the ease of installation.

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Ways to insulate a garage door cheaply

Foam board garage door insulation

Using foam board insulation is an affordable way to insulate the garage door. With foam board insulation, you will get panels of about 4 by 8 ft. and thickness of 0.5 to 4 inches depending on your preference. You can use foam board for garage doors and other parts of the building due to its strength.

Advantages of foam board for garage door insulation

  • Resistant to moisture – considering that the garage is prone to moisture and high humidity, using foam board is a good idea.
  • High R-value – the foam board, has a high R-rating making it efficient for home insulation. It will help you save energy on heating or cooling your home.
  • Easy to install – the foam board comes in panels that are easy to attach to the garage door. You will use screws and construction adhesive to achieve the board to the door.
  • Different types to choose – you can find foam boards in three types. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the cheapest foam board available, followed by Extruded Polystyrene and then Polyiso (Polyisocyanurate), which is dense.
  • Not easily flammable – foam boards insulation panels are not easily flammable. However, when they burn, they produce toxic fumes.
  • Best for wooden garage doors – finding the right insulation for wooden garage doors can be tricky. However, using foam panels is the right option for wooden garage doors.

How to install foam board garage door 

Items required
  • Tape measure
  • Step ladder
  • Utility knife
  • Adhesive
  • Screws
  • Foam boards

Steps on installing foam board on a garage door

  • Measure your garage door – measuring your garage door is the first step before you start the installation. You will need to measure the size of your door without the frame.
  • Cut the foam board – the second step is to cut the foam board depending on the size of your door. You need to make sure that the foam board fits perfectly on the door. Cutting foam board is easy, and you can do it with a utility knife.
  • Attach the foam board to the door – once everything is measured to size, it is time to attach the foam board to the door. There are various ways to do it. One of the ways to go about it is to attach the foam board using construction grade adhesive. Apart from using construction adhesive, you can also attach the foam board using screws. It all depends on the material of your garage door.
  • Smooth the foam board – after attaching the foam board to your door, it is time to smooth the foam board. You can use your hand to make it smooth, and you can also use planks of wood to attach the foam board firmly.
  • Fire-rated material – after attaching the foam board, you can cover it with a fire-rated material. Using a fire-rated material is a good idea to cover the foam board, and it is also a building requirement.

Garage door insulation blanket

Using a garage door insulation blanket is the best way to insulate the metal door. Metal garage doors are prone to noise, and they also allow cold air inside the garage. Fortunately, using a garage blanket can help you to improve the insulation of your garage door without spending a lot of money. The most common type of garage door blankets is the mineral wool garage blankets. These blankets have a reflective plastic film on top and have a mineral wool garage.

Advantages of garage door insulation blankets

  • Easy to install – it is easy to cut the mineral wool blankets and install them on your garage door.
  • Fairly affordable – buying garage door insulation blankets is fairly affordable. You can get the mineral wool blanket enough for a garage door at under $100.
  • Looks good on the garage door – since the blankets have a reflective plastic film, they look good on the garage door. You do not need to cover the blanket with anything else.
  • Readily available – you can find mineral wool garage insulation in your nearest construction store.
  • Good for metal garage door – an insulation blanket is the best for the metallic garage door, and it is easy to insulate.

How to install a garage door blanket

Items required
  • Insulation mineral wool blanket
  • Screws or nails
  • Hammer or drill
  • Adhesive glue
  • Corner seals

Steps on installing a garage door insulation blanket

  • Cut the mineral wool blanket into half – the first step is to cut the mineral wool blanket into half. Cutting the mineral wool blanket will make it easy to attach to the metallic garage door.
  • Take one piece of the wool blanket and attach it to the top. You will use screws and small nails to attach the blanket to the door. When attaching the blanket, make sure that the reflective part is outside.
  • Attach the bottom part of the insulation blanket to the lower part of the garage door.
  • Inspect the corners – After attaching the insulation blanket to the garage door, it is time to inspect the corners. It is advisable to seal the corners with plastic corner seals. Sealing the garage door will make the insulation to work well.

Garage door foil/ reflective insulation

Foil or reflective insulation for the garage door works well. It can be used in both cold and hot environments, depending on how you want to use it. The best thing with foil garage door insulation is the fact that it is easy to install. It is also fairly affordable, and you can find something that works for your garage door. In case you have a big garage door, you can find big foil insulation.

Advantages of Garage door foil/ reflective insulation

  • Easy to install – installing foil/reflective insulation is quite easy. You will need to get self-adhesive glue to attach the foil to your door.
  • Polished look – with this type of insulation, you will give your garage a polished look. Once you install foil garage door insulation, you do not have to cover it with anything else.
  • Not messy – foil insulation is not as messy as other types of insulation like foam insulation. It is easy to install without causing a mess.
  • Tested type of insulation – this type of garage insulation has been tested and approved. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications because it has been tested thoroughly.
  • Fairly affordable – buying foil/reflective insulation does not have to be expensive. You can get good insulation, even when working on a budget.

How to insulate garage door foil insulation

Do you insulate garage door insulation foil in or out?

The best way to insulate insulation foil is based on the source of it. If you live in a hot area, the main goal is to keep the heat outside. You can do that by installing the foil facing outside so that you can reflect the heat outside the garage. on the other hand, if you live in a cold place, the insulation should face inside. When the insulation is facing inside, it will be easy to retain all the heat inside.

Steps on installing garage door foil insulation:

  • Measure the door panels – the first step is to measure your door panels. You need to measure the size of your panels accurately and not down the dimensions.
  • Cut the door foil – the second step is to cut the foil insulation. Cut down the insulation depending on the size of the door panels.
  • Attach the foil insulation – after measuring everything to size, the last step is to cut everything according to size. You can attach the foil to the door. Make sure that you do not use an electric drill because of the risk of electric shock.
  • Smoothen out – after you have attached the foil insulation using adhesive or a stapler, it is advisable to smoothen out so that you can give your space a maximum look.

Spray foam garage door insulation

Spray foam garage door insulation is the made using foam, but you get it in foam. Unlike foam panels that are easy to stick to the garage, you will use a spray gun to install the garage door insulation. Spray foam and panel foams are similar, but the only difference is the method of application. If you are not a professional, insulating spray foam, but prove to be challenging.

Advantages of spray foam garage door insulation

  • Airtight- you will love the airtight nature of spray foam garage door insulation. This type of insulation seals all the spaces making it difficult for air to spread into different parts of the garage.
  • Moisture resistant – apart from being airtight, spray foam is also moisture resistant. If you want to keep moisture away from your garage, it is advisable to consider using spray foam.
  • Durable – when compared to other forms of garage door insulation, spray foam insulation is fairly durable.
  • Add strength – if you want to improve the strength of your door, using a spray foam garage door is available. Your garage door will be stronger after adding a layer of spray foam insulation.

How to install spray foam insulation on your garage door

Installing spray foam garage insulation can be messy. If you do not have the experience, it is advisable to hire the right person. It is always a good idea to make sure that that you have the right tools to make the process as efficient as possible.

Items required
  • Nose masks
  • Goggles
  • Adhesive spray foam
  • Measuring tape
  • Brush
  • Rags
  • Clean water

Steps on installing spray foam insulation on your garage door

  • Clean the garage door – the first step is to clean the garage. You need to remove dust using a utility brush and also clean water.
  • Connect the spray hose to tank – it is important to get the spray equipment ready so that you can be able to spray your door effectively.
  • Apply a layer of adhesive – the next step is to apply a layer of construction grade adhesive.
  • Spray uniformly – spraying the foam insulation is the tricky part. You need to make sure that you spray uniformly so that you do not want to overspray other areas of the door.
  • Wait for the door to dry – after spraying, you will need to wait for the foam to dry.

Note: Using spray foam is not always simple. You will need the tank and spray foam to do it. If you are spraying your door, it does not make sense to buy all the equipment. Using other alternatives like foam panels, blankets, and reflective foil insulation is easier. Check this step by step guide on garage door insulation.

Benefits of an insulated garage door

An insulated garage door can make a big difference in your home. The cost of heating or cooling your home can be high, and you need to look for a way to reduce the cost. Insulating a garage door is affordable, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself. Here is why insulating a garage door is worth it:

Save energy on insulation

Saving energy is the most common reason why people insulate the garage door. Insulating the garage door will help you to avoid losses of heating during the cold season. It is also a good way to avoid the garage from overheating during summer. With the right insulation, it is possible to keep the temperature in your garage stable without spending a lot of money on heating or cooling the space.

Make the garage door strong

Insulating the garage door can actually make it stronger. We have garage doors that are made using plates of steel, and they might not be strong and secure. If you want to make your garage door secure and stronger, you can do that by adding some garage insulation panels. It will be a little bit difficult for burglars to break in when you have proper insulation.

Sound control

Insulation can be very good for soundproofing your garage space. If you want to control sound in your garage, the best way to go about it is to do some insulation. Using foam garage insulation is the best for sound insulation. You will also notice that your garage does not make a lot of noise every time you are closing or opening the door.

Durability for your garage door

When you do garage door insulation, the door will be more durable. Insulation is like an added value to your door. After the insulation, your door will be less prone to damage because of the added weight of the insulation will cushion your door. If you have a very thin door, it is always a good idea to use insulation to make it more durable.

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