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Installing the best garage door screens is necessary for homeowners. It adds some value to the garage and it is also great for making the space more functional. A privacy screen makes the space easy to use because you do not have to worry about the heavy garage door coming on your way all the time. We have different types of garage door privacy screens but magnetic screens are the most popular. They are easy to install and they can fit all types of garage doors. Adding a garage door privacy screen to your home garage is always a good idea.

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How to buy the best garage door screen


A good garage door screen should be made from high-quality material. The most common material for garage door screens is fiberglass although we have polyester door screens. Fiberglass is the highest quality material because it is heavy-duty and can last for a long time.

If you are not able to afford fiberglass you can buy a blend of polyester and fiberglass. High-quality material will be scratch-proof in case you have pets that will scratch the door screen. Buying a garage door screen with a high-quality material is good for durability and it will give you value for money.

Type of garage door screen

We have different types of garage door screens depending on your needs and also your door design. Here are some of the most common door screen designs:

Roll-up garage door screen

Roll-up garage door screens are the most popular because they are affordable and easy to install. The door is attached to the top part of the garage door using Velcro to keep the screen in position. For opening and closing, the door uses magnets that will open and close the door hands-free.

Sliding garage door screen

Sliding garage door screens work like normal sliding doors. They can be opened and closed manually from the center. You need a professional to install sliding garage door screens because they are attached to the sides of the garage door using aluminum frames.

Retractable garage door screen

These garage door screens are ideal for home garages. They will seal your garage space completely and protect your space from bugs. The garage screen is attached to the top and bottom of the door. You can use a remote control to open and close the door.


The size of your garage door will determine the screen size. When buying a door screen online you need to know the size of your garage. It will help you buy a screen that fits perfectly in your space. If it does not fit well the space will not look neat on the garage door. Sometimes you might need to get a customized size for your garage door depending on the size.


A good garage door screen should be breathable. It is advisable to buy a door screen that allows air inside the garage. The importance of a door screen is to make the garage space comfortable when working out or using the space. A breathable door screen will help you save costs on cooling the space so you do not have to use any fans on the space.

Ease of installation

Ease of installation is important when looking for a garage door screen. You need to get a screen door that is easy to install so that you do not have to hire someone to do it. Fortunately, most of the screen doors come with an installation kit with everything that you need. You will get hooks and tapes on the kit so that you can install the door with ease.

Transparent or dark

The choice to buy a transparent or dark garage door screen is up to you. If you want a door screen that will allow light inside the garage then you need to get a transparent one. You can also get a dark screen if privacy is important to you and you want something that will allow air inside but still keep the space private.

Bug proof

When buying a garage door screen you need to make sure that it is bug-proof. It is important to buy a screen that allows air inside your garage but at the same time keeps bugs away. A bug-proof screen should seal well and it should also have small holes on the mesh so that bugs do not fit.

Which are the best garage door screens?

LIAMST Reinforced Fiberglass Garage Screen Door – Best magnetic garage door screen

LIAMST Reinforced Fiberglass Garage Screen Door is a high-end magnetic screen door. It comes with magnetic tape that makes it easy for you to install. Since it is made using fiberglass, you can be sure that it will last for a long time. If you want to allow fresh air in your garage during summer, this is the best door screen to install. It allows fresh air inside while still maintaining some privacy in the garage.


  • Magnetic tape for installation – the screen door comes with magnetic tape for easy installation. You do not need to use any video tutorial to do the installation. The magnetic tape is heavy duty so it holds very well.
  • High-quality construction – this screen door is made using high-quality fiber mesh. It is resistant to scratches and lasts for a long time when compared to other materials.
  • Closes automatically – the screen door closes automatically after you enter the garage. You can enter the garage carrying things.                 
  • The clean-finished look – one thing that you will love about this screen door is clean and finished look that you get after installation.



No custom size is available for this screen door.

Fego Garage Door Screen Magnetic Rectractable Fiberglass Mesh – Best retractable garage screen door

The Fego Garage Door Screen has a heavy-weighted bottom. This makes it ideal for areas with strong winds to prevent it from blowing up. The garage door screen is made with strong and heavy-duty fiberglass material. It is resistant to scratches and can withstand wear and tear even with pets in the house. The garage screen door is transparent and allows a lot of light inside the garage space. Installing the garage screen is easy and you can do it with hooks and loops.


  • Heavy duty and lasting – since the garage door strong is made using fiberglass, it can last for a long time.
  • Stable and windproof – the garage door screen is stable and wood proof since it has a heavy-weighted bottom.
  • Good for lighting – if your garage is dark, you will love the lighting that you get from this transparent garage door screen.
  • Easy to install – it comes with everything that you would need to install including loop hooks and safety pins to keep everything secure.


iGotTech UnBugs Garage Screen Door Heavy Duty Pet and Kid Friendly – Best garage door screen for bugs

The iGotTech UnBugs Garage Screen Door is a perfect choice if you want to keep bugs out of your garage. it is a magnetic door screen that comes with 26 magnets around it. This door screen will keep bugs out of your garage door but it will allow clean air inside the space. If you have pets or kids spending time in the garage, this is a perfect choice. You can open the main garage door and leave the screen door so that kids can have a perfect open play area.


  • Heavy-duty style – Since this is a heavy-duty garage door screen style it can last for a long time. You can reuse it many times and even remove it whenever you want to move. It is made using fiberglass as opposed to cheap plastic.
  • Easy to install – installing with a garage door screen is quite easy. The best thing is that you can install it on garage doors with both wood and metal frames. You get a video tutorial that is easy to follow.
  • Closes automatically – the garage door screen snaps back and closes immediately when not in use. This is a perfect choice when dealing with pets and kids.
  • Seals your garage completely – if you are experiencing a bug problem in your garage then this is a perfect choice. It seals all the space completely and bugs are not allowed inside.



Installation might take longer if you have no experience with DIY projects.

Loobani Store Garage Door Screen Retractable Magnetic Mesh Screen

Loobani Store Garage Door Screen is what you will need for bringing ventilation to the garage. The mesh design keeps bugs outside and at the same time keeps fresh air inside. If you want to enjoy your garage without the heavy garage door coming on the way, consider this screen door. You can maintain the privacy of your garage while at the same time getting fresh air inside. This screen stays in place for a long time since it has strong gravity technology to stay in place without being blow away by the wind.


  • Mesh design for air – the mesh design of this garage door screen is great because it allows air inside the garage while at the same time keeping your privacy and also bugs away.
  • Good magnetic technology – it has good magnetic technology so your cars can enter the garage without any obstruction and the screen will close automatically after that.
  • Can be reused and stored – on months when you do not want to use the garage screen, you can fold it and store it until you are ready to use it.
  • Velcro for easy installation – installing this garage screen is quite easy. You can use Velcro straps and additional safety pins to keep their place.



  • Not as heavy-duty as fiberglass garage door screens.

Lasla Magnetic screen door Fibreglass with High Energy Magnet

Lasla Magnetic screen door is made from a combination of polyester and fiberglass. It is a good choice if you want to make your garage an open space. It allows light inside the garage while at the same time keeping away bugs and any other unwanted flying objects. The garage screen is made with high-energy magnets and can withstand heavy winds blowing. Since it has high-energy magnets, there are no gaps left when you open and glass the garage door. For easy installation, you will get Velcro tape to keep everything in place.


  • Hands-free – you can easily walk into the garage with items in your hand since it closes and opens freely. It is a perfect choice if you have kids or pets.
  • Good for keeping pets away – this is the perfect choice for keeping pets away. The mesh has small holes to bring fresh air inside but it can keep away all the bugs.
  • Comes with an installation kit – it comes with an installation kit to make the installation process easy and stress-free.
  • Looks neat – the garage door screen looks good on your garage door. It is transparent and no one will even notice that you have it.



  • It is not fully fiberglass so it might not be heavy-duty like glass mesh covers made with 100% fiber.

Why do you need a garage door screen

Keep bugs away

A garage door screen will help you to keep bags away. If you like keeping your garage door open when working out or cleaning, bugs are likely to invade the space. The best way to keep bugs away when the door is open is by using a mesh screen. Using a mesh screen is effective because it has tiny holes that are too small for bugs to pass. It allows away inside but at the same time keeps all the bugs outside. This is an effective way to keep bugs away without using any pesticides.

An effective way to cool the garage

One of the most effective ways to cool the garage is to leave the garage door open. During summer, leaving the garage door open can be an effective way to cool the space down. If you want to leave the door open, you should add a screen so that fresh air can come inside the space. Instead of investing in a fan or other cooling systems, buying a door screen mesh can help keep the space cool by bringing in the fresh air.

Make the garage space useful

With a garage door screen, you can use your garage for different things. For instance, you can make your garage a play area for your kids and pets since you can now allow fresh air inside. You can also use your garage as a gym by opening the door and allowing fresh air inside when working out. Opening up the garage to allow lighting and fresh air can make the garage space useful for other things.

Enhance privacy and safety

Using a garage screen door can be effective for enhancing privacy and safety. We have screen doors that are a little bit darker and they can help you to conceal what is inside the garage space. It will keep the space private even when the garage door is open. If you have pets and kids it makes the space safe since your pets can stay inside.

Garage Door Screens FAQ

Do garage door screens prevent bugs?

Garage door screens are great at preventing bugs. They do that by keeping bugs out of the garage. The door screens contain a mesh that allows clean air inside but at the same time keeps bugs away. The screen might not get rid of bugs but it will create a barrier so that you do not have to deal with mosquitos and other insects while inside the garage.

Are garage screen doors universal?

Garage screen doors are not universal. You have to get the right size depending on your door. We have screen doors for single or double garage doors. Buying the right size for your garage door is important to make the space look neat and to also seal the space completely to prevent bugs.

Are retractable screen doors durable?

Retractable screen doors are durable compared to roll-up garage doors. They are steady so they can resist wind and other elements. However, it is important to get good-quality retractable garage doors if you want to enjoy durability and strength.

Is it hard to add a screen door?

Adding a screen door is not hard since most of them come with an installation kit with everything that you want. Garage screen doors are lightweight so you can do the installation on your own. They are not security doors so the installation does not have to be professional.

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