How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap – Garage Transformation Ideas

A garage door gap is usually visible at the bottom of the sides. If you want to adjust a garage door gap make sure that your garage door is functioning well. These gaps are entry areas for mice, insects, and other unwanted animals in the garage.

When you have gaps in your garage door, dust, water, and snow can enter your garage, making it impossible to maintain hygiene. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to adjust or close your garage door gap.

What causes a garage door gap?

Uneven floor

It is easy to adjust a garage door gap that is caused by uneven floor. If your floor is uneven, you are likely to see that bottom garage door gap. You will notice some light coming into the garage through the gaps. These gaps can be on the door’s sides in areas where the door does not touch the floor. Garage floors tend to deteriorate over time, so it is not uncommon to notice the gap after some years.

Rotted garage door

If you have a wooden garage door, you are likely to see a gap at the bottom. A rotted garage door will wear out at the bottom and leave some space. Wooden doors also tend to shrink when they are exposed to water, causing gaps on the side or bottom. If you want to adjust a garage door gap on a wooden door start by repairing the rotted bottom.

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Unequal spring tension

Suppose your garage door has springs, unequal spring tension but be causing the gap. It is important to inspect your springs to make sure that everything is working properly. Unequal spring tension will make one side of the garage to close while the other remains hanging fully. Broken or stretched springs might cause a gap on your door.

Poorly installed door

Installing a garage door should be left to the experts. The door needs to be aligned correctly so that it can fit your door properly. If the door was not installed by a professional or it was installed poorly, it will leave some spaces on your door. The best way is to make sure that the door is installed by a professional.

Different ways to adjust a garage door gap

Level the floor surface

If an uneven floor has caused your garage door gap, it is time to level it up. You can do that by allowing a layer of cement near the door. However, this process needs a lot of precision, and you will need to be careful when doing it.

You need to make sure that you do not add too much cement because it will make it impossible to close the door. The level is as flat as possible, and you can do it by testing the story as you add the cement. Wait for the cement to dry before you start using your door.

Add garage weatherstripping

Weatherstripping can help you to close the gap on the bottom of your garage door. The weatherstripping is meant to close the space between your floor and door. It is advisable to use weatherstripping if you have a small space.

It might not be enough to close any space that is more than two inches. Rubber weatherstripping will seal the gap and prevent water from entering the room. It will also prevent light and dust in the garage. Rubber or PVC weatherstripping is the best because it is not affected by water.

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Use garage door seals

Garage door seals are effective for sealing the sides. Gaps on the sides of your garage door can be caused by poor installation of the garage door. Using a door seal will help you to close spaces and prevent dust from entering the garage.

Choose rubber or vinyl seals because they are the best for garage doors since they are not affected by water. They are long-lasting, and it is easy to install without getting the services of a professional. Always measure the size of the gap to make sure that you are getting the right size of the seal.

Use a garage door threshold

A garage door threshold is a little bit different weatherstripping or seals. The threshold is attached directly to the garage floor. It acts as a barrier when you close your door so that the door does not move.

Apart from providing a barrier, the threshold will also act as a seal for the garage door gap. It will prevent water, pests, and even light from entering your garage. Always choose a good quality threshold that will last for a long time. Using a threshold is easy because you can attach it on your own.

Repair your garage door

Sometimes the easiest way to seal the garage door gap is to repair the door. Repairing your garage door will depend on the cause of the problem. If the door has an alignment problem, it is advisable to get a repair expert to repair the door. Spring doors are quite sensitive, so make sure that you call an expert to do the repairs.

For a wooden door, if the bottom part is rotted, you will need to repair it. It is easy to repair the bottom part of a garage door without calling an expert. After repairing the rotted wood area, you can do some waterproofing to ensure that the damage does not happen again.

Get a professional garage door installation

Professional garage installation is sometimes the best way to adjust the garage door gap. If your garage door was not installed by a professional, there are chances that it will leave some space underneath. Professional garage door installation is important because it can help you avoid accidents and enhance your door’s durability.

Replace your garage door

Replacing your garage door might look like a big investment, but sometimes it is worth it. If you have a wooden door and it has shrunk over the years due to bad weather, it is time to replace it. You will need to get a door that is fit for your garage, and you will be able to cover the entire space.

When replacing your garage door, make sure that you get a waterproof material because water affects your garage door, causing spaces. When replacing a garage door, make sure that it is installed by a professional for safety reasons.

You can adjust a garage door gap to protect your garage door from dust. Space allows dust and water in the garage. It can also be a place for pests and rodents to access your garage. Fixing the gap will keep your garage space clean and is also good for pest control.

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