7 Clever Ways to Store Firewood in the Garage – Garage Transformation Ideas

You can store firewood in the garage to protect it from rain or snow. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the indoor storage of firewood. However, with the right precaution, it is perfectly fine to store firewood in the garage.

You need to make sure that you prepare your garage space and also your firewood for storage. The challenge with garage firewood storage is dealing with pests and also humidity. Once you can control these factors you can be sure that your wood is safe.

Can you store firewood in the garage?

Yes, you can store firewood in the garage but make sure that your garage is dry and also your wood has been seasoned. If you have enough space in the garage, storing firewood should not be a problem. With proper storage techniques and regularly inspecting your firewood for pests, everything will be fine. You can get a good supply of firewood even in the wet and cold months.

Different  ways to store firewood in the garage

1. Find enough space in the garage

The first thing is to find some space in the garage. You need to find enough space where you can put your firewood. If you do not have enough space in the garage then you should probably reconsider storing wood in the garage.

Enough space in the garage is important for proper air circulation. When you have enough circulation of air you do not need to worry about mold in the garage. It is also not advisable not to put your firewood directly into the wall so make sure that you have some space between your firewood and garage walls.

2. Avoid putting firewood directly into the floor

It is very important to put your firewood in an elevated area. The rule of thumb is to make sure that you avoid putting your firewood directly on the floor. When storing your firewood in the garage you need to protect it from moisture and other elements.

You need to store your firewood in an elevated area to avoid moisture on the floor. The garage floor can get very cold and in case of garage flooding, your firewood will get wet. You can put your firewood away from the floor by using a firewood cart. The cart will make it easy to keep your firewood dry

3. Make sure that the firewood is dry

Before you store firewood in the garage you need to make sure that it is dry. Freshly cut firewood should never be stored in the garage or anywhere indoors because it has moisture. Give it some time to dry so that you can get rid of all the moisture.

If the wood was cut during the summer period there are chances that it has god some time to dry. Drying firewood has had some time outside to dry and you can see that it is already dry. Keeping wet wood in the garage can be destructive and this is something that you want to avoid by all means.

4. Use proper stacking methods

Using the right stacking techniques can help you to store firewood correctly. With the right stacking method, you will have proper ventilation and you can also store as many pieces of firewood as possible. If you want to stack your food correctly, it is advisable to have uniform cuts.

Cutting your wood correctly will make it easy to stack. If you already have a wood rack it will be easy for you to stack wood correctly. The best way to arrange your firewood in the garage is to make sure that the bark side is up so that you do not encourage the accumulation of moisture.

5. Keep the area clean and dry

The area where you store your wood should be clean and dry. You need to keep the area dry so that you do not encourage the growth of mold or rotting of wood.

If you want to control moisture from the concrete garage floor you can use a mat on the area where you place your wood. This is a good way to keep the area as dry as possible. You also need to keep it clean so that you do no encourage the breeding of pests in the area.

6. Checkout for pests

Controlling pests will probably be the most challenging thing when storing firewood indoors. Ants and other bugs are attracted to wood and rodents might even hide between the firewood. You can take some measures like putting the wood away from the main door. Try and put your firewood in the furthest corner from the main door.

It will keep pests from outside away. If your wood is dry you should not worry about pests very much but if possible you can treat the wood with pesticides. Moving the wood regularly can also help if some rodents are hiding between the planks of wood.

7. Keep fire safety in mind

Fire safety is important whenever you decide to put firewood in the garage. You will need to make sure that you are ready for a fire because firewood acts as fuel in case of a fire. Make sure that you are prepared for a fire by having a fire extinguisher somewhere in the garage.

It is also advisable to keep anything flammable away from the garage. Reduce the risk of a fire accident happening in the garage as much as possible by putting fuel and any other flammable items away from the garage.

Why you should store wood in the garage

Storing wood in the garage is sometimes a good idea. If you have wood and you want to preserve it for use during the rainy or cold season garage storage is advisable. Here are some reasons to consider storing wood in the garage:

Protect your firewood from elements

Storing firewood in the garage is a good way to protect it from elements. When the rain season starts your firewood might not be safe outside. Moving it to the garage will protect it from elements so that you can be able to use firewood whenever you need it.

Make firewood accessible for use

Putting your firewood in the garage will make it accessible whenever you want to use it. if you have a fireplace in the main house it will be easy to pick firewood in the garage. it is also a good place to make firewood accessible in case you use a combustion heater for the garage.

Hide firewood from your yard

The sight of firewood in your front yard is not always appealing. If you feel that firewood is an eyesore in your front yard you can move it to the garage. Your space will look organized so that you do not have to deal with piles of wood outside your home.

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