Can I Use Kitchen Cabinets in Garage? – Garage Transformation Ideas

Yes, you can use kitchen cabinets in  garage, but it will depend on the type of cabinets. The garage environment is different from the kitchen environment, and some kitchen cabinets might not work. Since the garage is moist, you need cabinets that are moisture resistant. 

Depending on what you are planning to store in the garage, you will also need to get heavy-duty cabinets. Some of the kitchen cabinets share properties with garage cabinets. However, you can still modify your normal kitchen cabinets for use in the garage.

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When to use kitchen cabinets in garage

You are repurposing old kitchen cabinets.

If you have recently done a kitchen upgrade, you do not have to throw away your old cabinets. Those old cabinets can be useful in organizing your garage space. 

Repurposing the kitchen cabinet will help you avoid waste and save money in the process. Instead of throwing away old cabinets, they can always be useful in the garage. It will help you to save money on buying new cabinets for the garage because you can use what you already have in the house.

You are working with a tight budget.

Kitchen cabinets are quite affordable when compared to garage cabinets. If you are working on a tight budget, you can get the cheapest kitchen cabinets available. The best thing is that you can use kitchen cabinets for under $ 100. On the other hand, garage cabinets can be quite expensive, and you need to have around $ 500 for decent cabinets.

You are looking for something different.

Garage cabinets are very similar. Most of them are made using steel, and they have a plain look. If the look of your garage is important to you, consider getting something different. With kitchen cabinets, you can choose from different designs and looks. You can get a color and a design that is ideal for your garage theme.

When to avoid using kitchen cabinets in the garage

A poorly ventilated garage

If your garage has poor ventilation and moisture control, kitchen cabinets might not be ideal. Most kitchen cabinets are made from thin wood. The thin wood is affected by moisture and might start rotting. In this case, your kitchen cabinets might not last long in the garage.

You are storing heavy.

Kitchen cabinets are not meant to withstand heavyweight. If you are using the cabinets to store heavy tools, you need to avoid kitchen cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets are fragile and might not carry the weight. However, they might be ideal for storing sports gear and organizing other small tools in the garage.

You use your garage for heavy work.

If you have a high traffic garage, kitchen cabinets might be too light for space. When doing heavy work in the garage, you need to get cabinets to withstand the heavy work and traffic. Kitchen cabinets might be too fragile for a garage that is used for heavy mechanical work.

Tips on using kitchen cabinets in the garage

Prepare the kitchen cabinets for garage storage.

The first step is to prepare your cabinets for garage storage. You can do that by treating wood cabinets. Since the garage space might be prone to moisture, make sure that your cabinets are moisture-free. Using oil paint can be effective in sealing moisture. Painting your cabinets will give them a beautiful appearance and will also protect them from damage.

Identify where to place your kitchen cabinets.

It is important to identify where you want to place the cabinets. Garage cabinets need to be placed strategically so that they can serve the purpose. Putting the cabinets in the right place can help you promote efficiency in the garage when doing some work. You also need to keep them far away from moisture or source of heat so that you can avoid damage.

Do not place your kitchen cabinets directly on the garage floor.

Kitchen cabinets need some extra care when being used in the garage. This means that you should protect them from moisture and other elements as much as possible. You should avoid placing the cabinets directly on the floor. You can mount them on the garage wall so that you can keep the space as organized as possible. Mounting the cabinets on the wall will also help you to save space on the floor.

Beware of the weight limit.

When using kitchen cabinets in the garage, you need to be aware of the weight limit. Sometimes the items in the garage might be too heavy for the kitchen cabinets. For instance, using these cabinets for storing heavy power tools might not be ideal. Always make sure that the cabinets are strong enough to support whatever you are planning to store to avoid damage.

Top 5 kitchen cabinets that can be used in the garage

We have some kitchen cabinets that can be used in the garage. If you do not have enough money to buy the heavy-duty steel garage cabinets, you can start with these kitchen cabinets. They are functional, beautiful, and they will serve the purpose when used in the garage space. Here are the top 5 kitchen cabinets that will still work in the garage:

1. Home Styles Colonial Classic Pantry Cabinet

This antique looking cabinet is meant to be used as a pantry with a size of 19.75 x 30 x 72 inches. It has a beautiful cherry color, and it is made using solid mahogany. The solid mahogany is strong enough to withstand the harsh environment in the garage. 

It is made using solid wood, and this means that it can carry heavy tools. Since it has a pantry style, you can use it for storing multiple tools. It is big enough to carry as many tools as possible and help you keep your balcony organized. 

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2. Prepac Black Elite Storage Cabinet

Prepac Black Elite Storage Cabinets have a smooth finish making them ideal for a modern minimalist kitchen. However, these cabinets can be used for the garage because of the solid MDF material. It is a strong material that can be used for storing relatively heavy tools. The best thing about these cabinets is that you can mount them into the wall. 

These cabinets are available in black, white, espresso, and light gray. I love the smooth and minimalist finish. This means that you can fit them in any garage and still go with the theme. The 32 inches wall cabinet is the best for your garage, and you can get two of them if you feel that it will not be enough.

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3. Hodedah Store Kitchen Island 

This cabinet is used as a kitchen island on the island. However, it is a great cabinet for use in the garage because it has all the features you will need for garage use. It comes with wheels, and this makes it perfect for moving it to different parts of the garage. 

If you would like a table for tools that will also serve as a cabinet for moving around the garage, this kitchen island is a perfect choice. You can find it in a variety of colors, depending on your preference.

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4. Walker Edison Kitchen Dining Storage Cabinet 

This is a rustic farmhouse style cabinet for the kitchen or dining. It is ideal for the garage because you can use it on the floor for storage and a table. You can also hang it on the wall to use for storage. The rustic look is beautiful, and if you are creating a rustic space, it will blend well. It has open shelves on one side, and this means that you can use it with baskets to keep the space organized.

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5. Homemaxs Kitchen Rack Organizer Workstation

This is not a cabinet, but it can serve as good storage for your garage. It is a rack ideal made for storing pans and pots. You will get open shelves and also a wire basket for maximum storage space. 

I loved the combination of a steel frame and wood shelves because it makes it rigid. It is excellent storage to keep near your workstation because it can store all tools you will need when working. Since it is a rack, it can also serve as a table, bench, and mudroom area storage and also for shoe storage.

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Kitchen cabinets are still good for garage storage. You need to know how to make the right choice, depending on how you want to use them. If you want storage for your mudroom, a cabinet with a countertop might be the right choice. A good tip is to avoid cabinets with glass or fragile materials because they are likely to break in the garage.

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