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Buying the best garage trash can is necessary to keep the garage space neat. If you do not want to keep your trash can outside in the open, the best place to keep it is in the garage. Trash cans come in different sizes and materials so it is necessary to make the right choice for your space. The garage environment is a bit harsh so you need a heavy-duty trash can that can be able to carry heavy items and also withstand the unfriendly environment. Buying the right trash can will keep the garage clean and it will also help you to prevent odors.

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How to choose the right garage trash can


Before buying a trash can for your garage, it is important to determine the right material. The most common materials available are plastic, resin, and stainless steel. Plastic trash cans are affordable to buy and are the most common. Stainless steel trash cans on the other hand are expensive although the sleek look is preferred for better aesthetics. If you want something that looks good in your space then you need to consider stainless steel.


The size of your garage trash can will depend on the size of your home and the amount of dirt you accumulate. For many homes, a 50-liter trash can will be enough. It will not fill up first but at the same time, it will not take a lot of space in the garage. When looking for the right size of trash can it comes down to your home needs.

Odor management

Garbage cans tend to harbor a lot of odor. If you have a garbage can in your garage you need to think about how to manage the smell. You can manage the smell by have getting a trash can that has a tight lid. It is also possible to get a trash can that has a way to filter out the smell.

Hands-free operation

It is important to choose a trash can that has a hands-free operation. This is important so that you can maintain hygiene. We now have trash cans with motion sensors so you do not have to touch the lid when opening the trash can. You can also get a trash can that has a step function so that you can open the lid automatically.

Exterior design

The design of your trash can is important so you need to put this in mind. If you are working with limited space in the garage then you need a trash can with a compact design. It will help you to save on space and still have everything that you want in your garage space.

Easy emptying

It is advisable to buy a trash can that will be easy to empty. With a trash can that has wheels, it will be easy to move it so that you can empty it without stress. The lid should also be big enough so that you can open it whenever you want to empty the dirt.

5 best garage trash cans


Rubbermaid heavy duty trash can FG261000GRAY

Rubbermaid heavy-duty trash can is the perfect choice for a garage. The heavy-duty construction makes it suitable to hold heavy trash without getting damaged. It is wheeled so movement will be easy while in the garage plus it has a handle for support. The best thing is the big size so it can hold up to 50 gallons of trash. Despite being a plastic trash can it looks good. It has smooth lines and the finishing has been done really well. If your garage is unheated, this trash can will stand extreme temperatures even when it is freezing.


  • Heavy-duty plastic – can hold heavy dirt on the garage without getting damaged. It is the perfect choice for the garage since a lot of heavy-duty activities take place in the garage.
  • Easy to move around – when the time comes to empty or when you want to move the trash can the process is easy due to the wheels and handle.
  • High-quality finish – this is a plastic trash can but it has a high-quality finish and exterior. If aesthetics are important to you, consider using this plastic trash can.
  • Strong lid – it comes with a strong lid that stays in place to keep the odors inside the garage.



  • The lid hinges might come out at some point so you need to handle the lid carefully and repair it when the deal arises.

Glad Store Stainless Steel Trash Can with Soft Close Lid and Foot Pedal 20 Gallon

Glad Store Stainless Steel Trash Can is a good option if you do not want the normal plastic trash cans. It has an odor protection feature so you can keep your garage fresh at all times. This stainless steel trash can looks good on your space, unlike the cheap plastic ones.

The stainless steel exterior remains clean for a long time since it is fingerprint-resistant. It has a soft close lid so you do not have to disturb people in the house every time you want to dispose of trash. For keeping your trash bags safely it has a compartment for bags and also has an easy to tuck feature to keep the bag in place.


  • Sleek and beautiful look – if aesthetics matter to you, this is a good choice for your garage. the garbage bin will look sleek and beautiful in your space.
  • Modern operating mechanism – using this garbage can is quite easy. You can step on the peddle to open it and the lid is also a silent closing mechanism.
  • No smells in the garage – the can work by preventing the growth of bacteria in the can that is likely to lead to odor.
  • Convenient to use – it has a bag storage compartment and also the bag stays in place.
  • Variety of sizes – you can get the 13 or 20-gallon trash can depending on your needs.



Cost– the cost is on the higher side.

Suncast 33 Resin Outdoor Trash Can 33 Gallon

The Suncast 33 resin outdoor trash can is meant for the patio but works very well for the garage. It has durable construction making it ideal for the garage space. The heavy-duty resin is durable as opposed to the normal plastic. If you are looking for tough and durable trash can then this is a good choice. This trashcan looks good in the garage and blends well with your cabinets.


  • Heavy-duty resin construction –the heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for the garage space. it is resistant to water and will be able to withstand the harsh garage environment.
  • Easy to use – this trash can is easy to use. The lid is hinged so it stays in place for a long time. The trash bag also fits correctly so you avoid any mess.
  • Beautiful design – if aesthetics matter to you this is the right trash can to use. It has a beautiful wicker design so it blends well with your garage furniture and cabinets without looking like the normal trash cans.
  • Easy to assemble –comes already preassembled so it will take two minutes to put everything together.



  • Bulky – might be a little bit bulky for tight spaces

Safco Products Recessed Panel Trash Can

This safco trash can is meant to be used outdoors. It is made with heavy-duty plastic with UV inhibitors to withstand the outdoor environment. However, it is ideal for a busy garage or to keep the space tidy. It is no-touch trash can so you do not have to worry about opening the lid all the time. You can put your trash directly into the can from the four openings at the top. Apart from being a trash can, it comes with a removable stainless steel ashtray at the top. The trash bag stays in place since it is attached to the top lid.


  • Heavy-duty plastic – this is an important feature so that the trash can withstand the harsh unheated garage environment.
  • Easy to assemble – you do not need any tools to put this garbage can together.
  • Hygienic – this is a hygienic garbage can since you do not have to touch the lid all the time.
  • The sleek look – the trash can does not look like the average trash can so it looks good. It does not take a lot of space in the garage if you are working with limited space.
  • Comes with an ashtray – this is a nice extra feature that you might not find in most trash cans.



No lid – does not have a lid so this might be a disadvantage to some people.

Eco Store stainless steel Rectangular Motion Sensor Trash Can

Eco trash can is a battery-operated rectangular trash can that is ideal for the kitchen as well as the garage space. it is a stainless steel trash can that is brushed to prevent fingerprint stains. The stainless steel trash is sleek and looks good on the garage. It uses six AA batteries but you can still switch it to manual operations if you do not want to use it on automatic mode. This trash can holds up to 50 liters and the inner capacity is spacious since it has no liners. When on electric mode, it uses motion sensors and closes silently afterward.


  • Automatic and manual operation – with this trash can you get an automatic and manual mode of operation. Even without batteries, you can still have your trash can.
  • Beautiful and sleek finish – you will love the beautiful stainless steel finish of this trash can. If you are tired of plastic, this is a good option to keep your garage neat. The stainless steel is brushed so it does not leave any fingerprints.
  • Modern operation – it has motion sensors to open automatically and it also has a soft-close operation to avoid noise.
  • Large internal space – the trash can does not have an inner lining so this makes the internal space big enough to hold dirt.
  • Battery operation – unlike other trash cans that need to be charged, this one uses batteries for its operation. Battery operation is convenient for most people.


Benefits of a garage trash can

Keep the space tidy

A garage trash can is necessary to keep the garage tidy. If you have a place to dispose of your trash you will have an easy time keeping the space clean. There are a lot of activities that take place in the garage so a trash can is very necessary.

Great alternative for an outdoor trash can

Keeping a trash can in the garage is a great alternative to have an outdoor trash can. An outdoor trash can might attract wild animals and pests into the home. If you want your trash concealed from outside, then you need to get a place to put your trash.

Minimize garbage odors

Using the right trash can in the garage can help you to minimize odors in the garage space. If you have pets in the garage, you need a way to get rid of extra food and dirt. A good trash can will make it easy to dispose of dirt and you will be able to get rid of garage odors.

Garage storage

It is possible to use trash cans for storage. Some trash cans can be used for the storage of toys or pet food if you do not have the right container to keep such items. wheeled trash cans can be used for tool storage and they are cheaper than toolboxes.


Should I keep trash in the garage?

Yes, you can keep trash in the garage. It is a great way to hide trash that you do not want to be seen. Keeping a trash can in the garage is convenient because you can always access it from different parts of the home. It will always help you to keep away any pests from your front porch because the garage can be hidden.

How to keep garbage can from smelling in garage

When keeping a garbage can in the garage there is always the risk of a garbage smell. Fortunately, there is always a way to manage the smell. One way is to make sure that the garbage can closes well to keep the smells outside. You can also use a can that has a deodorizer to help you to manage the smells. It is also possible to use garbage smell eliminators to get rid of the smell.

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