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Parking your car in the garage comes with some challenges but you can avoid hitting garage walls. If you have a small garage, you might hit the garage walls accidentally. Fortunately, it is possible to stop this from happening by using parking aids and also taking extra care when parking.

Sometimes even the best drivers are likely to hit the garage walls accidentally. It is advisable to have some garage parking aids and learn how to maneuver well on your garage walls.

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Garage Parking Hacks to Avoid Hitting Garage Walls

1. Create space in your garage

Creating space in your garage is a good way to avoid hitting garage walls when parking. If you have enough space in your garage, you are less likely to hit items or walls when parking your car. The standard garages are not big enough for storage and parking your car.

However, you can come up with creative ways to save space in your garage. Instead of using the floor space of your garage for storage, use overhead garage storage, or even wall storage. You can now free up your floor space and use it to park your car. With creative space utilization, you will have enough space for parking and avoid hitting your garage walls all the time.

2. Outline the car parking spot in the garage

Outlining the car parking spot in the garage can also be helpful to avoid hitting garage walls. You need to have a designated location where you will be parking your car. The best way to go about it is to put some boundaries on the ground.

Using the boundaries, you can exactly know the location of your car. Keep the parking spot clear so that your car can fit in properly. You can set a parking spot boundary by putting some garage mats on where the car will be parked.

3. Practice how to park correctly

Knowing how to park in a garage takes time. You will have to practice and adopt proper safety techniques so that you do not keep hitting the walls. Reverse parking might be difficult at first, but it will easily allow you to put it out of the garage.

Try parking your car slowly because you are likely to hit things when you are in a hurry. Using headlights can also help park your car without hitting anything in the garage. If you have moved to a new house, it might take some time before you know how to park your car effectively.

4. Use the tennis ball trick

The tennis ball trick has proved to be effective for accurate parking to avoid hitting garage walls. It is the cheapest way to park your car without hitting the walls accurately. Hang the ball from the ceiling using a string to the level of your car. Let’s Innovate Life Parking Ball Sensor from Amazon will help you with garage parking. It is more effective than using the traditional tennis ball.

The distance from the wall to the ball should indicate a safe distance in a way that the car cannot hit the wall. You will use the tennis ball as a guideline. Whenever your windscreen comes close to the tennis ball, it should be an indication that you stop.

5. Make sure that your garage is well-lit

A well-lit garage makes all the difference and can avoid garage parking accidents. If you want to avoid hitting garage walls, make sure that you can see everything when parking your car. Sometimes an overhead ceiling garage is not enough. It is advisable to have some additional lighting like wall and floor lighting. Check out the 10 best garage lighting options to keep your garage space well-lit.

With poor vision, you can park your garage at night without hitting any barriers to the garage. Adding a few bulbs can make a big difference in preventing garage accidents. Painting bright colors on your walls can also be useful in making the garage bright.

6. Protect your walls with wall bumpers

Using wall bumpers can be effective in protecting your walls and your car. If you park your car very near the walls, you will always have issues when trying to open or close your car door. The process of opening and closing your car can cause dents on your walls or even car doors.

Fortunately, using wall bumpers can help you to reduce the impact. The wall bumpers are made using a safe foam material. They are cheap to buy and install, and you can save a lot of money on scratches. Ampulla Garage Wall Protector from Amazon is waterproof and will reduce impact. The beautiful design will fit all types of garage wall and styles.

7. Install a garage mirror

A garage mirror is good for accurate garage parking. Using a mirror will help you determine whether you have parked your car in the exact position you need. The parking mirror is easy to install, and it uses the same concept of track drivers.

You can always see your car when pulling in the garage, and it will be easy to park without hitting anything accurately. Putting mirrors at the front and at the back with the help of someone is an effective but affordable, accurate garage parking concept.

8. Use a car lift

A car lift in a residential parking garage can be used for effective parking. Using a car lift can help you to utilize space when working with limited space in the garage. You can use a car lift to park two cars in one car garage.

When using a four-post car lift, you can park your second car under the car lift. It is the best way to stack two cars on each other, and you will save space in the garage. Saving space can help you to avoid hitting walls in the garage.

9. Laser garage parking assistant

If you are looking for something fancy, using a laser garage parking assistant can be helpful. It will guide you when parking your garage in the exact place. With a laser parking assistant, you have to choose a pre-selected place in the garage. The laser beams will direct you on the exact place to park your car. it is easy to install, and you do not have to be a tech expert in using it. OxGord Laser Garage Parking Sensor from Amazon is motion activated, easy to install and will be helpful in preventing accidents in the garage.

10. Use the parking target

A parking target in the garage can help you to know your limit when parking. You can buy a pair of parking target, or you can improvise. When it comes to improvising, you can use wood blocks of wood. However, DIY parking targets might not be as effective because of the installation process. You can also use Genubi Industry 2 Pack Rubber Parking Target Blocks from Amazon. They are easy to install, strong and have a high visibility on the road.

Buying parking targets is quite affordable, and you can get them in under $ 50. When buying a parking target, make sure that you get those that grip tightly into the ground. Unlike DIY parking targets, rubber parking targets are the best for aesthetics purposes. They can also be used in different parts of the garage whenever needed.

10. Garage stop sign

A stop sign is good for parking in the garage. It is the best option for parking in tight spaces, and it is easy to install. You can get one that will match your garage aesthetics. When buying a garage stop sign, make sure that you look for one that is stable. Kole Import Parkez Flashing Led Parking Stop Light from Amazon will help you with parking. The stop sign has a weighted base so you do not have to worry about it toppling over.

Clumsy garage stop signs fall over, and they might not be reliable. The stop signs work by flashing light whenever your car comes near the top post. Using the post sign can be great when big parking SUVs that do not allow you to see the garage walls.

11. Garage parking mat

Using a parking mat can help maintain accuracy when parking. It will help you define the exact place where you can park your car. Apart from defining the parking spot, using a parking mat can also help restrict the parking area. Most of the parking mats will have a parking target at the end of it.

The combination of the parking mat and target will make your life easy when trying to avoid walls and keeping the car in the right location. Maxsa Innovations Parking Mat from Amazon is made from rubber.It is anti-skid, has a parking target and will protect your garage floor from water and snow.

12. Parking in a tight garage space

When parking in a tight garage the trick is to pull up slowly. Use a parking aid to make sure that you do not hit the alls. You can also outline the exact space where your car will fit so that you can have a visual aid when parking the car. Using proper lighting and being extra careful with your surroundings can also make garage parking easier.

Perfect garage parking takes time and effort. You can come up with DIY garage parking aids, and they will still help you with proper garage parking. However, if you are looking for aesthetics, get manufactured parking aids. They are efficient and great for people who care about tech.

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