10 Best Wall-Mounted Garage Storage System – Garage Transformation Ideas

Storage is always a big issue in the garage. If you are working with limited space in the garage, it is advisable to come with unique storage methods. Using the best wall-mounted garage storage is the best will help you to way to store items in your garage. With wall-mounted garage storage space, you can save on the floor space. There are a variety of unique wall storage options, and the good news is that most of them are quite affordable.

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10 Best Wall-Mounted Garage Storage System

1. Wall Control Steel Pegboard – 30-P-3232GV – Best Garage Steel Pegboard

Size: 2 pegboards 32in Tall x 16in each

Material: Steel

Wall Control Steel Pegboard is ideal for tool storage. Unlike other materials, steel is strong enough to hold heavy tools used in the garage. This pegboard is made in the United States, and it should fit the standard ¼ inch pegboard pegs. Since everything is made with standard measurements, you can fit your pegboard hooks and brackets without any issues.


Pros of Wall Control Steel Pegboard – 30-P-3232GV

  • Strong steel material – the strong galvanized steel material is rigid enough to hold all types of tools. It is a heavy-duty pegboard that can hold even heavy tools.
  • Ideal for magnetic tools – Can be used to store magnetic tools
  • Made with standard measurements – Standard measurement to fit all the accessories like pegboard pegs, hooks, and brackets
  • Easy to install – it comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need.
  • All types of walls – the pegboard can be installed in all types of walls
  • Available in 10 colors – You get to choose from depending on your preference.

Cons of Wall Control Steel Pegboard – 30-P-3232GV

  • Surprisingly, I have nothing bad to say about this pegboard.

2. Proslat 88102 Slatwall Garage Organizers – Best Slatwall for Garage

Size 8-foot x 4-foot

Material heavy-duty plastic


The Proslat 88102 Slatwall Garage Organizer is the best for garage organization. It is made with heavy-duty plastic and can carry the weight of almost all the garage tools. Apart from being used as a garage organizer, a Slatwall can also be used as a decorative wall. If you want to add some color and personality to your wall, consider using Proslat 88102 Slatwall available in white, charcoal, light gray, and sandstone. This Slatwall is versatile and are used with hooks, baskets, and other storage accessories.

Pros of Proslat 88102 Slatwall

  • Heavy-duty – the Slatwall is made using plastic, but that does not mean that it is inferior in any way. It is made with a heavy-duty plastic material that can carry the weight of heavy tools.
  • Clean looking design on the wall – for people who care about aesthetics, the Slatwall looks beautiful on the wall and has a clean finish since it has hidden screws.
  • Good for the environment – the materials used for making the Slatwall is recycled, making it good for the environment.
  • Weatherproof – it is not affected by water or mold, and this makes it strong.
  • Easy to accessorize – You will get ten panels that can be used to hang hooks and baskets.

Cons of Proslat 88102 Slatwall

  • Might not carry heavy-duty items – might not be able to carry heavy-duty items like bikes.
  • Specific accessories – you will need to get specific hooks and accessories for proslat

3. Gladiator Storage GearWall Panel – Best Garage Storage Wall Panels

Size: 2 panels 12 inch high by 48 inch each

Material: Composite


Gladiator Storage GearWall Panels help you to simplify your garage storage. All you have to do is install the panels on your wall. They are easy to fit on all types of walls, such as wood and concrete. The wall panels are also effective for interior garage walls, and they are effective for giving your garage a facelift. You will love the interlocking technology that helps you to achieve a smooth and seamless look on the wall.

Pros of Gladiator Storage GearWall Panel

  • Easy to install – all you need is an electric screwdriver and some screws to fit it into the wall.
  • Strong – the composite plastic of the panels are strong and can carry most of the weight of tools in the garage.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the slat wall panels are beautiful in your garage. If you want to cover your walls, using these panels is a good idea.
  • Weatherproof – they are not affected by water or any other elements in the garage.
  • Safe – these panels are safe for your garage since they are fire and UL rated.
  • Use all the storage accessories – you can use all the accessories like baskets, hooks, and other accessories.

Cons of Gladiator Storage GearWall Panel

  • No accessories for installation – Does not come with installation accessories

4. NZACE Wall Mount Tools Storage System- Best Adjustable Garage Tool Hanger

Size : 55.5 inches

Weight Limit : 175 pounds


NZACE Wall Mount Tools Storage System is great for hanging tools in the garage. It is used to hang cleaning tools, garden tools and can also be used for commercial use. The versatility of this tool holder makes it easy to mount on all types of walls. To keep the tools in place, it has anti-slip hooks. Since it has eight hooks, you can store multiple tools at a time. The tool hanger makes it easy to find tools and also avoids clutter in the garage.

Pros of NZACE Wall Mount Tools Storage System

  • Strong wall bracket – the wall mount can carry up to 175lb. You do not have to worry about the tool collapsing even when holding a heavyweight.
  • Versatile – using the wall mount is quite versatile. It has different types of hook styles to store all the tools that you might need.
  • Space-saving – this is one of the storage systems that help you to save space. You will keep all your tools organized without taking a lot of space.
  • Weatherproof – the walls can be used indoors and outdoors because it is not affected by water
  • Easy to install – comes with all the accessories that you will need to install the wall mount.

Cons of Wall Mount Tools Storage System

A little bit pricy – when compared to other wall mount tools, this one is a little bit pricy.

5. Inteli-topia Garage Hooks Heavy Duty Utility Pack of 10 – Best Garage Wall Hooks

Inteli-topia Garage Hooks are the perfect choice for hanging things in the garage. These heavy-duty hooks can carry the weight of bikes and other items in the garage. Since they are mounted to the wall, they are essential for space-saving in the garage. You will also love their versatility since they can be installed in all types of walls, such as plywood, drywall, and also concrete. These hooks offer you an affordable way to keep your garage organized.


Pros of Inteli-topia Garage Hooks

  • Easy to install – they come with all the accessories, such as screws, to make the installation process as easy as possible.
  • Heavy-duty – They are made using good quality steel material; you can trust the hooks to support heavy tools.
  • Versatile – the versatility of these hooks is unmatched. They come in different materials, making it possible to hang different types of power tools and even manual tools.
  • Anti-slip – to make sure that your tools stay in place, the tools are coated with PVC to prevent them from slipping.

Cons of Inteli-topia Garage Hooks

There is nothing negative about these garage hooks.

6. HyLoft 00651 Garage Wall Shelf Storage – Best Garage Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

HyLoft 00651 Garage Wall Shelf is mounted on the garage wall. This is a floating shelf that is made using steel and coated with powder. It is a strong shelf that can hold up to 200lbs. When you buy the shelving unit, you get a pair for value for money. This is a low profile shelving unit, and unlike other units, it can hold oversized items with 45 by 15 inches in size.


Pros of HyLoft 00651 Garage Wall Shelf

  • Durable – the garage wall shelves are durable. They are made with steel, and they are powder painted to make them scratch resistant.
  • Heavy-duty – they are made using strong, making them a heavy-duty. These shelves can be able to carry the weight of heavy garage items up to 200lbs.
  • Space-saving – the shelves are good for space-saving. The minimalist design means that they do not take a lot of space in your garage.
  • Good for large items – when compared to other garage shelving units, these are relatively big with 45 by 15 inches dimensions.

Cons of HyLoft 00651 Garage Wall Shelf

I didn’t find anything negative to say about these shelves.

7. Suncast BMC3000 Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet – Best garage wall mounted cabinet

Suncast BMC3000 Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet is made using a resin material. Unlike other cabinets made using steel or wood, the resin is a unique material. It is resistant to rust, and it is not affected by extreme weather. If you are worried about dampness in your garage, using resin cabinets is always a good idea. This is a fairly big wall mounted cabinet with 12 x 30 x 30.2 inches. You will get value for money; enjoy the beautiful design and durability.


Pros of Suncast BMC3000 Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet

  • Tough exterior – you will love the exterior look of the garage cabinets. The resin material is tough and resistant against scratches, dents, and other weather elements. You can use it for external and interior use.
  • Shelf for the organization – the cabinet has a shelf inside to keep the items organized. You can keep some items on the upper and lower shelf.
  • Good for the environment – this garage cabinet is good for the environment. It is made using recycled materials keeping the environment clean.
  • Sleek design – it is an aesthetically pleasing cabinet. If you want to add some beauty to your garage, this is the best garage cabinet to consider adding to your space.
  • Lockable for safety – you can keep your garage items and tools safe because it is lockable.

Cons of Suncast BMC3000 Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet

  • Only one color – it is available in only one color.
  • Small – you might need more than one cabinet if you want to get proper storage.

8. HORUSDY Wall Mounted Bin Organizer Garage 30PC Rack – Best Garage Wall Mounted Bin Organizer

HORUSDY Wall Mounted Bin Organizer Garage is the perfect choice for small tools. If you want to organize small tools like screws in the garage, you need bins to keep everything neat. The rack comes with 30 bins of different sizes. Apart from the pegboard, you will 9 small red bins, 9 small blue bins, and 12 large orange bins.


Pros of HORUSDY Wall Mounted Bin Organizer Garage

  • Spaces saving organization – the bins are mounted to the wall, saving floor space.
  • Smart organization – since the bins are color coordinated and they come in different sizes, it is easy to keep the space organized. You can also label the bins for easy identification.
  • Pegboard for big tools – apart from the bins, you can also use the pegboard to hang big tools in the garage.
  • All-weather – since the bins and storage are made using plastic, you do not have to worry about mold.

Cons of HORUSDY Wall Mounted Bin Organizer Garage

  • No hanging tools – you will need to get your own hanging screws to keep the rack in position.

9. HOMEE Bike Hanger Wall Hook Mount for Garage Vertical Bike Rack

HOMEE Bike Hanger is the best for hanging your bike on the wall. It is a space-saving storage option that is better than parking your garage on the floor. In case you have multiple bikes in the garage, it is advisable to consider a bike hanger because it is will keep the floor space empty and organized. Since it is made using steel, it is a tough wall mount. It comes with screws that make it very easy to install. The wall bike hanger can carry up to 66lbs.


Pros of HOMEE Bike Hanger

  • Easy installation – comes with screws to mount the bike hanger into the wall. You do not have to worry about other tools.
  • Sturdy – the mount bike hanger is made using military-grade steel to guarantee you strength. Apart from that, the hook of the bike hanger has a rubber hook to prevent the bike from slipping.
  • Good for space-saving – it is mounted on the wall and helps you to save floor space.
  • Minimalist – the simple minimalist design of the bike hanger is something that you will love.

Cons of HOMEE Bike Hanger

  • For solid wall only – the bike hanger can only be mounted on solid wood.
  • Not ideal for big bikes – if your bike tires are more than 3.3 inches, the hanger might not be ideal.

10. XCSOURCE Drill Charging Station Wall Mounted Power Tool Storage

XCSOURCE Drill Charging Station is ideal for cordless drills organization. Apart from being used to store your drills, you can also use it as a charging system and charge multiple drills at the same time. It is made using wood, and it gives your garage a polished look. You can use it to keep your drills organized and also for keeping some small tools in the garage.


Pros of XCSOURCE Drill Charging Station

  • Manage tools from one place – the wall mounted tool storage makes management of tools easy. Since you have a central place to store all the tools, it becomes easy to manage tools without worrying about loss.
  • It can serve as a charging station – to make the storage tool a charging station, attach a power extension to charge the tools.
  • Strong storage – the tool storage is made using hardwood, making it strong enough enough to carry the weight. The wood material is not affected by water or moisture.
  • Neat finish – you will love the neat finish of this charging station.

Cons of XCSOURCE Drill Charging Station

  • Good for small tools – this storage unit is meant for drills and other small power tools. It might not be ideal for big tools.

Why you need a wall-mounted garage storage

Wall-mounted garage storage can be helpful when working with limited space. If you do not have enough floors or ceiling space, you can keep the garage space organized. Here are some reasons why you need to get wall-mounted garage storage:

Save space

Space-saving is a big issue when it comes to garage storage. You need to make sure that you adopt creative ways of storing items to save space. Since most garages are used for parking cars and also storing supplies, it is important to free up the floor space. You can free up the floor space by using the wall for storage. It is a great way to save space.

Stay organized

Using wall storage can also help you to stay organized. It is very important to stay organized when keeping small tools and even cleaning supplies. With wall storage, you can group and organize the items depending on your needs. It is easy to see the location of everything in the home. A wall storage system enables you to see everything you own, and it is easy to locate whatever you are looking for.


Most of the garage wall storage systems are quite affordable. It is quite affordable to buy hooks and floating shelves as opposed to buying storage cabinets. If you are working with a limited budget, it is always a good idea to consider a wall storage system as opposed to other types of garage storage.


You will definitely love the versatility that comes with a garage wall system. When you have a garage wall system, you can use it however you wish. You can use the wall system to hang tools, bikes, and other items that you might have in the garage. Most of the storage systems, like floating shelves, can be used to store multiple items.

FAQ Wall Mounted Garage Storage

What can you do with a garage pegboard?

A garage pegboard can be used in a variety of ways. The standard way is to hang tools on the pegboard. A garage pegboard can carry up to 100 pounds, so it is a good storage option for garage tools. If you do not want to hang the tools directly into the garage, another way to go about it is to attach bins to the pegboard. You can use the garage bins for the storage of small tools like nails and screws.

Can you use garage shelving to store heavy items?

When using heavy-duty garage shelving, it is possible to store heavy items. However, it is important to check the weight limit of the shelving units before you buy them. It is also advisable to check the material that is used to make the shelving unit. Steel is a strong material for shelving units. It is durable and can also carry the weight of heavy garage tools.

How to use garage storage hooks

There are a variety of ways to use garage hooks, depending on what you want to store. The best thing with garage storage hooks is their versatility. Garage hooks are used to hang tools and also heavy items like ladders. You can also use the hooks for hanging bikes in the garage. When buying hooks, make sure that you get assorted styles and also heavy-duty hooks. The best thing with garage hooks is the fact that they are versatile, and they are also affordable to buy.

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