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I often get asked, why are tool boxes so expensive? Toolboxes are expensive because they are some type of security gadget to protect your tools. For this reason, they are made using high-quality unbreakable materials that come at a premium cost. Most of the toolboxes are manufactured using high-quality steel or even titanium and these materials can be expensive to buy.

The good news is that although toolboxes are expensive they last forever and it will take years before you need to replace your toolbox. However, not all toolboxes are expensive, you can now find affordable ones made using high-quality plastic that is still good enough to secure your tools.

Are expensive tool boxes worth it?

Yes, expensive toolboxes are worth it considering most of them are made in the United States where the quality of materials and construction are not compromised. However, before throwing money on any expensive toolbox understand the important features that make expensive tool boxes worth it. Some expensive toolboxes are inferior in quality so do some research before making a purchase.

Why are tool boxes so expensive?

Industrial grade material

The material used to make the toolbox can help you to determine whether it is worth the cost. Expensive toolboxes are manufactured with industrial-grade materials such as steel or aluminum and recently resin. These materials are meant to protect your tools and also make the box durable. These materials do not come cheap and that is why the high cost of materials is translated to you as a customer. With industrial-grade materials, the toolbox with being unbreakable and will last for a long time.

Secure locking mechanism

A toolbox is supposed to keep your tools safe. Whether you are storing tools in the garage or going with them on the worksite, your tools should be secure. A toolbox that offers you modern and secure locking methods is the best. You can be sure that your tools are safe. We have snap toolboxes that have a vault locking system to keep everything safe.

Proper sealing

Toolboxes are used in harsh conditions. Some of the toolboxes are stored in garages while others are used in the worksite under extreme conditions. Proper sealing is important to protect your tools from water and dust. A good rubber sealing around the locking area is important to keep everything inside safe.

Even after rain or water splash your tools remain dry and get protected from rust. The same applies when you want to keep your tools dustproof in garage storage. A toolbox with proper sealing protects your tools.


The design is an important aspect of the toolbox. Many people buy a toolbox for storage as well as the organization of tools. A good toolbox design will help you to keep everything organized. If the toolbox has different compartments then this will be an added advantage.

We have toolboxes that come with sockets where you can organize all your handheld tools without any issues.it is also possible to have toolboxes that come with a work surface where you can do some of the work in the workshop. You can use the toolbox as storage and also a workbench.

Portability option

Some toolboxes are permanently stored in the garage. However, you can get a toolbox that you can use for moving around. If you are always moving around, you can get one with wheels and proper handles for easy movement. Some toolboxes are heavy so you can put leave them in the truck whenever you move to the worksite. You can always pick the tools that you would like to use on-demand.

Are there affordable toolboxes?

Yes, although toolboxes are expensive, you can still get a good deal by doing some research. It is possible to find a decent toolbox for under $300. The trick is to make sure that you understand the type of toolbox you want and how you will be using it. Lucky for you, I have done a summary of the best toolboxes that you can get without breaking the bank. All of them are under $300 but they are still good in quality.

Best toolboxes for money

1. Best hand toolbox – Homak Powder Coat Industrial Steel Tool Box

This toolbox is ideal for handymen and people who are always on the move. It can fit all your tools and the best thing is that you can carry it by hand.

If you want a small one you can get the 20 inches or if you want a big one you can get the 32-inch box. It is made with industrial-grade steel so it is strong and durable. For security purposes, you can lock it with a padlock to keep your tools secure. Home is a big brand and they did not disappoint with this toolbox.

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2. Best impact-resistant toolbox – B&W tool case 43l

The B&W tool case is a good option for outdoor engineers and technicians. It can also be used by engineers in the construction field since it can withstand the impact of harsh environments. This toolbox is constructed using high-grade polypropylene.

It can take all types of impact without dents or scratches. Apart from the beautiful exterior, the interior is well organized with different compartments for your tools. It can handle impact, water, and dust keeping your tools safe in the workplace or when under storage.

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3. Best rolling tool chest/ box – Keter Rolling Tool Chest with removable bins

The Keter Rolling Tool Chest is all you need for your garage or workshop. It comes with wheel casters so you can push it from one end of the garage to another depending on demand. It is a solid plastic box that comes in black. For proper organization, it comes with bins and drawers for different types of tools. To keep your tools secure, you will use the central locking system that locks the tool compartments. This is one of the most versatile toolboxes since you can use it at home or in the workshop.

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4. Best hard case toolbox with wheels – Chicago case wheeled black tool case

This tool case is ideal for people always on the move. It has the style of a travel tool case so it is easy to pack all your tools and move around with it. Since it is made using solid plastic you are guaranteed water resistance. This is a military-grade tool case so it can be able to withstand different kinds of impacts when on the move. It is a TSA approved case so if you are always flying with tools then it will be helpful. You will get a tool pallet that will be helpful when arranging your tools.

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5. Best truck tool box – Buyers Products Truck box

If you move around with your truck and tools, this is the ideal toolbox. It can be fitted in your truck and it comes in black, silver, or white depending on your preference. You can also get a small one that is around 26 inches or a big one that is 49 inches. The steel body makes it a tough toolbox that can withstand impact and also hold heavy tools. You can also use it on the trailer to hold items that you do not want to get wet since it is water-resistant.

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When buying a toolbox make sure that you know why you need it. If you want something for your home garage tools, a drawer toolbox that can be placed on the shelves is enough. On the other hand, if you are a handyman who is always on the move, you will need to think about portability and other design aspects. Buying the right toolbox will help you to save money by getting the right product.

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