Tips on Using Garage Bin Storage for Organization

Using garage bin storage is an excellent way to keep the garage space organized. Bins come in various sizes and shapes depending on what you would like to store in the garage.

Garage storage bins are made using plastic, and this makes them airtight and waterproof. If you are getting overwhelmed with things around the garage space, it is time to get organized using bins. Fortunately, we have large enough bins to get almost everything you would like to store.

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Advantages of using garage bin storage for organization

Eliminate visual clutter

One of the main advantages of bin storage is to eliminate visual clutter. When you have a lot of things lying around in the garage, the space will look unpleasant.

It is advisable to keep away things that are not in use away in the garbage bin storage system. You will avoid clutter in the garage by keeping things that you do not want to see all the time away. We have colored garage storage bins that will help you to conceal everything and keep the space organized.

Protect items from elements

Garage storage bins made using plastic are waterproof and airtight. This means that they are great for storing items that are likely to be damaged by water and airtight.

If you are worried that some garage items will be exposed to mold, using garage storage can be helpful. The bins will also help you to prevent rust and dust. You can protect your garage items from elements by keeping them in plastic storage containers.


Using garage bin storage can help with space-saving. If you are working with limited space in the garage, putting some items in the bins can save space. The good news is that we have stackable bins.

Stacking bins together will help you to save floor space. You will also be able to keep items that you do not use away to utilize the remaining space. Saving space should be your main priority when creating a functional garage.

Variety of uses

One thing that you will have about bin storage is the variety of uses. You can use bin storage for the storage of tools as well as storage of clothes in the garage. Bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the use. You can find bins with covers, lockable ones, and small bins to store small accessories in the garage.

Affordable to buy and maintain

Garage storage bins are affordable to buy. If you are working with a tight budget and cannot afford any other type of storage, you can start with plastic bins. The best thing with plastic bins is that they do not need any maintenance. All you need is to wipe out the dust whenever the need arises, and you will be good to go.

How to use garage bin storage for organization

What do you want to store?

The first thing is to determine what you would like to store. When you have this in mind, it will be easy to determine whether bin storage is ideal in the first place.

With this information, you can also decide on the size and style of the bin that you want for storage. We have a variety of storage bins, and knowing what you will be stored can help you narrow down your options.

Determine the right type of garage bin storage

If you already have in mind what you will be storing, it is time to get the right storage bin. During this stage, determine the right material for the bin.

For garage storage, I would recommend that you get plastic bins because they can withstand the harsh environment. It is also advisable to check the shape and size of the storage bins. Here are the different types of storage bins:

Wall-mounted storage bins

These are small cube bins that can be mounted on the wall. You can buy them in packs to keep small tools in the garage. Small tools like nails and screws are likely to get lost in the garage if not well organized. Getting wall mounted storage bins will help you keep everything in its position because you can sort out the small items.

The wall-mounted storage bins come with rails that you attach to the garage wall to hang the bins properly. If you do not want to hang them on the wall, you can stack them on the floor and still keep the space organized.

My preferred bins: Wallmaster Orange Garage Rack System from Amazon contains 8 baskets that are easy to mount on the wall. They are 6.3 by 4 by 3.2inches and can carry up to 22 lbs each. You get two rails for easy mounting and they are also heavy duty to carry the weight of your tools.

Open shelf bins

Open shelf bins are the most common bins in the garage. These are heavy-duty bins that can be used for storing big tools or supplies in the garage. You can use these open shelf bins for storing tools or supplies that you use frequently. They have an open front to give you easy access whenever you want to pick something.

As the name suggests, these bins are placed on the garage shelf to keep the space organized. You can get them in a variety of sizes depending on what you would like to store. Getting heavy-duty bins will help you to save space in the garage.

My preferred choice: Dewalt Open Tote Case Tool Organizer from Amazon is tough and heavy duty. It can be used for bulk storage with dimensions of 21.76 x 12.87 x 10.8 inches. Since it has a foam interior, you can be sure that your items will be protected.

Weathertight storage bins

Weathertight storage bins are ideal for storing items that need protection from weather elements. They are also ideal for long term storage. If you plan to keep away items for a long time and worry that they will develop mold or rust, you can try to use weather-tight storage bins.

These bins are good for long term storage because they seal everything inside the container. They will protect your items from moisture and also dust.

My preferred choice: Iris Weathertight Boxes from Amazon come in a pack of six. They have a tote design so they can be stack together. With buckle latches, you can be sure that the containers will be secured well. The black and red color is beautiful if aesthetics is an important factor to you.

Wheeled storage bins

Wheeled storage bins are ideal if you want storage that is easy to move. Most of the wheeled storage bins also come with handles so that it becomes easy to move the bin from one location to another. If you like traveling with tools from your garage, you can also get a wheeled storage bin.

Wheeled storage bins have a large capacity, and this means that you can pack all your heavy items. Make sure that you get a heavy-duty one for durability.

My preferred choice: Sterilite 14699002 Wheeled Industrial Totes from Amazon comes with a handle and latches. You get two bins that can hold up to 40 gallons.

Lockable storage bin

If you want to keep your tools safe in the garage, you can get a lockable storage bin. The big is heavy-duty, and this means that it is unbreakable. It will keep your items safe since it comes with a padlock and a key. It is the best way to store your tools when traveling.

You can also lock items that are expensive when storing them in the garage. A lockable garage storage bin is rugged, and they are meant to be used in tough environments. If you use your garage for heavy tasks, consider getting a lockable storage bin.

My preferred choice: Rubbermaid Rugged Storage Containers from Amazon are lockable storage bins. They have latches that have padlocks for easy storage. For further safety, the box is rugged and tough. This gives you double protection for the items that you will be storing.

Avoid keeping garage storage bins directly on the floor.

The best way to organize your garage bins is to avoid keeping them directly on the floor. The garage floor is likely to be cold and humid, and this might affect the items stored.

You can use garage shelves or benches for storing the garage storage bins. If you are working with limited space in the garage, you can use ceiling storage. There are specific ceiling shelves that are good for storing garage storage bins. Using ceiling storage is ideal for items that you do not use regularly.

Label or color coordinate your storage bins.

When using garage bin storage, it might not be easy to distinguish bins. With colored bins, you will not know what is inside the bins. Fortunately, you can keep the garage storage bins through color coordination.

Using different colors for garage storage bins will help you to distinguish the items stored. If you are not color coordinate with your bins, you can use labels. Proper labels will help to keep the space organized. Other people will also be able to find things in the garage easily.

Seal your containers properly

It is advisable to seal containers properly when using bins for long-term storage. The idea of garage bin storage is to protect your items from moisture and dust. Some of the containers come with proper seals, so make sure that you take advantage of that.

On the other hand, some containers are not airtight, and you will be required to add tape. Using tape can help you completely seal your containers and prevent moisture or pests from getting inside the storage bin.

Inspect your garage storage bins regularly

When using garage bin storage, it is advisable to inspect them regularly. Every few months, open the bins and check the condition of your items. This is a good way to avoid damage, and you can always know the state of your items. Inspecting your stored items every three months is important to keep your stored items in good condition.

Bins are great for storage in the garage. They are affordable, and you can get a variety of styles for storage. It is an easy and affordable way to keep your space organized.

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