How to Repair a Rotted Wood Garage Door – Garage Transformation Ideas

It is not uncommon to see rotted wood garage doors. Wood needs to be treated regularly with waterproof paint. Fortunately, you can repair a rotted wood garage door is easy as long as you stop it early. It is advisable to inspect your door regularly to identify signs of rotting. The most susceptible areas of the rotting are the door frame and panels. You can use home repair techniques to fix your door as long as you have the right tools and products.

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The easiest way to repair a rotted garage door bottom is to scrap out the rotted part and use a wood filler to patch the area. you will need to have a sharp knife, sanding paper, and good quality wood patch. After that, you will need waterproof paint to cover the repaired area. You will also need to seal it so that you can avoid further water damage.

Ways to repair a rotted wood garage door

1. Identify the cause of wood rot

The first step is to identify what is causing wood rot so that you prevent future damage once you repair the door. Wood rot can be caused by harsh weather, water damage or garage flooding. Here are some common causes or wood rot:

Water damage

The main cause of rotted garage doors is water damage. In case you have had a plumbing accident, water in your garage will move to your garage door. Wood garage doors tend to absorb all the water and start expanding. With time the wood frames and bottom starts rotting and breaking down.


Fungi and mold can cause wood rot. When fungi start growing on the wood garage door, it is also a matter of time before the door starts rotting. Fungi is caused by dampness in the garage. Even without damage, dampness is enough to cause wood rot.

2. Inspect the garage door for wood rot

Inspecting the garage door for rot signs is very important. You need to identify the specific parts of the door that are deteriorating. The most susceptible areas to wood rot are the frames and bottom parts of the garage door. These are areas that are exposed to water, and it is normal to see signs of deterioration. You can also check the garage door planks to be sure. Here are some signs of garage door wood rot:

i) Discoloration

Discoloration is the first sign of wood rot on your garage door. However, identifying discoloration might be difficult and especially if you have used paint. To identify discoloration, you can use a flashlight for visibility.

ii) Peeling paint

Peeling paint is also a sign of wood root. You will notice paint peeling because wood is expanding. Once wood absorbs water, it will expand and then start to rot.

iii) Cracks

If your garage door has started to rot, it is not unusual to see visible cracks. These cracks are visible on the door panels as well as the frame.

iv) Spongy and tender

In some instances, you will be required to feel the garage door. Spongy and tender areas of the garage door are an indication that the door has started to rot.

v) Smell

The early sign of rotting wood is the smell. If you are perceiving a musty smell coming from your garage door has started rotting.

3. Scrap or cut the rot

After you identify the rot, it is time to scrap or cut the rot. You will need to use a sharp knife so that you can cut out the rot. Depending on the extent of deterioration, you do not have to use a knife. You can scrap the top rot until you see clean wood.

Use a wood filler

Using a wood filler will help you to seal the area that you have scrapped or cut. It is advisable to choose the right quality wood filler and also choose the right color. You can find the natural wood color, and you can also find white wood filler in case you have a white door. Using a wood filler should be done carefully so that you can fill all the spaces carefully. FomoWood wood filler from amazon is ideal wood door repair and it is the best for repairing all kinds of wood.

4. Wait for the filler to dry and sand

After using the wood filler, please wait for some time for it to dry. It will take some hours for it to dry, depending on the size of the holes or cracks. Once you are sure that the filler has completely dried, it is time to do some sanding. Sanding is important so that you can level the door. Make sure that you do proper sanding to achieve a smooth look.

5. Use a wood preservative

Using a wood preservative can be useful in preventing wood rot. After sanding the affected area, use a clean piece of cloth and wipe it down. Wiping the area with a piece of cloth is important to remove small wood particles. Use a wood preservative so that you can prevent further damage and rot.

6. Prime and finish

The last step of the process of fixing wood rot is to prime and finish. Make sure that you use a waterproof primer. The best thing with oil-based primers is their ability to prevent water damage. Oil-based primers do not absorb water that is likely to cause wood rot.

How to prevent garage door rot

1. Use wood preservative

Using wood preservatives can help you to prevent or slow down wood rot. We have a variety of wood treatment depending on the use of your wood. The role of wood preservatives is to avoid damage by water. Thompson Water Seal Stain from Amazon protects your door from mildew and is ideal for fade resistance.

We also have wood treatment and preservatives that will protect your wood from fungi and pests. If you want your door to last for a long time, it is advisable to use a wood preservative. You can apply the wood treatment before using paint.

2. Protect your garage door from water

Protecting your door from water is the single most effective thing that you can do. There are many things you can do, depending on the source of water. If your garage tends to flood during the rainy season, you need to deal with the water. On the other hand, if you have plumbing issues, address them as early as possible. Here are some tips to protect your garage door from water:

a) Repair and clean your gutters

Repairing and cleaning your gutters can be helpful. The purpose of repairing and cleaning roof gutter is to avoid flooding around the garage. It is a good way to redirect water away from the garage.

b) Use garage door seals

Garage door seals can also help you to protect your door from water. You will avoid flooding in the garage when you have a door seal. A bottom garage door seal will prevent water from getting inside the garage.

d) Clearing the area around the door

It is very important to clear the area around the door. You need to redirect the water so that you do not have stagnant water around your front door.

3. Garage door painting

The paint that you use for your garage door can prevent garage door rot. It is advisable to use an oil-based oil as opposed to using water-based paint. You can start with a primer before you use paint.The good news is that you can do painting on your own with a brush or a roller.

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Make sure that you get the right paint to avoid water from penetrating into the door. You can check always check to make sure that you get the right color shade by applying a second and third coat.

Regular garage door repair is important to keep your door in good condition. It is advisable to inspect and repair your garage door at least twice a year.

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