How to Make Garage Door Quieter

A noisy garage door can be frustrating because of the screeching noise that disturbs everyone. However, you can make garage door quieter and avoid disturbing your neighbors or family.  Aluminum and steel garage doors make some noise as they open and close. A noisy garage door is always a sign that you need to inspect it for damages and also find out whether you need to do some lubrication.

Your garage door might not be completely quiet, but you can reduce the noise through repairs, maintenance, and handling techniques. If you want to make your garage door quieter, understand the noise’s cause, and later look for a solution.

What are the causes of a noisy garage door?

A garage door that is poorly installed

If your garage door was poorly installed, you will likely experience noise when you open and close it. A poorly installed door looks unbalanced when you carefully inspect it. You will also notice the springs, chains, or nuts of the door look loose or not fixed properly.

With poor installation, you are likely to hear a loud bang every time you close the door. A scrapping sound is also not uncommon when you have an unbalanced door because it unevenly hits the ground.

Lack of lubrication

Garages have moving metal parts that need regular lubrication. Over time, these parts might get rusty, and as you open or close your garage door, you will hear a squeaking sound. It is the most uncomfortable sound, and it usually comes from rollers that are worn out and other hardware on the garage door.

Worn out or loose parts

If you have been using your garage door for a long time, there are chances that some parts have started getting worn out. Worn out and lose parts will cause cracking or rubbing noise when using the garage door. Some of the worn-out parts include nuts, hinges, bolts, and chains on the door.

Lack of insulation

Even with proper installation and maintenance, you might experience some noise with your garage door. If the door is not insulated and soundproofed, the bare metal will make noise and especially when you are inside the house. Steel doors make a lot of noise because of the steel material’s nature, which is why they are insulated to reduce the noise.

Ways to make garage door quieter

Lubricate moving metallic parts regularly

The best way to avoid squeaking noise on your garage door is to lubricate the moving part regularly. Nuts, chains, and bolts of your garage need to be lubricated to prevent rust. Since the parts are always rubbing against each other, friction is likely to occur over time.

The friction is responsible for that uncomfortable squeaking noise that happens when opening or closing the door. Lubricating will also help your garage door last longer since it protects the door against rust.

Replace metal rollers with nylon

By now, you already know that metal moving parts are responsible for a noisy garage door. Since these parts are prone to friction, they cause noise when the door is moving. Fortunately, you can replace your metal rollers with nylon ones to reduce noise.

The best thing with nylon rollers is that they do not need to be lubricated, and they do not cause any noise when the door is in motion. You might need to call a handyman to help you with the replacement since this is a fairly advanced home project.

Use a floor threshold

If your door closes with a bang as it hits the floor, it is advisable to use a floor threshold. This is a rubber threshold that is attached to the floor. Every time you close your door, it hits the rubber to hit the floor directly. This can minimize the banging noise that happens when you close the door because of rubber absorbs noise. A threshold also has extra benefits because it closes the spaces between the garage door and floor.

Use rubber to absorb noise

Using rubber to absorb noise is a great trick for your garage door. The noise happens when your door hits other metal parts of the door. You can attach the rubber pads on the motor opener so that they can absorb all the vibrations that come when opening the door. The rubber pads can be placed between the motor brace and motor block.

Clean or replace the track rollers

The track rollers of your garage door might cause noise on your door. If your track rollers are dirty or worn out, this might cause issues like friction when opening or closing the door. Regular inspection of your track rollers will help avoid friction and make sure that the door is moving smoothly every time you are moving the door up and down. Cleaning your garage door regularly can help you to identify problems and correct them early enough.

Tighten any loose hardware

After using your garage door over time, the hardware is likely to get loose. Bolts and nuts of the garage door tend to loosen over time, and that causes noise. When you have lost hardware, you will notice problems every time you are moving your door.

If your garage door does not open smoothly, then take a wretch and check out for any loose hardware. It is advisable to make sure that you secure your door when doing it so that you can avoid any accidents.

Inspect your springs

Garage door springs get worn out over time. The garage door’s up and down opening can make it the garage seem heavy every time you want to open. It might be due to worn out springs that have been overworked, or it might be due to lack of lubrication. If you have used your springs for more than five years, they might be due for replacement. In the time being, it is advisable to keep lubricating them so that you can reduce friction.

Insulating your door

Insulating a steel or aluminum door will work wonders in noise reduction. The upward and downward movement of the door can be loud and disturbing to people inside the house. Using some door insulation can help you to minimize the noise. When insulating your garage door, you need to remember that the insulation might add extra weight to the door. Choose the right type of insulation so that you can still close and open the door without straining.

Expert installation

Sometimes the garage door is noisy because it was not installed correctly. Hiring an expert to do some inspection can help you to solve the problem. It is not advisable to attempt any repairs on your own if you are not an expert. Remember that garage doors can be a safety hazard, so you need to be careful when tampering with anything. Hiring an expert can help you solve a lot of the problems you face when opening and closing the door.

Steel and aluminum doors are generally noisy for residential homes. If you are looking for a quiet door, you might want to consider other materials like wood or fiberglass. These materials are ideal for homes, but they also need extra care.


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