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If you use your garage as a woodworking worshop, the main challenge is how to get rid of sawdust in the garage. Cleaning fine dust from the garage takes time and it can seem like an endless venture as the dust keeps accumulating.

The good news is that you can control sawdust in the garage using technology and also by using smart cleaning methods. Sweeping sawdust might not be the perfect solution because it is tiring and takes time to sweep several times a day. When it comes to cleaning sawdust out of the garage, make sure that you come up with creative cleaning methods.

Steps on how to get rid of sawdust in the garage

Start by protecting yourself from inhaling sawdust

Handling sawdust in the garage can cause a lot of health side effects. Since the wood is made of fine particles, they can be inhaled and go directly to the lungs. This is likely to cause a lot of health side effects in the long run. Whether you are cleaning the garage or doing woodworking, your priority should be to protect yourself from sawdust particles.

You can do this by wearing protecting mask. We have nose masks that come with an air filter. With the right nose mask, you can easily clean your garage and even do some woodworking without inhaling the fines sawdust particles. We have nose masks that are specifically made for woodworking and they come with an air filter to trap all the dust on the air.

Use a dust collector before the sawdust spreads

The best way to handle sawdust in the garage is to take care of it from the source. You do not have to wait for the sawdust to spread before you start cleaning. Cleaning once you have sawdust all over the place is counterproductive and it ends up being a lot of work. When you already have sawdust in the workshop the job becomes easier for you. Choose the right type of dust collector depending on the needs of your garage.

How to choose the right dust collector for your garage

Size of your garage

Before you choose a dust collector put the size of your garage into consideration. If you have a small garage you need a small and compact dust collector that does not take a lot of space. On the other hand, if space is not an issue you can get a whole dust collection system that will be mounted on the garage walls for efficiency.

Portable or wall mounted

The biggest trick is choosing between a portable and wall-mounted dust collector. If you do not have a specific place for woodworking in the garage then a portable dust collector will be enough. On the other hand, you can get a portable one if you are always on the move.

Tool dust collector

Collecting dust at each tool is always the best way to get rid of sawdust. For instance, we now have sanders that come with dust collectors attached to them. When you collect sawdust at different parts of the garage you do not have to do a lot of cleaning.


Think about maintenance when buying a garage dust collector. For some dust collectors, all you need to do is to replace the sawdust bag or change air filters. If you are a beginner buy a dust collector that needs little to no maintenance at all.

Use a shop vacuum to clean floors

Using a dust collector in the garage is not enough. You will also need a shop vacuum to clean sawdust that will not be collected by the dust collector. If you are not able to get a dust collector a shop vacuum is necessary. You need to get a shop vacuum that is specifically made for the sawdust collection.

The normal vacuum cleaners might not work because they will not be able to collect all the dust and they might be clogged by the fine dust from the saw. Always consider a portable shop vacuum so that you can take it to different parts of the garage where you need to clean.

Sweep the floor with a soft brush

Sweeping the garage floor is not always the best way to deal with sawdust. However, you need to sweep the floor to remove the big wood chips that might not be collected by the dust collector.

It is important to remove the big wood chips before you vacuum the garage floor. A soft broom will also help you to remove the dust that has accumulated on the walls. You need to remember some of the dust goes on the walls and you need a soft broom that can help you to remove the dust particles.

Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe surfaces

Dealing with fine sawdust particles can be challenging. Sometimes no matter how much vacuuming and sweeping you do is impossible to get rid of the fine dust that gets stuck on the surfaces.

The best way to get rid of sawdust on garage surfaces is by using a damp piece of cloth. It is best for cleaning dust that has stuck on surfaces because using a dry cloth might not work to remove that dust.

Use an air purifier

An air purifier in the garage is the most important thing. Even after cleaning sawdust, the air will remain stuffy. It is advisable to have an air purifier that will filter out the fine sawdust particles that you might not see.

Cleaning sawdust with a shop vacuum will not do everything to remove the small dust particles. Putting your air purifier on after cleaning will ensure that you breathe clean air at all times. The air purifier comes with filters that capture the small particles that could have been left out in the process.

Proper disposal of sawdust

Proper disposal of sawdust is important to keep the garage clean. After clean sawdust from the garage make sure that you dispose of it correctly so that it does not go back to the garage.

Unfortunately, many people leave the bags of sawdust in the garage and the sawdust immediately spreads back to space. Remove the bags of sawdust outside the garage and use the sawdust to start a fire, mulching, or for animal bedding. You can even sell your sawdust if you do not know how to dispose of it correctly.

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