How to Create a Half Garage Half Gym – Garage Transformation Ideas

A half garage half gym concept is possible with proper cleaning. If you have some extra space in your garage, you can turn it into your workout zone.

However, you will be required to do some planning to make the space comfortable and inviting for your workout sessions. For you to create a half gym in your garage, it is important for the space to be finished. If your garage is unfinished then it might not be ideal for working out.

How much space do you need for a garage gym?

A modest size for a home garage gym should be 10ft by 10ft. this will allow you to do decent workouts like CrossFit in the space. If you have a one-car garage but you still want some space for the gym then you need to understand that you might need to sacrifice the large equipment. However, even with a one-car garage, it is still possible to create a small corner for working out with some basic gear.

Steps on creating half garage half gym

Properly define the space

The first step is to properly define the space. You need to make sure that you have a distinct space for garage items and another space for the gym. This is a great way to make the space neat and also get a rough idea of how much space that you are working with.

There are different ways to define the garage space like using partitions and dividers. The dividers do not have to completely cover the space. It is meant to create physical boundaries to separate the two spaces.

Remove dangerous chemicals from garage

If you want to use the garage for working out, you need to make the space as safe as possible. You can make the space comfortable by removing all the dangerous chemicals. Oil, propane tanks, and chemicals are likely to emit fumes that are released into the garage.

When working out you need to make sure that you do not have any strange smells that might affect the quality of air. Using an air purifier to purify the air in the garage when using it to work out might be helpful.

Vent the garage

Ventilation is one of the most important things for a garage that is used for working out or any other activity. You need to make sure that you have enough supply of fresh air in the garage. Since most of the garages are not ventilated, venting your garage can be helpful. You can do this by installing fans in different locations of the garage.

Installing a mini-split in the garage can also be beneficial to bring some fresh air into the garage. You can always open the garage door and install a garage door screen when working out so that you can allow fresh air into the garage. Since most garages can be hot it is advisable to make sure that you have enough ventilation to control temperatures.

Take care of the flooring

On the gym section of your garage make sure that you have good flooring. you will need flooring that will make the place comfortable for working out. The normal epoxy or concrete flooring might not be right for the garage because it might cause accidents and slips.

Fortunately, you can cover the floor to make the space as comfortable as possible. Using interlocking rubber floor tiles can help you to enhance the look of our flooring. We have rubber tiles that you can install on your own without hiring a flooring expert. The best thing with rubber floor tiles is that they provide a cushion to the floor. In case of a fall, you can be sure that you are well protected from the impact.

Choose your gym equipment carefully

Since you have a half garage and half gym it is important to choose your gym equipment carefully. When working with a limited space choose equipment like dumbbells, stationary bikes, and other equipment that do not take a lot of space.

You need to avoid equipment that requires a big ceiling height or a lot of floor space since you are only using half of the garage. It is possible to create a decent gym by using half of your garage space as long as you choose the right gear.

Personalize the gym space

Just because you are using a half garage for your gym does not mean that you should have a decent-looking gym. If you want to be motivated make sure that you personalize the space to make it your own you can do that by making sure that you add personal items like wall décor and art.

It will make the space look beautiful and you will be able to enjoy your workouts. We have a variety of wall posters that you can use to make your space look nice and feel personal.


When using your garage as a gym it is important to think about storage. You will be to store things like weights and other sports gear in the garage. Keeping things on the floor is not advisable because it will lead to rusting.

Most of the garage gear is made using metal so rust is a common occurrence in the garage. Using storage shelves can help you to save on space and also enhance the durability of the workout gear.

Create a good plan layout

A good plan layout can be beneficial when planning your garage space. You need to arrange the garage space in such a way that everything flows well.

If you are wondering how to plan your garage gym, Pinterest has good inspiration and it will help you to create the garage gym of your dreams. You will also get some inspiration on how to decorate and give the gym space your personal touch.

Clean regularly

Cleaning the space regularly should be your top priority. You need to keep the gym gear clean so that you can avoid rust and damage. This means that you should clean the space at least once a week. You do not have to do complex cleaning. Removing dust will keep your gear in good condition and it will make the space safe for working out.

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