How to Clean Garage Walls

Garage walls tend to attract dirt from dust. If you use your garage for workshop work, it is advisable to learn how to clean garage walls regularly. Cleaning your garage walls is also necessary before painting. It gives you a clean slate so that the paint can adhere well.

If your garage walls are made using drywall, they will be easy to clean with water. However, if your walls are made with other materials like wood, then you need to be creative and avoid using water. Wood tends to absorb water so you need to protect it from water.

How to clean garage walls step by step

Remove everything from the walls

The first thing is to make sure that you remove everything from the walls and also anything near the walls. This will give you enough space to clean without getting distracted.

If you have things hanging this is a good time to sort them and keep them away. Removing clutter is the first step to make the garage clean. Perhaps you can get rid of things that you do not need so that you can achieve a minimalist garage that will always be easy to clean.

Remove loose dirt and dust

It is important to remove loose dirt and dust before cleaning. This is an important step in the cleaning process and it makes cleaning fast and effective. You can remove loose dirt and dust on the walls using a broom.

It will help you to remove dust that has accumulated over time. This is also time to remove cobwebs on the corners of your walls. Apart from using a broom, you can use a vacuum to blow dust from the walls. This is an effective and fast process and it will help you save time instead of using a broom. A leaf blower will also work to remove any loose dirt on the walls.

Do stain treatment

Treating stains on the walls is necessary before you start cleaning. Doing stain treatment will help you save time when you eventually starting cleaning the entire wall.

It is also a good practice to do stain treatment so that you can avoid spreading stains to the entire wall when cleaning. If you have oil stains on the wall you can use a degreaser that will help you to eliminate the stains fast. You can also use baking soda and ammonia for other tough stains on the wall.

Clean the entire wall with soap and water

This is an important process in cleaning your wall. However, you have to make sure that you understand the type of wall material in your garage.

Using soap and water is a good way to clean drywalls. You might need to use a piece of cloth or a soft brush to scrub out some of the dirt off the walls. The regular dishwashing soap is enough to clean your walls if you do not have any stubborn dirt stuck on the walls.

Wait for the walls to dry

If you are cleaning your walls so that you can paint them later, it is important to wait for them to dry. Before you start painting you need to give it at least 24 hours so that everything dries.

The same applies if you are going to hang anything on the walls. Waiting for the walls to dry for 24 hours will help you to avoid any stains on the walls after hanging on a wet wall.

Caution to take when cleaning the garage walls.


Beware of power sockets

Before cleaning your garage walls, make sure that you take note of the power sockets. It is important to make sure that the power cables are protected from water. Water can damage the sockets and can also lead to accidents due to electrocution.

Before you start cleaning, it is advisable to seal the power sockets so that you can protect them from water. We have special power socket covers that can help you to protect your sockets from water.

Use a stable step ladder for cleaning

Cleaning walls might be impossible without a ladder. You need to get a stable ladder that will help you to reach the highest point of the walls for effectiveness. When using a ladder make sure that you get a stable one so that you can avoid accidents during the cleaning process.

Beware of garage flooding

Garage flooding is always an issue when cleaning garage walls. There are chances that your garage will accumulate a lot of water when cleaning walls. Make sure that you have mats in the garage or you have good drainage. If you do not have good drainage in the garage make sure that you do not use a lot of water because this is likely to lead to garage flooding. Remove the water from the floor with a squeegee as soon as you start noticing water accumulating.

Wear the right shoes

When cleaning the garage walls you need to use the right shoes. There are chances of falls happening in the garage and using the right shoes can be helpful. It is important to make sure that you choose non-slip and waterproof boots so that you can navigate the cleaning process. Your garage floor will be wet so you need to be prepared to do extra cleaning afterward. After cleaning the walls you might also be forced to do clean the floor.

Pressure washing the garage wall is not advisable

When cleaning the garage walls you need to make sure that you do not cause any damage in the process. This is why it is advisable to use a soft brush or a piece of cloth to remove dirt. Pressure washing the garage walls is not advisable especially when they are made using drywall.

The water pressure from the pressure cleaner is too much and is likely to damage the walls. Using a pressure washing machine might peel the paint on the walls in case you have any. When cleaning the walls make sure that you use a method that will not affect the paint or integrity of the walls.

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