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You can clean the garage weekly, monthly, seasonally, or annually depending on your needs. It might be impossible to clean the garage daily or weekly, but make sure that you do it at least once a month to maintain hygiene.

Cleaning the garage often will help you to minimize dust and keep the space. During the cleaning process, you can also get a chance to get rid of things that you do not need. Most of the garage is full of clutter, and purging once in a while is always a good idea.

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When should you clean the garage?

1. Weekly garage cleaning (once a week)

Weekly garage cleaning involves doing the minimum in garage cleaning. This is something that you can do in under an hour, depending on your garage’s size. Doing weekly cleaning is meant to keep the space clean, organize, and avoid nasty garage smells. Choose one day of the week when you are free to do some cleanup. When you keep up with weekly cleaning, you do not have to worry about dirt build-up since you are cleaning the space a week. Here are some tips on weekly garage cleaning:


Dusting should be an important aspect of weekly garage cleaning. Since the garage accumulates a lot of dust, wiping it out can be helpful to prevent allergies. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe out the dust from shelves and garage cabinets. It is also possible to use a stiff bristle to remove dust that has stuck on your garage surfaces. When dusting, it is advisable to use a dry piece of cloth.

Sweeping the floor

For weekly cleaning, vacuuming the floor might be a long stretch. However, the least you can do is sweeping the garage floor. Sweeping will help you to remove dust particles and other debris on your floor. A long handle broom with fine hair is the best to remove even the smallest particles on the floor.

Empty garage litter box

If you have cats, there are chances that you have a litter box. Take time every week to empty the garage litter box and clean it. It is the best way to avoid smells in the garage. You can also wipe out pet food that has been littered in the garage.

Wipe oil spills

It is advisable to wipe oil spills at least once a week. You can walk in the garage to check out for spills where you park your garage and also store your tools. You can use baking soda to clean out all the oil spills on the garage floor and mat.

2. Monthly garage cleaning (once a month)

Monthly garage cleaning is necessary to keep the place neat. For monthly garage cleaning, you have to do some extra work, so it is likely to take you the whole day. Choose one day in a month to do monthly garage cleaning. Here are some activities that are involved in monthly garage cleaning:


Vacuuming your garage floor should be done monthly. This is the right time to do more than garage sweeping. You need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, depending on the floor you have in your garage. Epoxy and tile floors are the easiest to vacuum, and they do not accumulate a lot of dust compared to concrete floors.

Tool cleaning

Tool cleaning should be done every month so that you can prevent dust. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe the dust from your tools. If you have cars or bikes parked in the garage, take time to wipe them down. Dust can accelerate rusting, and you need to know how to prevent it by keeping your tools clean. You can wipe your tools using a rust inhibitor so that you can prevent rust.

Wipe down vents, light fixtures, and fans

This is also the best time to wipe down vents, light fixtures, and fans. These are items that accumulate dust over time without knowing. If you want clean air in the garage, make sure that you clean the fans and remember to clean light fixtures to maintain brightness in the space.

Clean garage laundry

If you have laundry in the garage, take the time to clean them to remove dust. Most people use clothes to cover for cars or bikes, and it is time to clean the laundry.

3. Seasonal garage cleaning ( every season)

Seasonal garage cleaning should be done at the end of every season. Before a new season starts, make sure that you do some cleaning and prepare your garage for the next season. For instance, if the winter season is approaching, it is advisable to use mats to prevent your floor from flooding. Here are some activities for seasonal garage cleaning:

Scrubbing the floor

Scrubbing your garage floor should be done at least at the end of each season. Take an extra step to use a floor brush and a hose to scrub everything from the floor. You can use dish washing soap to scrub your floor.

Clean the floor mats

This is a good time to clean your garage floor mats. Do not just wipe the oil, take time to scrub and remove all the oil residue from your floor mats. You can use water and dish washing soap to remove oil stains that have accumulated over time.

Cleaning the garage door

Cleaning the garage door is also necessary when doing seasonal cleaning. If you have a metallic garage door, you can use detergent, a sponge and some water for cleaning. Apart from cleaning the door, take this time to oil the hinges.

You can use some oils for the hinges so that you can keep the moving parts of the garage door lubricated to avoid rust. When oiling the garage door, you need to be careful to avoid accidents when the door accidentally moves.

Cleaning the driveway

It is also important to clean the driveway when doing seasonal garage cleaning. This is the right time to trim bushes leading to your driveway, repair concrete on your driveway and also change the weatherproof on your garage door. If you are preparing for the rainy season, it is important to clean the driveway so that you can prevent garage flooding.

4. Yearly garage cleaning (once a year)

Yearly garage cleaning is necessary for every homeowner. It is a good way to purge and get rid of unnecessary things. Over the years, we tend to accumulate stuff, and most of the things end up being useless in the home. Here are some things to do during your yearly garage cleaning:

Remove everything from the garage

You will need a dry day to do this because you will need to take everything outside. If you cannot take everything outside, then you can take the items in your garage to another room. You will need to empty the garage so that you can do a thorough cleaning.

Pressure clean the garage

If you are able to pressure clean the garage, this is a good time to do it. We have cleaning companies that will offer you pressure cleaning services at an affordable fee. In case you are working on a tight budget, scrubbing the floors using detergent and a hosepipe might be enough.

Pest control

Remember to do some pest control during your annual garage cleaning. Rodents and other pests hide in the garage, and this is a good time to do some fumigation. After taking everything outside, you will be able to fumigate and reach all the parts of your garage.

Sort items

After cleaning the garage, it is advisable to sort the items. If you want to create a minimalist garage space, make sure that you do not accumulate many unnecessary items. Sort your items into groups and keep only the items that you need. You can donate or do a garage sale to avoid accumulating items that you do not need.

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