Guide on Creating a Minimalist Garage Space – Garage Transformation Ideas

For many homeowners, the garage is the dumping place for items that are no longer in use. Fortunately, it is possible to create a minimalist garage by proper storage and organizing. Using smart storage and removing unnecessary clutter can help you to achieve a lean and minimalist space. 

When people think about minimalism, the first thing that comes to mind is the aesthetics. Apart from creating a garage that is pleasing to the eyes, create a space that has less visual clutter, and it is easy to work with. 

Minimalist garage organisation tips

1. Choose a sunny day for garage decluttering

Creating a minimalist garage starts with the little actions that you take. Choose a sunny day to the job because you will be required to take everything outside. Empty your garage so that you can start sorting everything and also get time to clean the entire space. 

When you choose a sunny day to do the job, it will be easy to put all the items outside without worrying about water or snow damage. Assuming you do not have any other temporary storage for the items in your garage, the first step is to get everything outside and start sorting.

2. Gather all the supplies

Minimalism is all about getting rid of the excess garbage. Before you create a minimalist garage, you have to do a big garage cleanout. Cleaning out involves getting rid of things that you do not need as well as scrubbing all the dirt from your garage. 

It is advisable to have all the times that you will need for the process at hand. When you have everything with you, then you do not have any reason to start complaining about not being able to clean.

Garage cleaning supplies checklist

  • Water hose or bucket
  • Scrubber
  • Squeegee
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Dusting cloths
  • Degreaser 
  • Bins
  • Ladder
  • Spray bottle
  • Broom
  • Gloves 
  • Trash bags
  • Bins

3. Remove everything inside the garage

Removing everything outside the garage is where the garage cleaning process starts. When everything is outside the garage, you can get time to clean the floor and shelves without any distractions. If you have anything movable apart from fixed garage cabinets, make sure that you remove everything from the garage. If the weather is good, you can take the items outside, or you can take them to another room as you clean the garage.

4. Clean the garage

  • Sweep the floor – The first step is to sweep the floor. Sweeping the floor will help you to eliminate any loose dirt and dust from your floor. You can use a floor brush to eliminate all the dust from the floor.
  • Wipe the cabinets and walls – After sweeping the floor, it is not time to wipe the cabinets and floors. At this time you can use a wet piece of clothes to wipe the dusty areas. A mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle will help you to wipe all the dust from the garage.
  • Remove stains – your garage floor is likely to have grease and oil stains. Use a degreaser and scrubber to remove all the stains on the floor.
  • Clean the floor – after stain removal, it is now time to clean the floor. Use a hosepipe to pour water and add some dishwasher soap. You can use a brush to scrub the floor to get rid of dirt. After the floor is clean use a squeegee to get rid of excess water.

5. Sort your items

Sorting your items is important in creating a minimalist garage. A minimalist lifestyle is all about purging all the necessary items that you might not need. Sorting and getting rid of items is probably the hardest thing that you can do. The simplest thing is to have four bins to sort all your items as follows:

  • The first bin should have all the items that you need for your garage. These are items that you cannot afford to lose. 
  • The second bin should have items that you are not sure about. Keep items that you are not sure that you might need. 
  • The third bin should have items that you want to sell or even donate.
  • The fourth bins should have the items that you want to trash

Minimalism is all about learning how to live with items that you actually use. When sorting out your garage, remember to ask yourself whether you actually need the items that you want to keep.

Items to keep in the garage

  • Tools that you cannot rent or get easily
  • Items that you have used in the past year
  • Tools that you use several times a year
  • Items that cannot be replaced by alternative items

Getting rid of items in the garage can be difficult because you do not know what you might need in the future. However, there are items that you can always replace, rent or borrow.

Items that you need to throw from your garage

  • Sports equipment – Sports equipment tend to hold sentimental value. They remind us about a phase in our life. If you have old balls or sports equipment that are worn-out or you no longer use it is time to get rid of them. In case you have old bikes from when your kids were young, you also need to get rid of them.
  • Tools – it is also advisable to get rid of old and broken tools. When sorting your items, get rid of items that you no longer use. It is also advisable to get rid of the tools that serve the same purpose.
  • Paint and chemicals – many people use the garage to store paint and chemicals. During the cleaning process, make sure that you get rid of the paint. Paint has a lifespan of over five years. However, in case you have opened cans of paint, make sure that you get rid of them. Remember to check the chemicals and get rid of anything that is expired.
  • Toys – it is also important to get rid of toys. In case your kids have outgrown their toys, make sure that you donate the toys that you have in the garage because you might not need them anytime soon.
  • Old appliances – the garage is a place where people store old appliances. In case you have old or faulty appliances, it is advisable to get rid of them. The big faulty appliances take a lot of space in the garage.
  • Books and magazine – if you have old books and magazines, it is advisable to donate them. Donating old books and magazine will help you eliminate unnecessary clutter in the garage.
  • Furniture – it is also advisable to eliminate unnecessary furniture in the garage. If you have furniture that cannot be used in the garage, it is recommended that you eliminate them.

Get rid of unnecessary garage items

After sorting out the items, make sure that you get rid of the unnecessary items as fast as possible. If possible, hold a garage sale the same day and sale everything that you need. Take the items that need to be donated into their respective places. The more you hold on the items, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of them finally.

6. Come up with a garage layout

It is advisable to think about a good garage layout. Come up with a garage layout that will keep your garage organised and also will help you avoid unnecessary clutter in the garage. Creating a minimalist garage is all about making sure that you do not have things that you do not use around the garage. Coming up with a layout will help you with proper planning. Here are some tips on coming up with a garage layout:

a) Allocate car parking space

Before coming up with a garage layout, the first step is to allocate space for the car. In case you park your car in the garage, make sure that you outline the space that will be taken by your car. You can decide to use the middle part of the garage or even one corner of the garage for parking your car. Once you set aside space for parking your car, you can now use the rest of the space to store your items.

b) Create zones

Creating zones in your garage is always a good idea. Make sure that you have zones for items that are used together in the garage. For instance, you can have a zone where you keep all your tools organized. It will help to have a specific zone for everything that you need instead of spreading items in your entire garage. if you want to achieve a minimalist garage, it is advisable to get rid of visual clutter.

c) Use corners

The corners in your garage are very useful. Take advantage of the corners and store items that you rarely use. For instance, if you use your lawnmower once in three months, keep it in the corner and forget about it until you need it. All the bulky items that are rarely used should be kept in the corners.

d) Frequently used items within reach

If you have frequently used items, make sure that you keep them within reach. Items that are used on daily uses like dog latches should be kept near the door within reach. You do not have dis-organised your garage every time you are looking for something.

e) Use height

For items that are used once a year or rarely used, take advantage of height. Storing items in the ceiling or high in the shelf will help you free up your floor and walls. You will eliminate any visual clutter and also utilize your space efficiently.

7. Create a drop zone in the garage

It is very important to have a drop zone or mudroom in the garage. You need to have a place in the garage where you will be placing all the items that come in the garage. From the drop zone, you can assess whether you need the item or you do not. You will realize that most of the items are not really necessary for the garage. If the item stays in the drop zone for a long time without use, you probably do not need it. A drop zone in the garage can double as the mudroom. It is a space that has a bench with some shelves.

8. Everything in the garage should have a place

The simple rule of minimalism is to make sure that everything has its place. Everything in the garage should be stored in a specific place. When every item in the garage has its place, you will not have any items lying around in the garage without a place. It is also a good way to ensure that you do not have excessive items in the garage. If you notice that some items do not have a place in the garage, it is time to create storage space or eliminate them.

9. Do not crowd open shelving

It is not uncommon to have open shelving in the garage. open shelving is an inexpensive way to have some storage in the garage. However, open shelving can be tricky to work with when trying to create a minimalist garage space. If you want to create a minimalist garage space but you still want to have open shelving, ensure that you get rid of visual clutter. All the items on the shelves should be well arranged, and you should not squeeze your open shelves with all kind of clutter. The shelves should have few items for aesthetics purposes.

10. Use furniture with storage

It is very important to use multi-functional furniture with storage in the garage. When creating a minimalist space, do not focus on buying more storage or furniture. Look for a way to cut down on the furniture and storage by being innovative. In the garage, you can use the mudroom bench as a sitting area as well as the area where you keep your shoes. When the furniture pieces can be used for different purposes, it becomes easy to eliminate unnecessary items.

11. Come up with a labeling system

A labeling system in the garage is very useful. When all the items are clearly labelled, you do not have to keep disorganizing the garage when looking for something. You will find whatever you are looking for without wasting a lot of time. It also makes your garage to look neat because you can see everything that you own in the garage. 

In a home garage, the labeling system does not have to be complex like in a commercial one. Buying some few stickers and marker pens are all the labeling that you need to keep items in the garage neat. You can label the bins, drawers and even specific tools. Come up with a simple labeling system that can work.

12. Check out for tools that serve the same purpose

The idea of creating a minimalist garage is to have few items in the space. Most of the garages are full of junk, making it impossible to use the garage efficiently. Getting rid of items that serve the same purpose in the garage can help you reduce the number of items that you have in the space. It is possible to eliminate most of your tools since we have tools that are already multifunction. You should focus on buying tools that can perform multiple functions. It will help you to save money, and it is also a good way to avoid unnecessary clutter in the garage.

13. Regular garage decluttering

Regular garage decluttering is advisable. If you want to maintain that minimalist look, make sure that you focus on working on your garage regularly. Take at least a day every month to do some decluttering. You can take that time to clean the space and also take stock of all the items that you have in the garage. If there are items that you have not used for months, it is time to do some evaluation. A minimalist and tidy garage does not happen overnight. It takes months of tidying up and regular cleaning to achieve the kind of look that you would want to achieve.

14. Use the right storage for a minimalist look

Storage is an important subject to consider when it comes to minimalism. Since minimalism is about having less, it does not make sense of having a lot of storage. The mistake that many people make is buying a lot of storage solutions. You might just need a single metal cabinet and some storage bins to keep your valuables. 

Do not focus on increasing the storage space in your garage because once you start decluttering, you might not even need extra storage space. Closed cabinets are better than open ones when it comes to achieving a minimalist look in the garage.

15. Buy quality over quantity

Minimalism is all about being intentional. You need to be intentional about everything that you buy and bring into the garage. It is advisable to invest in a good lawn mower that will do the job for years as opposed to buy a cheap flimsy one that will break down every few months. When you spend some time and money researching on the best tools, you will get value for money. You will also not fill your garage with unnecessary items that you might not need in the garage. Focusing on value is always the main goal of minimalism.

Minimalist interior décor tips for garage

Neutral colors

Creating a minimalist garage is all about aesthetics. It is always a good idea to start with the aesthetics before you decide on getting rid of stuff. Minimalism is all about the way things look. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, it will be a good idea to start by changing the colors in the garage. Painting the walls with neutral colors will give the garage a minimalist look. 

The best colors for creating a minimalist look include white, grey and cream. These colors are easy on the eyes, and they do not cause a lot of distractions. Remember the look of the floor also matters. Try and get epoxy flooring in a neutral color pallet. The rule is to look for colors that will give your garage a clean look.

Invest in timeless furniture and fixtures

Minimalism is not about trends. It is about creating a place that you will love no matter the time or season. Instead of looking at what is trendy, it is advisable to focus on getting timeless pieces that will never run out of fashion. When it comes to minimalism, focus on quality and not quantity. Quality is superior and will withstand the test of time. 

Some of the timeless pieces on the garage include wooden cabinets and metal drawer cabinets. These are pieces that will be in style even in years to come. Following trends beats the minimalism focus because you have to keep buying new things every time.

When in doubt go with monochrome

A monochromatic look always works for a minimalist look. If you are worried about being overwhelmed, go with a monochromatic look. Use one colour in the garage, and you will avoid unnecessary visual clutter. The best colours to try for a monochromatic look are white and gray. White is conservative, and it is a good colour to try if you are not sure about anything else. 

If you want to go bold, you can try gray. You can paint grey on your garage walls and also buy fixtures like cabinets that have the same colour. Using one colour helps to blend everything together without worrying about colours that go together. When it comes to using a monochromatic colour, you can use different shades of the same colour. You can use dark grey, light grey and even blue-grey at the same time.

Use textures

Using textures is also a great way to spice up the look of your garage. Your garage does not have to be boring. Using neutral colours is not a reason to make your garage look boring. It is still possible to use textures in your garage and create an interesting look. Apart from using paint on the walls, you can still use wallpaper to add textures. 

You can use wallpaper with a neutral colour, but it should have some texture. Another way to add some texture into the garage is by using a pegboard. Adding a pegboard in your garage can bring out the texture that you want. Pegboards are made of shiny material, and they will add some texture into your garage.

Clean lines

If you want to create a minimalist look, it is advisable to start with clean lines. Using clean lines in the garage will help you to achieve a smooth look. Clean lines are meant to make space look less crowded and help you to eliminate visual clutter. 

When it comes to garage furniture, your cabinets should be mid-century modern style. Avoid wall cabinets that have a lot of details. The smooth look of the furniture is always a win. If you have furniture in your garage, focus on buying classic mid-century pieces because they create clean lines in the space.

Lighting is essential

Lighting can help you to enhance the minimalist look in the garage. When trying to create a minimalist look in the garage, it is advisable to have clean space without any dark spaces. You can use lighting in the garage for décor purposes and also to light up the spaces. Most garage spaces are very dark, and you need to have the right lighting into the garage

The style of lighting is important because when creating a minimalist garage because you need to create a clean look in the garage. The basic lighting for a garage is a ceiling light. A ceiling light will help you to light up the entire garage. Get a light with adjustable panels so that you can move the light accordingly. In case your garage is still dark after installing a ceiling light, you can add some wall lighting.

Bring some warmth

It is advisable to add some warmth into the garage. When your garage has a lot of neutral colours, it can feel cold. Adding some warmth in the garage will make it a space that you can enjoy. If you want to use your garage for other reason other than storage, adding some warmth into the garage is always a good idea. Place portable garage heaters in different parts of the garage. It is also a good idea to have some rugs in specific parts of the garage.

Reasons to create a minimalist garage

Get enough space

A minimalist garage is spacious. If you want to use your garage for other activities like using it as an office or a kid’s play area, it is important to adopt with minimalism. With a minimalist garage, you can get enough space to use the garage for multiple functions. 

You can use your garage as a gym and get enough space to lift your weights. By minimising the number of items in the garage, you can take advantage of the space for productive activities instead of having junk in your space.

Easy to maintain

Minimalism makes things easy for you. When you have a minimalist garage, you can be sure that it will be easy to maintain. When you have a space that is open and airy, it does not take a lot of time to clean. 

You get a space that is well utilised, so maintaining the floor area does not have to be difficult. When you have less stuff, it becomes easy to clean and also do repairs in the garage. When you have a minimalist garage space, you spend less time and money on maintenance.

Save money

Minimalist helps you to save money. It is a good way to save cost because you do not have to keep buying stuff. When you are committed to keeping your space minimal, you will be intentional on the stuff that you buy and bring into your home. Before you buy anything and bring it into your home or garage, you will first ask yourself whether you really need it. You can use the money that you save for other activities in the home or for investment.

Aesthetics and easy on the eyes

One of the things that you will love about a minimalist garage is the fact that it is easy on the eyes. A minimalist garage has neutral colours, and it is easy to on the eyes. Everyone who knows about minimalism will agree that having a space that is easy on the eyes is very satisfying. Creating a minimalist garage can be a relaxing place. When you create a minimalist space, you will be creating a place that you can enjoy staying for a long time

Eliminate clutter

If you want to eliminate clutter in your home, the right way is to create a minimalist garage. A garage is a place where you collect everything that you do not need. Fortunately, your garage does not have to be a dumping place for everything. If you want to eliminate clutter in your entire home, start by eliminating clutter in the garage. Create a space that is clean and has less visual clutter.

Do you think a minimalist garage is worth it or necessary?

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