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A garage mounted basketball hoop is great for practicing how to shoot. You do not have to go to a basketball hoop to learn how to shoot because we now have garage-mounted basketball hoops.

If you have a garage you can easily mount your basketball hoop either inside the garage or outside above the garage door. However, you need to understand the mounting distance and where exactly to mount the basketball hoop. It is also important to know the right type of basketball hoop for your garage.

Where should you mount your basketball hoop in the garage?

Indoor garage mounted basketball hoop

An indoor garage mounted basketball hoop is great if you have a spacious garage. With garage basketball hoops you will be required to mount them on the wall of the garage.

The type of basketball hoop will depend on the height of your garage wall, space, and also design. We also have portable basketball hoops that are great for indoors since they can be moved to different areas of the garage.

Advantages of an indoor garage mounted basketball hoop

A great addition to a garage gym workout

If you use your garage as a gym, adding a basketball hoop is great for your workout. You can play basketball as a warm-up before you start your workout. Practicing your shooting techniques can be good for your fitness.

Play even during harsh weather

The best thing about an indoor basketball hoop is that you can play even when the weather is harsh. If your garage is heated, it is possible to play during winter instead of going outdoors.

Indoor basketball hoops will last longer

Since the basketball hoop is indoors, it is not affected by extreme weather. You can be guaranteed durability since you will have protected it from rust and deterioration.

Variety of designs to choose

The main benefit of an indoor garage basketball is that you can choose from a variety of designs. We have indoor wall-mounted basketball hoops and free-standing basketball hoops that can be moved from one area of the garage to another.

How to mount an indoor garage basketball hoop

Find an ideal location inside the garage

The first step is to find the ideal location in the garage. It is advisable to mount a basketball hoop in an open garage wall without shelves or other things. If your garage has an open space then you can have enough space to practice without hitting anything.

A good height is also important for the basketball hoop. It is advisable to make sure that the hoop is at least 10 ft. from the ground.

Put some marks on the wall

Putting some marks on the walls on the location can be helpful. You need to align the basketball hoop correctly so that you can get the right performance. Most of the hoops will come with all the gear that you need for installation.

Attach a backboard to the area

After marking the area, it is now time to put a backboard where you are going to mount the basketball. A backboard will help you to protect your hoop from moisture damage. Installing a backboard is not always necessary but it is an important step for your basketball hoop durability.

Mount the basketball hoop correctly

The last step is to make sure that you mount the hoop correctly. When you buy a hoop it will come with an instruction manual so make sure that you follow the instructions correctly.

Garage mounted basketball hoop above garage door

A basketball hoop above the garage door is great for outdoor games. If you want to play outside the garage then you need to mount this type of hoop. When mounting a basketball hoop above the garage door, you will mount it on the wall or the roof of the garage.

Is mounting the basketball hoop above the garage door a good idea?

Yes, a basketball hoop above the garage door is a good idea to practice shooting even without going to the court. However, before you mount your basketball hoop above the garage door considers these factors:

Make sure that your garage door is strong

Before you install a garage mounted basketball hoop on your driveway make sure that your garage door is strong enough. If your garage door has windows, lights, and any other accessories that can be damaged then you need to keep that in mind. There are chances that the ball will keep hitting the door so you need to make sure that your door is strong to take it.

Space on the driveway

It is also important to make sure that you have enough space on the driveway. Make sure that you do not have plants or anything that can be damaged when playing. You do not need a lot of space on the driveway but having some space to dribble the ball can be beneficial.

Enough space for installation

You need to consider if you have enough space for installation. When installing a basketball hoop above the garage door there are two places to consider. You can install it on the wall or the roof. Avoid installing it on the garage door because it will affect the integrity of the door.

How to choose the right garage basketball hoop

Indoor or outdoor

Before you buy a garage basketball hoop think about where you are going to mount. If you are going to mount it outside consider weather-resistant features. An outdoor basketball hoop will be exposed to weather elements so buy a material that does not rust easily. If you are going to mount it indoors then you need to consider the size so that it can fit in the space.


The style of the basketball hoop also matters a lot. We have wall-mounted basketball hoops that need to be attached to the wall. On the other hand, we have free-standing basketball hoops that are great for indoor garage spaces. These hoops are fitted with weights so that they can be able to stay in place for a long time.


It is important to buy a basketball hoop that is adjustable. If you are going to use it with multiple people in the garage, you need to be able to adjust the height. Freestanding basketball hoops are adjustable so when the kids are playing it will be easy to adjust them to your preferred height.


You can buy a portable basketball hoop if you want to move it from one place to another. Buying a freestanding basketball hoop for the garage is ideal because it is movable. You can even move it outside whenever required or when the need arises.

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