Choosing the Right Weather Stripping Garage Door Seals

Weatherstripping your garage door is meant to protect your garage door from water damage. Using weather stripping garage door seals can prevent garage flooding. The best way to weatherstrip your garage door is to use a bottom seal, garage door panels, and also to seal the sides. With the right skills, you can do weather stripping on your own, or you can hire a handyman to do it for you at a fee. For garage door weather stripping, the most common material to use is rubber because it is easy to work with.

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How to choose the right weather stripping garage door seals

Type of garage door

When choosing weather stripping, consider the type of garage door that you have. Wooden garage doors are different from heavy commercial doors because of weight and friction. It is always good to choose weather stripping that will last longer and be comfortable for you.

Weatherstripping seal material

Choosing the right material for your garage door seal is always a good idea. We have different materials such as rubber, vinyl, and foam. Vinyl is the most durable material for garage doors. A rubber seal is good for the bottom of the garage and also is good for durability. Foam door deals are the most affordable that you can find.

Type of floor

The type of floor in your garage can also help you to determine the right garage door seal. If you have an uneven garage floor, using a floor seal will work. It works better than installing a seal directly into your garage floor.

Purpose of the garage door seal

It is advisable to determine the purpose of the garage door seal. You can use a garage door seal to prevent water from in the garage or to insulate it from gold. Sometimes door seals are also ideal for preventing pests from getting inside the garage.

Garage door bottom seal types

J shape seal

A J style seal is ideal for doors that have a single channel retainer. You will cognize this bottom seal by checking the seal’s ends because they form a J shape.

T shape seal

Unlike a J style that is for single-channel doors, a T style is used for doors with double channel retainers. At the end of the door, the seal will form T shape on both ends of the door.

Bulb shape

Bulb shape bottom seals are the most common we have in the market. They are versatile, and they form a circular shape at the bottom. However, you will notice a T shape at the top of the channel.

Weatherstripping materials for your garage door

Foam tape weather stripping

Foam is the most affordable weather stripping choice. If you are working with a tight budget but you still need to seal your door, get a foam weather stripping tape. The best thing is that it comes with a foam tape is the fact that it comes with adhesive making it easy to stick. Foam comes in rolls, and you can get it in different sizes depending on the size of your door.

To install foam weather stripping, you will need to attach it to the internal door stop. Once you close the door, it will be able to close. For air tight fitting, it is advisable to choose weather stripping that has the same size as your doorknob. Fowong weatherstripping strips from amazon are ideal for garage door.

Foam weatherstripping is easy to install because you can cut it with a pair of scissors to fit your door. It is also easy to install because it already comes with adhesive for easy fixing. You can use this seal to protect your garage from the cold due to its insulation properties. It can also be used to prevent water damage in the garage.

Vinyl weather stripping

If you are looking for something more durable, consider getting vinyl weather stripping. It is a little bit expensive compared to foam tape, but it is firm and durable for weatherstripping. With vinyl, you can install it on top of the garage door and on the sides. It might not be the best choice for the garage bottom seal because it is stiff.

Unlike foam that is likely to absorb moisture, vinyl is a good choice. Vinyl weatherstripping is resistant to water and can last for a long time. Working with vinyl is quite easy, so that you can cut with scissors.

We have some vinyl weather stripping that comes with adhesive, and it comes in easy to attach it to the doorstep. It is easy to manipulate, but at the same time, it is durable enough to withstand the test of time. The best thing with vinyl is the fact that it looks good and stays in place.

Rubber or compression weather stripping garage door seals

Rubber or compression weather stripping can be used to make the door airtight. Some of the garage doors come standard with weather stripping. However, the rubber tends to wear out over time, and you might need to replace it regularly. With this type of weather stripping, you can choose the type of density you want, depending on your door’s size. MM Seals rubber seals from amazon are weather proof and they are the best for garage insulation and protecting your garage from water.

If you are worried about aesthetics, rubber might not be the right choice. It tends to stand out from the door, and sometimes you can differentiate the door from the rubber. You can use rubber weather stripping on the bottom of the garage door to provide a tight air barrier. It can keep away water from your garage as well as keep away rodents from your garage.
Weatherstripping styles for garage door

Threshold seal

A threshold seal is unique when compared to other types of garage door weatherproofing options. With a threshold seal, you can get one in rubber material. These seals are durable, and they can be attached directly to the floor to seal the garage door gap. If you are dealing with an uneven floor, it is advisable to consider installing one on your floor.

Depending on the height between your garage door and floor, you can always get a good threshold seal. Floor seals are durable, and they can be the ideal for cold weather insulation and also protecting your garage from rodents. Weather Defender Garage Door Seal from Amazon is made using rubber and it is ideal for bottom garage door.

Brush seal

Unlike other types of garage door seals, brush seals are ideal for commercial doors. You will mostly find them on commercial and heavy-duty doors. As the same suggests, a brush seal is made with hard bris tile and is usually placed on the bottom of the door. Uxcell Door Bottom Brush Seal from Amazon is ideal for heavy garage doors. It is strong enough to carry the weight of the garage.

If you have a metallic or steel door, using a brush seal is ideal. The bristles will block out the elements, but at the same time, they will not affect the opening and closing of the door. If you are worried about the friction that comes with using other types of seal material, using a brush seal is always a good idea.

Garage door draft stopper

A garage door draft stopper is also a good way to seal your garage door. It is a good way to seal the space between the door and floor. If you want to protect your door from dust, this is a good stopper to consider for sealing the space. You can also use it for insulation to seal your garage door from noise, insects, and other types of pests.

Installing a garage door draft stopper is quite easy. All you have to do is to measure the space between the door and the floor. After that, you can cut the door draft accordingly to fit the space between the door and floor. When installing the draft stopper, you are required to stick it directly to the door instead of the floor.

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