Best Utility Sink for Garage

A garage utility sink is necessary to keep the space clean. It is important to buy the best utility sink for garage to make cleaning easy. Unlike a kitchen sink, the garage needs a utility sink for deep cleaning and laundry. We have utility sinks that are specifically made for the garage because they can withstand heavy tear and wear. The type of utility sink that you get for your garage will depend on the type of cleaning that you do. If you do laundry in the garage you might need to get a large sink that can do all the cleaning.

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How to choose the best utility sink for garage


Steel or plastic


When choosing a utility sink for your garage you will be torn between two choices. You can decide to go for a plastic sink that is cheaper and the most common or you can decide to go for a steel sink that is a little bit expensive. A plastic sink is affordable and durable considering we have heavy-duty plastic. However, it looks cheap and if aesthetics are important to you it might not be the right choice. Steel is a little bit expensive but it is durable and looks good on the space.

Ease of installation


You will need to do some plumbing work in your garage if you do not have water pipes running. However, installation should not be that difficult. For a free-standing utility garage installation should be quite easy since all you have to do is to connect it to the water pipe and set it on the preferred location. Wall-mounted utility sinks are a little bit complex to install and you might need to hire a plumbing expert for installation.

Faucet design


The faucet design is important for a utility sink. Some sinks come with a faucet but you can always change to get a faucet that fits your still. If you do a lot of soaking and cleaning then you need a pull-out faucet design with a good sprayer to allow you to do all the cleaning without straining. Always choose a faucet depending on the type of work that you do.

Deep basin


No matter the size of the utility sink you want to buy, always opt for a large basin. Buying a utility sink with a deep basin is advisable to avoid splashing water while cleaning. It will make your cleaning less messy and you will keep the garage space clean. You can always get compact but deep utility sinks if you are working with a small space in your garage.


The design of your garage utility sink matters a lot. If you have a small garage, opt for a small and compact garage sink that can fit into tight spaces. You need to look for extra features like the area for attaching your faucet and also the legs. A good utility sink should have stable legs to make it sturdy.

5 best utility sinks for garage


JS Jackson Supplies 19 Gallon Utility Sink with Metal Legs

The JS Jackson Supplies 19 Gallon Utility Sink is ideal for all your cleaning needs in the garage. it does not come with a faucet so you will need to buy the faucet separately. Fortunately, it comes with holes that are already perforated so that you can install the faucet of your choice. For heavy-duty cleaning in the garage, the sink is made using thermoplastic material but it has metal legs. It is a deep utility sink so you can do all the cleaning without messing up the garage with water.


  • Heavy-duty material – this is a heavy-duty utility sink so it can withstand all the heavy cleaning tasks that happen in the garage. It is made with a thermoplastic material that can withstand heavy tear and wear.
  • Freestanding – this is a free-standing sink so you do not have to drill it to the wall. You can place it anywhere in the garage without causing damage.
  • 13 inches deep – since this sink is 13 inches deep, it can hold enough water for cleaning and it will be cleaning as efficiently as possible.
  • Easy to customize – you can easily customize the sink by installing faucets of your choice. When you buy this sink you get pre-drilled holes where you can fit your faucets.
  • Stable and sturdy – the garage sink is stable and sturdy and can hold up to 150 pounds.



  • It might be challenging getting replacement parts.

Trinity stainless steel utility sink THA-0307 with faucet

The trinity stainless steel basic utility sink is a smart choice for the garage. It comes with a faucet so you do not have to worry about spending money buying a faucet separately. Unlike plastic sinks that look cheap, the chrome look of the sinks gives it a high-end look that is ideal for a home garage or workshop. It is made with heavy gauge steel so it will withstand heavy work around the garage. the sink is narrow and deep so it will fit well in tight spaces.


  • Beautiful look – it has a beautiful chrome look that is different from the normal plastic utility sinks
  • Comes with a faucet – this is a good thing since you do not have to buy a faucet separately.
  • Sturdy and stable – the sink is sturdy and stable to withstand heavy work but you can also mount it to the wall for extra stability.
  • Good height – it is 6″ so it will be comfortable enough for most people to use.



  • You might need extra help with installation. A qualified plumber will take less than an hour.

LDR Industrial Stores heavy duty slop sink for garage with pull out chrome faucet

The LDR heavy-duty slop sink is ideal for the garage space. It is heavy-duty to withstand washing in the garage plus it is made with an indestructible thermoplastic material. This is a stand-alone sink so you do not have to drill it into the walls. The sink is 14 inches deep for most of the garage cleaning. It is ideal for a garage mudroom and also cleaning up tools in the workshop. This sink can be used both for home and commercial use. The sink comes pre-assembled so it takes minimal time to put everything together.


  • Sturdy – it comes with stainless steel legs to support the sink below. The legs are sturdy so they will keep supporting the heavy-duty sink.
  • It comes with a faucet – the sink comes with a faucet that fits properly. You do not have to spend money buying a faucet separately.
  • Deep enough to reduce mess cleaning – this sink is 14 inches deep so you can reduce the mess when cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty – it is made using a thermoplastic material that is heavy-duty. It will withstand heavy-duty home and commercial cleaning
  • Classic look – this is a decent-looking sink. It has the classic utility sink look and will fit perfectly in your garage.


Plastic material – it is made using plastic material and might not be the best quality available.

DuraSteel Store Stainless Steel Utility Sink

Durasteel store stainless steel utility sink is the perfect choice for your garage. If you do not fancy plastic sinks, this chrome sink will be a perfect choice for you. It is antirust making it perfect for garages that encourage rust. This sink is made using an 18 gauge stainless steel making it ideal for heavy-duty work in the garage. It has a backslash and that reduces the mess when cleaning. Installation is quite easy since it is a free-standing sink and you do not have to fix it to the wall


  • Durable – the sink is made using an 18 gauge stainless steel sink. It is durable and can withstand heavy-duty cleaning in the garage.
  • Stable – unlike other sinks, this is a stable sink made using H-shaped legs that hold the stainless sink tub.
  • Less mess when cleaning – with this sink cleaning is not messy. It is deep enough to hold water and it also has a backsplash to reduce the mess when cleaning.
  • Beautiful sink – when it comes to aesthetics, this is a beautiful sink. It is a good break from the normal plastic sinks.



  • No faucet – you have to buy a faucet separately but it comes with a compartment to install the faucet.

Zena Home Store Ergo Sanitization Tub

Zena Home Store Ergo Sanitization Tub is the perfect choice if you have a laundry space in your garage. It works both as a laundry sink and also as a sanitization tub. This tub comes with a faucet and also a soap dish area to make cleaning hands easy it is a fairly big sink and can hold up to 20 gallons of water. It has an attractive design and has a small shelf at the bottom where you can put cleaning supplies. This tub works as a cleaning area if you like working in the garage.


  • Two in one use – it works as both sanitization and also a washtub
  • Multiple features – this utility sink has all the features that you would need for your cleaning. It has a shelf below, a soap dish, and also a faucet.
  • Unique design – the utility sink is constructed with ergonomics in mind. It has everything to make your life as comfortable as possible like the contoured shape.
  • Big enough – this sink is big enough for most tasks. It holds 20 gallons and it is 14 inches deep.


  • You might need to replace the faucet.

Why do you need a utility sink in the garage?


Keep the home clean

A utility sink in the garage can help you to keep your home clean. You can clean muddy shoes and other items in the garage before you take them inside the house. When a lot of cleaning is done in the garage you do not have to take dirt into the main house. It is easy to keep the home clean when you do most of the cleaning in the garage.

Soak and hand wash

Utility sinks are big so they give you the freedom to soak and hand wash the stuff that you need to clean. If you like handwashing, then a utility sink in the garage will be ideal. Make sure that you get the right size so that it can fit everything. A utility sink that is 14 inches deep and can hold up to 20 gallons is a good choice.


Convenience is the main reason why many people prefer to add a utility sink in the garage. if you use your garage for woodwork or mechanic work, you need a wash area. It makes the space convenient to use since you will have a plan to clean your tools and even wash your hands whenever the need arises.

Washing pets

If you are a pet owner you understand the stress of cleaning your pet in the bathroom. Sometimes you need a big space away from your bathroom where you can be comfortable washing your pet. With a utility sink in the garage, you can clean your dog because the utility sink is big enough to hold your dog. It is efficient to clean your pet when you are standing up on a utility sink.


Is a utility sink worth it?

A utility sink in the garage is worth it. With a utility sink, you can do all your cleaning away from the main house. If you have laundry area in the garage, you can soak, hand wash your laundry and even clean your pets. Since utility sinks are bigger than kitchen sinks, they are ideal for washing.

Can you use a kitchen sink in the garage?

It is not advisable to use a kitchen sink in the garage. You need a utility sink-style sink in the garage to withstand heavy-duty washing. It is important to get a heavy-duty utility sink that can withstand extreme temperatures in the garage.

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