Are Nylon Garage Door Rollers Better Than Steel? – Garage Transformation Ideas

Yes, nylon garage door rollers are better than steel. They are affordable, durable and they also make less noise. When many people hear about nylon garage door rollers, the first thing that comes to mind is weak and low quality.

However, we have high-quality nylon garage door rollers that are made with strong nylon material. Steel is also a good material for garage door rollers but it comes with downsides like rusting, noise when opening, and also challenges with installation.

Nylon garage door rollers

Nylon garage door rollers are made with heavy-duty nylon. However, this does not mean that the whole roller is made using nylon. With these door rollers, only the wheel is made from nylon while the stem is made using steel material.

Reasons to use nylon garage door rollers


Nylon garage door rollers are made using nylon but that does not mean they are weak. These are strong door rollers that can carry the weight of heavy garage doors. The wheel part of the roller is made using the highest quality nylon. This makes it easy for the rollers to carry heavyweight. The stem part of the garage door rollers is made using steel material. This further reinforces the strength of the rollers making them capable of carrying the weight of heavy garage doors.

Door rolls smoothly

One thing that you will love about nylon garage door rollers is the way the door rolls smoothly. When you have nylon rollers, you do not have to worry about the friction that causes resistance when trying to open or close the door. Your door will roll smoothly because the nylon part of the wheel does not cause any friction when on the tracks.

Quiet opening and closing the door

Opening and closing the garage door can be noisy because of friction. Every time you open the metal parts of the roller coming into contact with the tracks can cause a lot of noise. The best way to minimize noise is to get nylon rollers that do not have any friction.

Last long

The fact that these are nylon rollers does not mean that they are inferior in any way. Nylon garage rollers are strong compared to steel rollers because they do not rust or experience any friction. You can use them for a long time without the need for replacement or maintenance. The average lifespan of nylon rollers is around 13 years depending on how you take care of them.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining nylon garage rollers is quite easy. You will be required to wipe out and oil the rollers once in a while but this is not a lot of work. Unlike steel garage door rollers that always prone to rusting and damage by friction, you can use nylon garage door rollers and experience little or no maintenance depending on the size of your door and how often you use it.


If you are looking for something out of the box, nylon garage door rollers are the best. They go against the norm of steel wheels because these ones are durable. If you want to embrace technology for functionality and other benefits, it is time to get a nylon garage door roller. These rollers are sleek on the door making it easy to clean and wipe out extra dirt.

Steel garage roller doors

Steel garage door rollers are the norm. These rollers have been available since time immemorial and they are still there today. Unlike nylon rollers where the wheel is made using nylon, in this case, the wheel is made using steel material.

Why you should use steel garage door rollers

Affordable to buy

Steel garage door rollers are quite affordable. Since many people are now going for other material options, it might be a good idea to decide whether steel rollers are the best option for you.

Good for old garage doors

Depending on the type of garage door that you might have, buying steel wheel garage rollers is the best option. You can be sure that your rollers will fit perfectly when it comes to installation. Nylon rollers are fairly modern so it is advisable to use steel garage door rollers for old-style garage doors.

Are there any downsides to steel garage door rollers?


Unlike nylon garage door rollers, steel ones are noisy, the amount of friction that comes when they meet with the steel tracks makes them very noisy. In a residential garage, it is advisable to have nylon garage door rollers that are quiet.

Prone to rusting

Steel garage door rollers are prone to rust. This means that you need to oil them regularly to prevent rusting and also minimize friction. Even the best quality steel rollers are likely to start rusting at some point.

Lower life span

When compared to nylon garage rollers, steel ones have a lower lifespan. The friction and rust reduce the lifespan and this means that you have to replace them regularly.

Are plastic garage door rollers the same as nylon rollers?

No, plastic rollers are different. These are the cheapest garage door rollers that you can get. They are cheaper than steel rollers. You will get some of the benefits of nylon rollers but they are flimsy and they break easily.

If you have a heavy door that you use regularly, these are not the best garage door rollers to buy. If you are working on a tight budget you can use plastic door rollers but you need to take care of your garage door because they might not last long.

Are nylon garage door rollers worth it?

Yes, nylon garage door rollers are definitely worth it. They are modern and are easy to use. If you want rollers that will need little to no maintenance nylon door rollers are the best option for you. The cost difference between nylon and steel rollers is slightly small so the cost should not be an issue when choosing nylon rollers. Using nylon garage door rollers will also make your door quiet when opening and closing.

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