7 Realistic Ways to Maximize Your Garage Storage Space – Garage Transformation Ideas

You can maximize your garage storage by removing clutter and coming up with a floor plan. Incorporating wall storage is also a good way to maximize space through vertical storage. Using unique storage options like bins can also help save your garage space by stacking the small items. Incorporating multiple storage can maximize space by storing multiple items in one area.

For many people, a garage is a place where everything that is no longer in use is stored. Over the years, the garage space becomes a dumpster with all kinds of stuff. I recently decided to do an overhaul of my garage and cleared everything that had accumulated over the years.

This experience taught me that most of the time, you do not need extra space; you need to get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Space maximization is about being smart of what you store in your garage and how you store it.

How to maximize your garage storage

1. Start by Removing Clutter

Decluttering is the first step in maximizing your garage space. If you have not decluttered for years, there are chances that your garage has things that you might not need. I recommend that you take at least a day to remove all the things that you do not need in your garage.
Steps of decluttering your garage

Empty the garage

Take everything outside the garage. You can take everything outside in case the weather is good, or you can take the stuff in the other room. Once the garage is empty, you can now think about what you need to keep inside.

Sort the items

The second step is to sort the items in the garage. Sorting is probably the most difficult thing because you have to select the items that you need to keep and the items to do away with. Sort the items into four batches. You can have batches for things that you need to keep, sell, donate, and throw away. Sorting items into batches makes it easy to manage clutter.

After sorting the items, it is advisable to make a garage sale immediately so that you do not take the items back to the garage. Take the items that you want to donate to their respective places immediately, as well.

Do thorough Cleaning

Since the garage will be empty, take this opportunity to do some cleaning. The floor might be greasy and dusty, so use rubber gloves, brushes, and a good detergent. Give it time to dry before you start taking the items that you want to keep back.

2. Plan Your Space and Come Up With A Floor Plan

Planning your space is very important for storage space maximization. You need to make sure that you have a rough idea of how you are going to use your space. Most homes have two-car garages that are sufficient with proper space planning.

Outline your car space

The first step is to outline the space that will be taken by your cars. You can use a tape to outline the space on the floor. When you outline the space, make sure that you leave a walkway space around the cars so that you have enough room to park your car properly. Around 24 inches of clear walk space is sufficient for parking space.

Use high shelves

Using high shelves can be helpful for a garage space. You need to make sure that you raise your shelves above the ground. Raise the shelves at least 74 inches from the ground. You can use the lower space to keep stuff that you use occasionally and the high shelves to store bulky items.

Divide the garage storage into two section

You need to divide the garage storage into two sections for proper space management. The first section of the garage should be used for primary storage. With major storage, you can put closed cabinets, and the storage can be floor to ceiling.

You also need to have minor storage that you can store less bulky items so that you can use the extra space for walking around. Do not congest the entire garage with cabinets because it will reduce the functionality of the garage.

How to group your items for space-saving

Item Examples Where to place them
Bulky items Lawn mowers, generators Corners to avoid knocking them over
Items used together Gardening and farm tools Stored together for easy access
Frequently used items Bikes Close to the door for easy use
Rarely used items Left over paint Furthest areas of the garage

3. Maximize Wall Storage

Maximizing wall storage is important to save space. You need to come up with a wall storage space that will help you avoid clutter and take the least amount of space. Here are some wall storage options that you can use in your garage to maximize space:

Open shelves

Open shelves are the best for garage storage. They help you maximize space because they are not too bulky, and you can keep a lot of items. We have different types of open shelves, and the most common ones are wooden and metallic ones. You can fit them on your own and store cans and items that you do not mind storing in an open space.

Closed cabinets

Cabinets are good for garage storage. We have fitted garage cabinets that are directly fitted in your garage. However, we have movable cabinets that you can buy and place in different parts of the garage. With closed cabinets, you can keep small tools that are likely to get lost. For big cabinets, you can store items that you rarely use.

Pros of closed cabinets

  • Protection – you can protect items in the cabinets because they can be locked. It is also easy to protect the items from dust because they are stored in a closed location.
  • Easy to find items – cabinets have different compartments, and it is easy to keep everything where you can find it. For easy access, you can even label the different cabinet compartments.
  • Neat look – garage cabinets look neat since all the items are stored in a closed place. You can enhance the appearance of your garage by using closed cabinets.

Wall slates

Wall slates are useful for storing heavy duty items in your garage. You can get garage wall slates in MDF and PVC materials, depending on your preference. We have wall slates that are made using plywood, but they are not as strong. For PVC, you can get the PVC film or the plastic wall slate. The wall slate should be installed into the wall using the right tools. A handyman can help you with the installation. You can use the wall slate to different hung types of heavy-duty tools.

Pros of wall slates

  • Aesthetically pleasing – wall slates look very beautiful in the garage. You can cover the entire wall with slates instead of painting. It is possible to use a verity of colors and textures to enhance the look of your garage.
  • Hang a variety of accessories – to save space in your garage. You can hang different accessories in your slate. You can use a hook, bins, and also shelves.

A pegboard

A pegboard can be made used to store small and lightweight weight items. Pegboards can either be made using wood or metal. I personally prefer metallic pegboards because they are easy to install, and they also look good on the wall. The shiny material of the metallic pegboards looks beautiful on the wall. You can install a metallic pegboard on drywall with ease.

Pros of pegboards

  • Use hooks – you can use hooks to hang items from the pegboard. When attaching a pegboard to the wall, make sure that you use spaces to make sure that the hooks can stick.
  • Attach shelving – it is possible to attach shelving on the pegboard. Attaching plastic shelving to the pegboard will offer additional space to organize small items that you need to access frequently.
  • Use it in other rooms – you can use a pegboard in other areas of the house because of the versatility and ease of installation.

5. Ceiling storage

Using ceiling storage can help you to save space. The ceiling storage can be used for seasonal items that are not used regularly. With proper installation, ceiling storage can be helpful in saving the ground floor and also keeping the garage to look as neat as possible. There are a variety of ceiling storage options available.

Ceiling shelf storage

Ceiling shelf storage is the best for overhead storage. Metallica overhead shelves are the best for ceiling storage. With overhead shelving, make sure that you check the weight limit. You need to make sure that the shelf does not sink under the weight of the items.

Using hooks

It is also possible to use hooks for the overhead ceiling. With hooks, you can hang your ladders and other items that can be suspended. You can also suspend your bike with hooks on the ceiling in case you are not planning to use it for a long time.

Using slings

Apart from using hooks to suspend items on the ceiling, you can use slings for overhead storage. The slings can be useful when hanging items like kayaks that can be heavy. All you have to do is to use the slings around the kayak and later suspend the item on the ceiling. Make sure that the slings are in place, and they are strong enough to carry the weight.

5. Other Storage Options For Space Saving

Space-saving is all about learning how to be creative when it comes to storage. You need to find unusual ways to keep your items in place. There are other storage spaces apart from shelves, cabinets, and overhead storage.


Bins are great for garage storage. When it comes to garage storage, make sure that you choose bins that are easy to stack. Stacking bins is important in saving space in the garage. The bins should also be made from plastic so that they are not affected by moisture and mold.

Storage bags

Storage bags are also great for garage storage. The storage bags should be made from a durable material like canvas. Canvas is a good material best because it protects artificial plants and other items that need to be stored in the garage. The best thing with storage bags is the fact that they can be hanged on the walls.


You can use small containers to keep small items like nails. For those little items that are likely to get lost, small containers can be helpful. Place the containers on shelves where they can be easily accessed.

6. Use Multipurpose Storage

Using multipurpose storage can help in space maximization in the garage. For instance, you can use shelves that have hooks beneath them. You can use the shelves to organize your containers and later use the hooks to hang gardening tools.

Using multipurpose storage will avoid the need to have multiple storage accessories in your garage. You need to remember sometimes storage items like cabinets can end up crowding the garage. Only use storage items like bins that can be used for a variety of purposes.

7 Adjustable Shelving and Mobile Work Station

An adjustable shelving system can help in space-saving. With adjustable shelving, it is easy to move the shelves based on demand. You can also adjust the height in case you need to use the space above or below the shelf. You can always buy adjustable stand-alone shelving.

A mobile workstation is important for saving space in your garage. In case you use your workspace for woodwork, the workstation should be mobile. Consider buying a garage workstation that has wheels so that it can be easy to move from one place to another.

Maximizing garage storage is all about coming up with unique ways to store your tools. Look at your garage design and shape and maximize storage. The idea of saving garage space is to make sure that the floor area is as free as possible. Getting rid of items that you do not need is beneficial in freeing up space.

Have tried any of these space spacing tips for your garage yet. Share your thoughts and opinions on garage space-saving.

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