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Heavy duty shop stools with wheels necessary for every garage shop. It is ideal for mechanics, woodworkers, and even hobby users. We have garage shop stools that can support up to 500 lb. capacity. You can use the stool for sitting down and also placing all the heavy garage tools.

When buying a garage shop stool you need to look at all the features to make sure that it is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to move. In this article, I will guide you on how to buy the best shop stool as well as review some stools to help you make the right choice.

Choosing the best heavy duty shop stools with wheels for garage

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics is one of the most important features when looking for a garage shop stool. Since you will be probably sitting down on it for a long time working, make sure that comfort is not compromised. We have stools that come with a backrest to enhance comfort.

Apart from the backrest for enhancing comfort, the seating area should have a comfortable sponge. It is also advisable to get a stool that has a footrest for your feet when working. These are some of the features that make it comfortable when working.

Easy height adjustment

A good ship stool should be height adjustable. You will need to adjust the height of your seat depending on what you are working on. In case you are working under a car on a hoist, you might need to adjust the height to reach the car. This might be different when working on something on the bench. The ability to adjust the height of your stool accordingly will give you a lot of conveniences.

360-degree rotation

When looking for a stool that will be used for working, consider one that has 360-degree rotation. A stool that can rotate 360 is the best so that you can easily move to different parts of the garage without leaving your seat. You will be able to move easily and enhance efficiency in the garage for better productivity.

Smooth-rolling caster wheels

If you are going to buy a shop stool with wheels you need to consider the type of caster wheels. The wheels should be able to roll smoothly on the floor without getting stuck. Nylon casters are the best for hardwood flooring and they will easily move on the garage floor without damaging it.


It is advisable to check the general construction of your shop stool to determine the sturdiness. A good stool should have a strong steel frame to guarantee sturdiness when sitting. The seating area should have good padding for good support. Proper construction will guarantee you support and durability of your garage shop stool.

Tool storage accessories

Apart from using your garage shop stool as a seating tool, you can use it for tool storage. If you are working on your garage it is advisable to get a stool with some storage area. The stool should come with some storage area so that you can easily move with tools or access them whenever you need them. The storage area should be at the bottom of the stool or side for easy access.

Best Heavy Duty Shop Stools with Wheels

1. Pro-LifT Chair with Dual Tool Tray

This is a dream chair for garages, workshops, and woodworking shops. It is a compact chair that comes with a tool tray at the bottom. For mechanics or crafters, this chair will come in handy because they will have all the tools near them. The four casters at the bottom are good for moving around and they are as smooth as possible. For comfort, the red-colored vinyl seat is well padded and you can sit on it for a long time.

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Pros of Pro-LifT Chair

  • Storage – It comes with storage underneath with drawers to keep different types of tools
  • Easy to move around – has strong casters that can help you move around in the garage
  • Convenient to use – height adjustable so you can use it for a variety of purposes.
  • Strong – it can support up to 300lb

Cons of Pro-LifT Chair

  • No back – it does not come with a back

2. Dewalt Padded Swivel Seat 360 Degrees Garage Stool

Dewalt is a well-known brand for tools and they do not disappoint with this swivel seat. The seat has a yellow steel frame and a black vinyl seat making it aesthetically pleasing. With four nylon casters, it is stable and you can move around the garage without restrictions. It is a heavy-duty swivel stool that can hold up to 300 lbs.

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Pros of Dewalt Padded Swivel Seat

  • Superior brand – manufactured by a well-known superior brand that guarantees you quality
  • Easy to adjust – this is a 360 degrees swivel chair that moves easily. It is also easy to adjust depending on height.
  • Easy to assemble – the chair comes preassembled so it is easy to assemble it yourself.
  • Sturdy – it has four caster wheels that make it sturdy. The steel frame also adds to the strength and sturdiness.
  • Small backrest – it comes with a small backrest to offer more support.

Cons of Dewalt Padded Swivel Seat

  • Small storage – it has small storage underneath compared to other stools.

3. Grace and Grace Heavy Duty Swivel Stool for Shop

This heavy-duty swivel stool is the dream of every mechanic, woodworker, or crafter. It is an easy-rolling chair that rotates 360 degrees for easy use. You can use this swivel stool for long hours since it has a backrest and ergonomic design to enhance comfort. It is easy to adjust and stable to avoid any accidents that might occur when sitting on a chair.

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Pros of Grace and Grace Heavy Duty Swivel Stool

  • Heavy-duty – it can hold up to 400 lbs. if you are on the heavy side, this stool will work perfectly fine.
  • Sleek construction – this swivel stool almost looks like an office chair. It has a polished steel frame with a gray or black back and seating area.
  • Easy to use – the shop has 360 degrees rotation and also allows you to adjust the height.
  • Comfort – apart from the ergonomic design, it has proper padding and backrest.
  • Stable – this is a stable stool that comes with four casters and it also has an anti-exploding plate.

Cons of Grace and Grace Heavy Duty Swivel Stool

  • Looks tiny – it looks tiny so if you are a bigger person it might feel tiny.

4. Easy Life Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair

The Easy Life chair is made with comfort and style in mind. It is a compact chair but that does not mean that it is inferior in any way. The saddle chair has a concave shape that is different from other flat chairs. With the unique shape of the chair, you can support your back and hips. This chair can support up to 350 lbs so it is a heavy-duty stool. You can use it at the garage shop and also as a computer chair.

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Pros of Easy Life Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair

  • Unmatched comfort – the unique concave seat is ideal for extra comfort. It provides you with comfort by supporting your entire body for good posture.
  • Strong and sturdy – despite the compact look. It is strong and sturdy. With the chrome frame, it can support up to 350 lb.
  • Effortless movement – for easy movement in the garage, it has good quality casters that do not damage your floor.
  • Fast installation – it comes preassembled and this makes installation very easy.

Cons of Easy Life Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair

  • Small compact design – the small compact design might be a disadvantage for people looking for extra seating space.

5. Ainilaily Rolling Stool Swivel Stool for Shop

One thing that makes this stool stand out is the large design. It has wide seat if you are looking for more support when sitting down for many hours. This heavy-duty work stool can support up to 350 lb making it ideal even for people on the bigger side. Since it is a hydraulic stool you can be sure that it is easy to adjust. You can adjust it up to almost 30 inches making it one of the tallest work tools that we have in the market.

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Pros of Ainilaily Rolling Stools

  • Stable and sturdy – this stool gives you the stability that you need when working. It has an aluminum base and the four caster wheels keep it in place.
  • Heavy-duty – if you are worried that most of the shop stools are not good enough, it is time to get this stool. The chrome frame, 350 lb weight capacity, and thick stool make it one of the most stable stools.
  • Easy installation – when you buy this stool it comes preassembled. The good news is that you can easily put it together without any complex tools.
  • Easy to use – the stool is relatively higher compared to others in the same class. It also rolls out smoothly no matter the type of floor that you have in your workshop.

Cons of Ainilaily Rolling Stools

  • No back support – it does not have any back support but it is still comfortable.

6. Mychanic Store Rolling Garage Stool with Tool Tray

This is a dream garage stool for every workshop owner. It is a heavy-duty stool that can support up to 350 lbs. for mechanics, the stool has a socket and storage compartment to keep all your tools. For maximum comfort the stool is padded and it is ideal for sitting for long hours.

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Pros of Mychanic Store Rolling Garage Stool

  • Sturdy and stable – it comes with a steel frame and well-padded seating area that gives you all the stability that you will need.
  • Ideal for all floor types – even if you have hardwood flooring in your workshop, this rolling garage stool with work. The polyurethane wheel casters will roll easily on the garage floor.
  • Compact minimalist design – the stool does not take a lot of space in the garage. it has the perfect auto shop addition that does the job well without taking a lot of space.
  • Stay organized – auto mechanics will love this stool because it comes with a try for socket and also a cup area to hold your coffee cup.

Cons of Mychanic Store Rolling Garage Stool

  • Not height adjustable – you cannot adjust the height of this shop stool. However, it comes with a reasonable height of 17 inches from the ground.

7. Big Red Garage Shop Stool with Tray

This garage stool is a great choice for mechanics, workshops, or even hobbyists. It is height adjustable and has the characteristics of a garage creeper. You can adjust it as low as possible or even up to 17 inches depending on what you are working on. The stool is available in red, black, or camo. Auto mechanics will love the tool storage store at the bottom of the stool.

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Pros of Big Red Garage Shop Stool

  • Convenient to use – you can adjust the height and even rotate 360 degrees with the chair.
  • Comfortable – this is a comfortable stool that has good padding and a vinyl cover.
  • Sturdy – this stool can hold up to 250 lbs. it has a steel frame that adds to the sturdiness of the stool.
  • Convenient storage – if you want to use the stool for working with tools, it has a bottom compartment where you can keep all the tools.

Cons of Big Red Garage Stool

  • No backrest – If a backrest is a priority to you, this stool might not be appealing. However, it is still comfortable.

Heavy duty shop stools with wheels are ideal for the garage. Since a lot of heavy duty work is done in the garage, you can be sure that these stools will do the work.

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