6 Best Floor Tiles for Garage

Tiling your garage floor is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your garage. You can choose the best floor tiles for garage depending on garage decor and use. Using garage floor tiles is also an excellent way to protect your floor from damage. If you have a concrete floor, there are chances that you are dealing with dust, and the floor is difficult to clean. 

Installing floor tiles on top of the concrete floor can make cleaning the garage easy, and it is easy to install. You can install the tiles on your own, but you will first need to prepare the floor by fixing cracks and cleaning it.

Best floor tiles for garage

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1. Speedway diamond locks garage floor tile 789453B-50 – Best diamond garage floor tiles

Size: 50 tiles 12 x 12 x 0.5 inches each

Speedway diamond lock garage floor tile is made from polymer. These are heavy-duty tiles that are ideal for a garage that is used for heavy work. The tiles can withstand the weight of your car and tools. The diamond design of the garage floor tiles makes them anti-skid, especially when working on a wet garage during the rainy season or winter. With these tiles, you do not have to worry about water accumulating in your garage or of mold. Water flows easily through the tiles because of the grid construction.

VIEW ON AMAZONInstallation is quite easy since all you have to do is to snap the 24 connection points together. You will not need any tools since these are interlocking floor tiles. A small hammer is probably all you need to even out the tiles. If you are feeling creative, you can combine different garage colors since you can choose from the 11 colors available.

For a parking or mechanic garage, these are the best tiles for oil and chemical spills. They are also easy to clean, considering they are made with a smooth polymer material. The tiles can be used for home and commercial garage floors.

Pros of Speedway diamond lock garage floor tile

  • Easy to install
  • Strong polymer material
  • Good for oil and chemical spills
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for wet garage floor

Cons of Speedway diamond lock garage floor tile

  • Little pricy compared to other tile brands

2. Incstores Interlocking Garage Tiles Vented Nitro Tiles – Best interlocking garage floor tiles

Size: 52 tiles 12’ x 12’ x 3/8” each

Incstores Interlocking Garage Tiles are known for performance. Incstores is a brand that has been known for garage flooring, and their garage tiles do not disappoint. The vented design of these tiles is best for garage drainage. During winter or the rainy season, the tiles will drain all the water and prevent moisture or mold in the garage.

VIEW ON AMAZONThe interlocking design is important and makes it easy to install the tiles just by snapping them together. These tiles are specifically made for the garage, but you can also use them in your tool shed. They are durable and strong enough to carry all the weight of tools and cars in the garage.

You can create a unique look in your garage by combining different colors of these tiles. With these tiles, you can use a combination of durability and aesthetics. They can withstand oil spills, chemical spills, but they are also easy to clean. The textured look also makes the tiles anti-skid.

Pros of Incstores Interlocking Garage Tiles Vented Nitro Tiles

  • Trusted incstore brand
  • Durable polymer material
  • Easy to install interlocking design
  • Vented for water drainage
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to clean

Cons of Incstores Interlocking Garage Tiles Vented Nitro Tiles

  • Pricy compared to other brands available

3. Achim Home Furnishings Black and White Vinyl Tile FTVSO10320 Nexus – Best peel and stick garage floor tiles

Size: 20 tiles 12″ x 12″ x 1.2″ tiles 

There is something about black and white tiles in the garage. If you want to get that standard black and white look in your garage, it is advisable to get Achim Home Furnishings Black and White Vinyl Tiles.

These are peel and stick floor tiles, and they are perfect for a concrete floor. Installing these tiles is quite easy, and all you have to do is to peel and stick them to your feel. They are shiny, and they are the best to bring some gloss into your garage.

VIEW ON AMAZONSince these are vinyl tiles, they are quite strong for the garage. Vinyl can withstand tear and wear, and it is also ideal for stains and peels in the garage. These tiles are good for transforming the look of your garage, but they can also be good for protecting your floor.

These floor tiles offer the beauty that you need to add to your garage. Apart from the black and white color, you can also get these garage tiles in marble style. Installing these tiles in your garage is an affordable way to change the way your garage looks.

Pros of Achim Home Furnishings Black and White Vinyl Tile

  • Easy to install with just peel and stick
  • Strong and durable vinyl material
  • Beautiful look in the garage
  • Affordable compared to other tile options
  • Easy to clean

Cons of Achim Home Furnishings Black and White Vinyl Tile

  • Not as durable as other tiling options.

4. GarageTrac Modular Garage Flooring Diamond Alloy Tiles – Best modular garage floor tiles

Size: 48 tiles 12”x12”x0.5” each

GarageTrac Modular tiles are the best for home and commercial garages. Made with polypropylene material, you are guaranteed of durability and strength from these tiles. The tiles are available in a diamond texture that is good for the garage. With a textured exterior, you do not have to worry about slipping.

You can get these tiles in a variety of colors. When it comes to a home garage, you can decide to go monochrome, or you can combine different colors for a unique touch. These garage tiles are easy to clean, and they are resistant to most of the chemicals .

VIEW ON AMAZONTo guarantee your strength, you will get a 12-year warranty. The company has been producing garage flooring, and they are confident about their products. You will get good quality garage flooring that will last for a long time.

For easy installation, all you have to do is to snap the garage tiles together. You do not need any adhesives or special tools for installation. This is a great weekend project that you can do on your own.

Pros of GarageTrac Modular Garage Flooring Diamond Alloy Tiles  

  • Specifically made for home garages
  • Durable with 12 years guarantee
  • Variety of colors
  • Anti-skid
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install

5. BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles Exercise Gym Tiles – Best Garage Gym Floor Tiles

Size: 12 tiles 24″x24″x1/2″ each

If you use your garage as a home gym, BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles are your ideal tiles. These are interlocking tiles that can be used for the garage. You can use the tiles for the kids’ play area. The best thing with these tiles is their foam feeling. They will feel soft under your foot, and they are best for exercise. You can also use the garage flooring for yoga because they are soft.

VIEW ON AMAZONThe mats are available in a variety of colors, depending on your preference. You can install them in your entire garage, or you can choose to install them in a particular area of the garage that you will use for your gym equipment. These garage tiles are relatively affordable, and you can use them in the entire garage comfortably.

When it comes to protecting a damaged floor, using puzzle interlocking tiles can help you with hiding the floor. It can serve as an easy solution for people who do not have to repair the entire floor. These mats are lightweight when compared to other types since they are made from a foam material. However, they are still strong and durable as other types of floor tiles.

Pros of BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles Exercise Gym Tiles

  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Easy to install interlocking design
  • Textured non-slip design
  • Durable with a 2-year guarantee
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to moisture

Cons of BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles Exercise Gym Tiles

  • Not very strong for garage parking and tools

6. BlockTile Interlocking Tiles B2US4630 Deck Flooring – Best Plastic Floor Tile

Size 30 tiles 12″x12″x1/2″ each

BlockTile Interlocking Tiles are the best for the garage. These lock tiles are good for a wet garage because the perforated look promotes drainage of water. With a two-toned look of the garage tiles, you can be guaranteed of a beautiful space. The garage tiles feel comfortable under your feet, and you can use them for a workshop.

VIEW ON AMAZONIf you want to transform your garage into a beautiful space, consider these tiles that are easy to install. With these tiles, cleaning is quite easy. They do not trap a lot of moisture, and they are the best for keeping mold away from the garage.

Since they are made using high impact plastic, these tiles are the best for a garage that is used for tool storage or parking your car. You can be sure that that your garage floor is protected with the garage tiles on top of a concrete or wooden floor.

Pros of BlockTile Interlocking Tiles

  • Easy to install
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable

Cons of BlockTile Interlocking Tiles

  • Feels hard when walking on bare feet

How to choose the right garage floor tiles

Use of the garage

The first step is to determine the use of a garage. Decide on how you want to use the garage so that you can determine the right garage floor tiles. If you are going to use your garage to park your car or for tool storage, you will need to get waterproof floor tiles.

The tiles should also be strong enough to carry the weight of your car and tools. On the other hand, if you want to convert your garage into a gym, you can use soft rubber tiles that have a cushion effect.

Method of installation

Before buying garage floor tiles, think about the method of installation. Interlocking garage floor tiles are the easiest to install. With these garage floor tiles, all you have to do is to even the floor and use the interlocking method for installation.

You will not need any special tools for installation. You can also use peel and stick floor tiles because they are easy to install. Peel and stick garage floor tiles come with self-adhesive glue that sticks to concrete floors.

The material of the tiles

Garage floor tiles come in different materials. The most common materials for garage floors are rubber, ceramic, and vinyl. Vinyl is a good material because of the tough exterior. It is easy to clean, and you can use it in high traffic areas of the garage. 

Rubber is also good for the garage and can be used around the car parking area to protect your garage floor from oil. Other options available for the garage include ceramic and porcelain. These options are still good for the garage, but they need some extra care to remain in good condition.


When buying garage floor tiles, safety is very important. Buy garage floor tiles that will keep your garage space as safe as possible. The rule is to minimize falling accidents in the garage. Diamond garage floor tiles are the best because they are anti-skid. 

Since they are textured, you will reduce the chances of falls in the garage. Floor tiles with a smooth exterior are not the best for the garage because they will increase the chances of falling, and they can be dangerous. Remember to go for non-toxic options for the garage just to stay safe.


Think about how you want your garage space to look like. Aesthetics is still an important aspect when choosing your garage floor tiles. For instance, if you are planning to use your garage as an office or man cave, you will need to get aesthetic pleasing floor tiles. 

Wood garage floor tiles are the best cause they bring out a warm look in the garage. They are the best for a garage space that will double as a living space. Peel and stick garage floor tiles are also beautiful because you can get them in different designs and colors depending on your style. 


Maintenance is an important aspect when looking for garage floors. You will need to get floor tiles that are easy to clean. The role of garage floor tiles is to reduce the cleaning job and make it easy to take care of your floor. 

Most of the garage floors are made using concrete and cleaning concrete can be difficult. Garage floor tiles like rubber and vinyl re easy to maintain. We also have turf-carpet tiles that are easy to maintain and still look good in the garage. The ease of maintenance will depend on the cleaning and also durable.

Garage floor tiles faq

Are garage floor tiles any good?

Garage floor tiles are as good as any other type of flooring option. The trick is to choose garage floor tiles, depending on how you are going to use your garage. 

If you use your garage for car storage and other heavy-duty tasks, vinyl is the best option. It can withstand heavy traffic and rough use. Garage floor tiles are good, just make sure that you choose the right material for the floor tiles.

Epoxy vs. tiles for the garage

When it comes to garage flooring, the debate is usually between epoxy and tiles. The truth is that none of them is better than the other. When it comes to cost, installing garage tiles can be cheaper. However, if you are looking for long time durability, and you want to use your garage for heavy tasks, consider installing epoxy. 

Are smooth floor tiles ideal for the garage? 

Smooth floor tiles can be used in the garage, depending on how you will use the garage. If you are worried about the floor becoming slippery, you can always use garage floor mats on the high traffic areas of the garage. 

Porcelain floor tiles are smooth, but they can be used in the garage since they are easy to clean and give the space a polished look.

Preparing the floor for tiling

It is still important to prepare the floor for tiling. Preparing the floor for tiling will include sweeping the floor to remove all the dirt. It is also advisable to clean the floor and allow it to dry before you lay the tiles. With proper preparation, the tiles will be able to stick, and you will get the best results for your hard work.

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