40 Garage Upgrade Ideas on a Tight Budget

A garage upgrade is not something that you can do in one day. I will give you garage upgrade ideas that will help you to achieve the garage of your dreams. However, taking small steps like sealing your floor and hanging a pegboard can help you to achieve a finished garage in the long run. When working on a tight budget, you can make one garage upgrade at a time so that you do not feel overwhelmed by the process.

40 Affordable garage upgrade ideas

1. Seal your garage floor with epoxy paint

Using epoxy paint for the garage floor is the least expensive thing you can do to upgrade the look of your garage. You do not have to hire a handyman to do it for you. This is something that you can do over the weekend as a hobby. However, you will need to clean your garage floor first to get rid of dust. Take this time also to repair the small cracks in case you have a concrete floor.

Epoxy paint will introduce some color in the garage in case you have a dull-looking garage floor. I particularly love this  Gray Rust Oleum 261845 available on amazon. The kit offers a good way to protect your floor from scratches and heat from tires and it has a beautiful gray finish. When looking garage floor paint, consider buying the epoxy floor paint as opposed to the ordinary paint. The epoxy floor paint might be a little bit expensive, but you will definitely love the look. It is also durable compared to normal paint.

What you need for the project:

  • Epoxy paint – 1-car garage floor 3 gallons and 2-car garage 4.5 gallons
  • Paint roller and Steel brush
  • Protective gear – Googles Odor mask

2. Install garage tiling

Garage tiling is also a good way to upgrade your garage. If you want to get a new look without changing the floor, tiling is the best way to go. We have porcelain and graphite tiles that are easy to install on your floor. These tiles can be installed on any type of floor.

The best thing with garage tiles is the fact they protect your floor from tire marks and even tools. If you use your garage as a tool storage area, make sure that you get proper garage tiling. The tiles also slip resistant and make your garage less slippery. They are non-toxic in case your kids like to play in the garage.

You can get the tiles in a variety of colors and textures, depending on your preference. The tiles are also sold in packs of 12, 24, and 48 tiles depending on the size of your garage and the area that you would like to be covered.

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3. Paint your garage door

Giving your garage door a facelift is an inexpensive garage upgrade. There are many ways to give your old garage door a new look. Replacing your garage door might be expensive, but you can use paint to give your garage a fresh look.

All you need is a can of paint and some brushes. You can decide to change the look of the garage door by getting a new paint color. You can get garage door paint for under and brush for a discount. Using planks over your garage can also work in cases where you are not interested in painting the garage door.

4. Use garage door decorative magnetic hardware

It is also possible to give your garage a makeover using garage hardware. You can use faux garage hardware that you will attach to your garage door. Most of the garage hardware is meant to add some unique style to your door.

They are inexpensive to buy and also install, but they will give your garage door a beautiful look without spending a lot of money. You can get these magnetic decorative garage door accents that are easy to stick on your metallic garage door. You can touch to the garage and change the entire look of the door.

5. Add a garage pegboard

A garage pegboard is an excellent addition to your garage wall. It is easy to install and will make your garage wall look beautiful. You do not have to install a pegboard in your entire garage. Add a pegboard on one side of the garage wall to organize tools in your garage.

Your garage will look more organized because you can make use of the vertical space and arrange all the tools that you have in your garage. A pegboard can be used for small tools in the garage. The best thing about pegboards is the fact that they come in a variety of textures and colors, depending on your aesthetics. I love this metal pegboard available in silver with galvanized tool board. The cost of a garage pegboard will depend on the size.

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6. Turf carpeting the walking path

Carpeting the walking path can be very helpful. If you want some character to add a turf carpet in your garage. Turf carpet is tough for the garage, and it is easy to clean. For epoxy flooring, the floor tends to be slippery, and it can cause falls in the garage.

Installing a turf carpet on the walking path will make your garage look beautiful, and it will also protect you from the slippery floor. Turf carpeting is affordable, and you can get it in a variety of colors to match your garage aesthetics.

7. Garage wall guards

Garage wall guards are useful for people who park their cars in the garage. When parking your car in the garage, the car door is likely to hit the walls causing damage. Using garage wall guards is a good way to protect your car’s paint.

In case your car door bumps into the wall, the guards have a cushion-like material that prevents paint peeling. You can install the wall guards next to the wall where you park your car. Garage wall guards are affordable to buy depending on the thickness. They are also easy to stick on the wall without any advanced tools.

8. Mini heat and cooling

Temperatures in the garage can get really low or really high. If your garage is not vented, installing a mini-split heating and cooling system will work. The mini heating and cooling and cooling system are affordable to buy and install.

It will make your garage comfortable, and you can spend some time in the garage working or entertaining. The garage will also become pet-friendly once you are able to regulate the temperatures in the garage.

9. Add a mudroom

Adding a mudroom in your garage is always a good idea. A mudroom will keep the garage clean, and space will always look organized. A mudroom near the door will make your garage feel functional, depending on how you want to use it.

To create a mudroom in your garage, all you need is a long bench with some drawers. You can use the drawers to store your tools, shoes, and gloves. You can also place a rollover rubber mat that is easy to clean so that the floor does not get dusty.

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10. Add a garage door screen

A garage door screen is a good accessory to add to your screen. The fiberglass mesh for your garage is supposed to allow fresh air into the garage. Most of the garages do not have ventilation, and a garage door screen is a good way to add ventilation into your garage.

We have magnetic garage door screens that are easy to attach to the door. A garage door screen will add some security into the garage and keep away the bags from your garage. in case you have pets in the garage, they will not escape.

11. Add metallic cabinets

Metallic cabinets are important for every garage. They are durable, and they add that industrial look into your garage. Even if you have built-in wood cabinets, consider adding a standalone metal cabinet in your garage.

Unlike wood, metal cabinets are functional and can withstand pressure in the garage.
In case you want something that is waterproof and also fire-rated, metallic cabinets will do the trick. You can get them in different metallic colors like black, grey and even white. You can get a good size depending on what you are planning to store.

12. Moisture resistant paint

If you are planning to paint your garage walls, choose the right paint. Since the garage is susceptible to moisture, you need to get paint that is moisture resistant. With moisture-resistant paint, you will also avoid the growth of mold in the garage.

Cleaning the garage will also be easy. All you have to do is to wipe the dust from the garage. You can get the paint in a variety of colors and textures, and the best thing is that you can also do painting on your own. You will protect your garage walls by using moisture-resistant paint.

13. Magnetic tool holder

A magnetic tool holder is a must-have in every garage. It is a magnetic strip that is attached to the wall to keep small tools organized. The magnetic nature of the tool holder makes small tools like screwdriver stick to the wall. Storing small tools in cabinets is not advisable.

Store the small tools like screwdrivers and nails on the magnetic tool holder. You will be able to pick them whenever you need them. This modern innovations magnetic tool holder and rack will help you to keep everything organized. You will be required to drill the strip on the wall, although this is an easy step.

14. Parking target/aid block

For people who park their cars in the garage, it is advisable to get a parking target. The parking aid is a block that is placed on the garage floor. When parking your car in a tight spot like the garage, it is easy to hit the walls.

If you are worried about hitting the garage walls and you want to park your car in a specific place, make sure that you use parking blocks. You can save on space since your car will only take the required space in the garage and leave the rest of the space for other functions.

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15. Garage Ceiling Light

Garage lighting is important to keep the space bright. If you want to keep your space bright without adding natural lighting, add ceiling light to your garage. Garage ceiling light with 60 watts is ideal for the garage because the garage needs a lot of light. The LZHOME garage lighting with adjustable panels is the best for natural lighting in the garage.

When buying ceiling light, it is advisable to buy LED so that you can save on energy. A ceiling lighting with adjustable panels is the best because you can illuminate different parts of the garage. Apart from a ceiling light, you can also add some wall lights to compliment the lighting.

16. Garage door weather stripping

Weatherstripping is a great way to keep water from your garage. It will also keep your garage warm because cold air does not enter your room. Garage weatherstripping is used to cover the bottom part of your garage door.

Most of the garage doors have space at the bottom, and this can lead to garage flooding in case of rain. When installing garage weather stripping at the bottom, make sure that you check your garage door design and the space that you need to seal.

17. Add oil spill mats

Oil spill mats are useful in the garage. If you park your car in the garage, make sure that you have oil spill mats. You also need oil spill mats if you store tools like lawnmowers in the garage. The garage is susceptible to oil spills, and cleaning the oil spills is not something you want to do everything.

Instead of cleaning the floor every time you experience an oil spill, you can clean the mats. Rubber mats are the best for oil spills because they are easy to clean. Place the oil spill mats under the car or on the area where you place your tools.

18. Garage security camera

Garage break-ins are popular, and it is important to keep the garage safe. one of the ways to keep the garage safe is by installing a security camera. The security camera should be placed on the front garage door.

You will be able to monitor what is happening on the front of your garage even when you are away. For better surveillance, you can always connect the security camera to your phone so that you can see everything that is happening. A motion camera is a right option for the garage because it will even work in low light.

19. Smart garage door opener

A smart garage door opener can make all the difference in your home. Lifting the garage door manually all the time can be time-wasting. With a smart garage door opener, you can activate your voice function and also remote control function. It will be easy to open your garage with little or no intervention. most of the smart garage door openers are easy to install.

You can also connect the garage door opener to your smartphone and also to Alexa to make operating the door easy. I like myQ smart garage door opener on amazon because it is one of the most affordable garage openers and it is also easy to install. Installing a smart garage door is the first step to make your garage smart by improving technology.

20. Use hooks to hang bikes

If you want to free up space in your garage, it is advisable to make use of ceiling space. Instead of parking your bikes on the floor, consider using hooks. Using hooks to hang your bikes is affordable, and it also helps you to save space in the garage.

If you do not ride your bike every day, it is a good idea to keep it away. Ceiling storage for bikes will free up the floor space, and it will also keep your bikes in good condition until you need to use them. You can store multiple bikes using hooks.

21. Use ball nets in your garage

Storing sports equipment can be challenging since some of them do not fit in the cabinet. For instance, storing balls in the garage is easy with nets. If you have several balls in the garage, buy a ball net, and you can keep all the balls that you have.

The best thing with ball nets is that they are easy to hang on the wall of the garage. You can always get a size of net depending on the number of balls that you have in your garage. Make sure that you buy a strong net that will withstand the pressure of the balls.

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22. Wood pallets shelves

You can add more storage in your garage using wood pallets. If you do not have enough cabinets in your garage, adding some shelving would do the trick. Instead of buying cabinets that might be expensive to buy and install, consider making wood pallet shelves.

You can use wood pallets to store some of the tools and make your garage more organized. The best thing with wood pallets is the fact that they have a rustic look that adds to the aesthetics of your garage. Apart from using wood pallets for making shelves, you can use them as wood slats for the garage.

23. Pegboard storage bins

If you have a pegboard in your garage wall, you can use it to hang tools. However, there are small tools that cannot be hanged on the pegboard like small nails and other accessories. If you want to make your pegboard more functional, it is advisable to get some pegboard bins.

These are small bins that are attached directly to the pegboard. They help you to keep your garage organized, and you will avoid losing the small items you use in the garage. the pegboards are also good for aesthetics purposes because they look beautiful on the pegboard.

24. Garage Slatwall panels

Slatwall is the garage that helps you to add some personality in the garage. The Slatwall comes in a variety of materials and textures, depending on your aesthetics. You can get wooden Slatwall panels if you want to add some warmth to your garage.

These panels are a good option because you can also use them to hang your tools. Metal Slatwall is good if you want to add some brightness to your garage. We have a shiny metal Slatwall that you can use in your garage. The best thing with Slatwall panels is that you do not have to install them in your entire garage.

25. Use reflective insulation roll

Garage insulation can look like a messy procedure. If you want to insulate your garage without hiring someone to do it for you to get a reflective insulation roll. With a proper insulation roll, it will be easy to seal your walls and control temperatures inside the garage.

The best thing about a reflective insulation roll is the fact that it insulates your garage from noise. After insulating the garage with the reflective roll, you can use the space as an office space. You need to measure your garage wall to know the number of rolls that you need for insulation.

26. Add a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is important for the garage. The garage tends to accumulate a lot of moisture, and the fact that most of the garages do not have ventilation makes it worse. High humidity in the garage will cause the growth of mold, and it can even compromise the integrity of the garage building.

Make sure that you use a dehumidifier in the garage to remove all the moisture. The type of humidifier you buy will depend on the size of the garage and also the moisture content in the room. If you have recently experienced flooding, you will need to get a powerful dehumidifier to get rid of all the moisture.

27. Add a worktable

A worktable in the garage is necessary. If you spend some time in the garage doing home improvement projects, it is necessary to have a work table. You can use the work table to place some of the valuable items that you want to keep off the ground.

A good worktable should be made from solid wood due to durability and also aesthetics. If you have limited space in your garage, it will be a good idea to get a foldable table. You can always put the table aside in case you want to use the garage for other purposes.

28. Metallic ceiling tiles

There is something about metallic ceiling tiles in the garage. If you want to improve the aesthetics of the garage and give it a complete look, consider metallic tiles in your garage. Metallic garage tiles have a shiny look, and they are the best for an industrial look.

It is easy to install the metallic tiles on your own without hiring a professional. You can get metallic ceiling tiles in different shades and textures, depending on your preference. The metallic ceiling tiles are ideal for an industrial look in the garage in case you want to improve the aesthetics.

29. Funny garage signs

Adding some funny garage signs will do the trick. If you want to use your garage, a man cave where you do fun things with the boys, it is a good idea to add some funny garage signs. The posters will be placed on specific parts of the garage so that you can add some personality to your garage.

Funny signs in the garage are good conversation starters. It is a good way for people to start conversations and have fun. You can always find a garage sign, depending on your preference. You can order one with the words that you want and make it a focal point in your garage.

30. Overhead utility hooks

Improving storage in your garage is necessary. You can improve storage by increasing overhead storage. For items like ladders, using utility hooks makes storage easy. Attach the utility hooks to the wall just next to the ceiling. You can hang your ladders and keep your floor space empty.

When working with limited space, it is best to put anything that you do not use every day away. Overhead utility hooks can also be used to hang items like bikes. These hooks are strong, and they can support the weight of almost anything in the garage.

31. Play around with contact paper

The contact paper has the ability to transform spaces. If you want to change the appearance of your garage, it is time to play around with the contact paper. Using contact paper in different parts of the garage can give the space a new look without spending a lot of money. If you want to change the color or look of your worktops, use marble contact paper to cover the tops.

You can use wall paper on the walls to give your garage a beautiful look. Roommates distressed wood wall paper has a beautiful look. Marble wallpaper will give the appearance of marble in your garage without spending a lot of money. You can also use contact paper to change the look of your garage cabinets. It is easy to work with contact paper because you do not need any tools.

32. Change the garage cabinet handles and hardware

If you still have the old garage cabinets, you can give them a new look. You do not have to paint or get new cabinets to change the look of your garage. It is still possible to get beautiful garage cabinets by simply changing the handles.

You can replace your old plastic handles with brass handles. Cabinet handles and hardware come in a variety of shapes, colors, and effects. You can always find something that you love depending on your aesthetics and the look that you want to achieve in your garage. My favorite look for cabinet handles in brass and gold.

33. Add some floating shelves

Floating shelves are great for the garage. In case you do not have enough storage in your garage, it is time to put up some floating shelves. Floating shelves are affordable to buy, and the best thing is that you do not have to hire someone to do the installation.

There are many ways to add floating shelves in your garage. You can decide to attach the floating shelves with hooks and drill them into the walls. On the other hand, you can use a rope to hang the shelves. You can use floating shelves to display your decorative items in the garage.

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34. Smoke detector

The garage is susceptible to fire accidents. Most of the fires start in the garage because this is where people keep gasoline and other flammable products. It is important to install a smoke detector just to be safe. A smoke and carbon dioxide detector will help you to notice early signs of the fire accident, and you can take the necessary precautions.

Most of the smoke detectors are affordable to buy, and you can do the installation on your own. A smoke detector will improve the safety of your garage, and it will give you peace of mind as you do other activities inside or outside the home.

35. Solar sensor lights

Solar sensor outdoor lights for the garage are the best. These lights are important to improve the lighting in your garage. Your garage door security at night is important, and you can make it better by using sensor motion lights.

When looking for outdoor sensor lights for the garage, make sure that you look at the waterproof features. An outdoor garage light should be waterproof in case of rain. Since the lights use sensor technology, it is easy to know when someone is at your front door. It will keep your garage entry safe.

36. Add an overhead storage rack

An overhead storage rack will make a very big difference in your garage. If you want to make the garage floor open, consider installing a storage rack in the garage. With this kind of rack, you can store bins on the ceiling.

The overhead storage rack will be a place where you keep all the items that you do not use regularly. Storing items like ladders and items in sealed bines will help you to save the floor and vertical space. Installing a ceiling storage rack is easy because most of them are already made to fit the ceiling correctly.

37. Portable garage heater

A portable garage heater is the best for the garage. Sometimes it is difficult to heat the garage and spot heating with a portable garage after heating. If, after insulating your garage, it still feels cold, consider using a portable garage heater. NewAir 240v Watt garage heater is the best for garage spaces. It has sturdy construction and comes with a thermostat.

The garage heater can be moved to different parts of the garage for even heat distribution. When buying a portable garage, look for one that has smart features. Buy a portable garage heater that has an automatic shut off so that you can prevent overheating in the garage. We have different types of garage space heaters, depending on the size of your garage.

38. Automatic vacuum cleaner for hard floors

Most of the areas in the garage have hard floors. It is important to keep your garage dust-free by making sure that you use the vacuum regularly. If you do not have enough time to vacuum your garage door, the best way is to buy a vacuum cleaner for hard floors and place it in your garage.

The automatic vacuum cleaner will help you to keep the floor tidy even when you are not in the home. Dust Control in the garage is very important, and you can do it using the right automatic cleaner. We have vacuum cleaners that can clean hard carpeting and even concrete floors.

39. Plywood utility wall

If you are working with a budget, a plywood utility wall will do the trick. It is easy to fix plywood on top of the drywall, and the wall will serve as your utility wall for your garage. You can use plywood to hang different tools in the garage. The best thing about plywood is the fact that it is affordable.

You can also paint it different colors so that you can get the effect that you want in the garage. The thickness of the plywood that you use will depend on the tools that you want to hang. If you want to hang heavy items, make sure that you choose thick plywood to support the weight.

40. Portable sink for garage

It will be a good idea to add a portable sink in the garage. If you do not want to do a lot of plumbing work, but you still want to have a sink, the best thing is to get a portable sink. You can move it in different parts of the garage, and it will be used for minor cleaning tasks in the garage. There are a variety of portable sinks depending on the size and also design.

Which of these are your favorite garage upgrade ideas?

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