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Using the best garage shelving units is the cheapest way to keep your garage organized. Garage shelving units come in a variety of materials and designs. You can buy garage shelves, or you can do some DIY projects at home.

We have heavy-duty garage shelving units that can be used for storing heavy tools. Heavy-duty garage shelves are constructed using metal to hold the weight of heavy boxes or tools. We also have plastic garage shelves that are ideal for keeping light tools organized. The most common garage shelves are made using wood and metal.

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Best Garage Shelving Units

1. FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf Garage Storage 2-Pack Rack 1*6 Black – Best Wall Mounted Garage Shelving Unit

FLEXIMOUNTS is the best wall mounted garage shelving unit. The shelving units come as a pair, and you get them in black. You can get the shelving units in a variety of sizes, but the standard size for a garage is 1*6. There are other sizes like 1*4, 2*4, and 2*6. These are wire racks with metal stands to attach to the wall.

Size : 2 by 6 ft

Pros of FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack

  • Easy to install – You get all the necessary hardware for installation. Installing the shelving units is quite easy since you have high-quality screws to mount the shelves to the wall.
  • Strong – the shelving racks are quite strong. Each shelving unit can hold up to 150 lbs each. You can use them to store heavy-duty tools in the garage.
  • Beautiful design – you will definitely love the minimal design of these shelving units. They are available in black, and they have a minimal look. These shelves can match both home and commercial garage space.
  • Save on space – these garage shelving units do not take any floor space. Since they are wall-mounted and the design is minimal, you are able to save a lot of space in the garage.

Cons of FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack

  • Not ideal for small tools – the wire racks style is not ideal for small tools since the tools might fall.


2. Meet perfect Heavy Duty Metal Steel Wire Shelving Units Commercial-Grade – 6 Tier – Best heavy duty garage shelving unit

Meet perfect is the best heavy duty garage shelving unit. If you are looking for something that can carry heavy tools, this is the perfect unit. This unit has steel design shelves to keep your tools secure. 

It also has six tires and wheels. You can also dismantle it into two units that are three tiers, each depending on your preference. When you buy this unit, you get up to ten years warranty.

Size: 76″ H by 48″ L by 18″ W

Pros of Meet perfect Heavy Duty Shelving Unit

  • Strong – this is a commercial-grade shelving unit. It is strong enough to store all the heavy tools in the garage. You can use it for commercial uses and also at home for heavy items.
  • Versatile use – you can use it as a 6 tire storage shelf, or you can dismantle it into two shelves. If you have enough space in your garage, you can use it as two shelves for different purposes.
  • Portable – it is a portable garage shelving unit that you can move from one place to another. It has wheels, and you can move it to different parts of the garage.
  • Beautiful chrome finish – the beautiful chrome finish makes the garage shelving beautiful for all types of spaces. It is also easy to clean and polish the shelving unit.
  • Easy to assemble – you do not need any tools to assemble this shelving unit. You can assemble and dismantle it without any assistance.

Cons of Meet perfect Heavy Duty Shelving Unit

  • Pricy – it is high price garage shelving when compared to other options available.


3. AmazonBasics Metal Organizer Wire Rack 5-Shelf Shelving – best free standing garage shelving unit

The AmazonBasics is the best free standing garage shelving unit. It is a good option for medium-duty storage. With 5 shelving tiers, it is enough for most of the garage storage needs. You can get it in black and chrome depending on your preference. You can also get one with casters and also one without casters.

Pros of AmazonBasics Metal Organizer Wire Rack 

  • Minimal sleek design – the minimal sleek design fits all the garage spaces. It can be used for commercial and residential garage space. You can get it in matte black or chrome, depending on your preference.
  • Durable – this is durable metal shelving with rigid steel construction. It has a rigid built, making it suitable for garage tools.
  • Easy to adjust – the shelves are adjustable. You can make the spacing wide to accommodate all the kinds of tools that you would like to store.
  • Easy to move – it is quite easy to move the metallic shelving unit. You can get one with casters. The other style has rubber casts to keep the shelving unit stable.
  • Easy to assemble – you will not need any tools to put the shelving unit together. It stays stable after assembling it.

Cons of AmazonBasics Metal Organizer Wire Rack 

  • Medium duty – this is not a heavy-duty shelving unit, and it is not ideal for storing heavy tools.


4. Plano Molding 907-003 4 Plastic Utility Shelving – Best plastic shelving for garage

The Plano Molding is the best plastic shelving for the garage. This shelving unit is made with heavy-duty plastic making it ideal for garage tool storage. With this unit, you get 4 shelve tiers that are 13.25 inches apart. This shelving unit can carry up to 200 lbs, so it is ideal for lightweight garage storage. You can get this shelving unit in a combination of white and gray.

Pros of Plano Molding utility shelving

  • Easy to assemble – this plastic utility shelving is easy to assembly. You will not need assistance from anyone to assemble it since it comes with all the tools.
  • Easy to move – once you assemble the unit, it is easy to move it to different parts of the garage or home whenever needed.
  • Durable – since this shelving unit is made using heavy-duty plastic, it does not rust. It cannot be affected by chemical peels in the garage.
  • Affordable – when compared to other shelving units like wood and metal, plastic shelving is quite affordable.

Cons of Plano Molding utility shelving

  • Lightweight – this is a lightweight shelving unit and might not be ideal for carrying heavy items in the garage.


5. Topeakmart 5 Tier Adjustable Garage Shelf Heavy Duty 71 Inches – best adjustable garage shelving unit

Topeakmart is the best adjustable garage shelving unit. With this shelving unit, you can store heavy garage tools considering that it is a heavy-duty shelf. This garage shelving unit is made using a combination of steel frame and MDF board. You can use the shelving unit for the garage and other areas of the home.

Pros of Topeakmart 5 Tier Adjustable Garage Shelf 

  • Best for heavy items – this is the best garage shelving unit for heavy tools. You can use it to store all your heavy items in the garage.
  • Easy to assemble – it is easy to assemble this garage shelf since it does not come with any bolts. You do not need any special tools for assembling the shelving unit.
  • Versatile for a variety of items – you can use the garage shelving for a variety of items. It is easy to adjust the shelving unit depending on the height of items that you want to store.
  • Assemble it for different uses – one unit can be used for different purposes. You can convert it into three separate shelving units. It is also possible to make it into a bench or corner shelf.
  • Stable – this is a stable unit, and it comes with rubber feet. It also does not damage your garage floor.

Cons of Topeakmart 5 Tier Adjustable Garage Shelf 

  • MDF board gets damaged – the MDF board is likely to get damaged when exposed to water.
  • Heavy and difficult to move – it is difficult to move the shelving unit around the house.


6. Fleximounts 3×8 Overhead Ceiling Storage rack – Best overhead garage shelving unit

Fleximounts 3×8 is the best overhead shelving unit. This shelving unit is meant to be attached to the ceiling, and it is meant to keep your basement organized. With this garage unit, you will save space in your ceiling. You can use this shelving unit with garage storage bins, and you can also use it to hang your bikes.

Size : 96 by 36 by 22

Pros of Fleximounts 3×8 Overhead Ceiling Storage rack

  • Ideal for heavy-duty storage – this type of overhead ceiling storage is ideal for heavy-duty storage. It can carry up to 550 lb weight.
  • Adjustable – with adjustable storage features, it is easy to store all types of garage items. You can adjust the height up to 40 inches depending on what you want to store.
  • Versatile uses – the overhead ceiling shelves can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use hooks to hang bikes and also use you use storage bins.
  • Durable construction – for durability, these overhead shelves are made using 14-gauge steel.
  • Easy to install – you can install the shelves in any stable ceiling. The shelves come with an instruction manual and heavy gauge screws.

Cons of Pros of Fleximounts 3×8 Overhead Ceiling Storage rack

  • Pricy – it is a little bit pricy to buy compared to other garage shelving units.


7. Yuanshikj 3Pc Shelving Bracket Vintage Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe – Best stylish garage shelving

Yuanshikj 3Pc Shelving Bracket is the best stylish garage shelving. With this type of shelving unit, you can add some style and personality to your garage. The shelving unit adds a unique touch to your garage. If you are planning to use your garage space as a living space, using a retro shelving unit will be a good idea.

Size : 42 by 12

Pros of Yuanshikj 3Pc Iron Pipe Shelving Bracket

Stylish look – you will love the stylish look for these shelves. They are the best for adding style to the garage compared to using the traditional metal shelving.

Wall-mounted – since these shelves are mounted to the wall, they help you to save garage floor space while at the same time keeping the space organized.

Easy to mount – the shelving bracket is easy to mount to the wall. They look like pipes, so it is quite easy to attach them to the wall.

Cons of Yuanshikj 3Pc Iron Pipe Shelving Bracket

  • Wood planks not included – you will be required to buy wood planks separately to complete the shelving unit.


8. Seville Classics 16 Bin Rack Shelving (SHE16510BX ) – Best Bin Rack Garage Shelving

Seville Classics is the best bin garage shelving rack. It is ideal for commercial uses, but you can also use it in your home garage. The bin system is good for keeping your garage organized. For proper garage organization, you can label the bins to make finding things easier. Since this rack can be used for commercial use, it is a heavy-duty shelving rack that can carry all the heavy garage tools.

Size: 36″ W x 14″ D x 56″ H

Pros of Seville Classics 16 Bin Rack Shelving

  • Quality guaranteed – with this bin rack shelving, quality is guaranteed. When you buy the shelving unit, you get 10 years guarantee.
  • Safe for a variety of uses – you can use this shelving unit for a variety of using including storing food. The unit has been certified by the NSF for food safety storage.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty storage – this unit is made using industrial steel, and each shelf can carry up to 150 lbs.
  • Durable – for durability, the shelving unit is constructed using a platinum epoxy coat. The coating protects the steel from rusting. It is also easy to clean.
  • Best for organization – the shelving unit is not just ideal for storage. You can also use the shelving unit to keep everything organized. It has an assortment of bins and also bin dividers.

Cons of Seville Classics 16 Bin Rack Shelving

  • Pricy – the unit is a little bit pricy compared to other shelving units without bins.


9. AmazonBasics 6 Cube Storage Shelves (Black) – Best cube garage storage shelving

AmazonBasics 6 is the best cube garage storage shelving. These shelving units are ideal for display and storage. You will get interlocking wire storage cubes that you can connect with plastic connectors. It is a small shelving unit that you can use for tiny items in the garage. For a more organized garage, you can add some bins to make the garage more organized. You can get this cube storage in black and white.

Size: 6 cubes each 14x14x14

Pros of AmazonBasics 6 Cube Storage

  • Easy to assemble – assembling the cube storage is quite easy. The package comes with plastic connectors that help you to put the storage shelving together.
  • Easy to expand – you can expand the storage shelving by stacking the cubes together. You can use two cubes together to create more storage space.
  • Organization made easy – with cube storage organization will be easy. You can use bins to keep your items organized.
  • Sturdy – the cube storage is made using steel construction, and this makes it easy to carry the weight of items.

Cons of AmazonBasics 6 Cube Storage

  • Lightweight – this is lightweight cube storage, and it might not be able to support heavy items.


10. AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf NSF Certified Metal shelving

AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf is a good storage shelf for commercial purposes. It is a good option for the garage since it is made using steel material. You can use the metal shelving to keep the space as organized as possible.

Size: 36 by 18

Pros of AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

  • Beautiful clean look – with steel, you get a clean, beautiful look. It is best to keep the garage clean and organized.
  • Quality guaranteed – this shelf guarantees you superior quality. It is a commercial-grade, and it is NSF certified for food storage.
  • Variety of uses –the metal garage shelving is not just good for the garage. You can use it for food storage in the garage and also other parts of the home.
  • Durable – cleaning the stainless steel shelf is easy. All you have to do is to wipe the shelf. It is also resistant to rust.
  • Easy to assemble – it comes with wall brackets and a set of screws.

Cons of AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

  • Pricy – when compared to other shelving units like wire racks, stainless steel is a little bit pricy.


Garage shelving units buying guide

Garage shelving units are important in keeping your garage space organized. You need to understand the options out there before making a purchase. It is possible to make garage shelving on your own, but it is time-consuming and needs some level of skill. However, you can buy ready-made shelves for your garage. Here are some tips on buying garage shelving units:


When buying garage shelving, the first step is to determine the right material. Garage shelving units are available in wood, steel, and even plastic. Wood gives your garage a traditional warm look. Metal, on the other hand, gives you garage space an industrial look, and they are ideal for commercial use. Plastic is the best material when working on a tight budget.

Shelving style

It is also advisable to determine the shelving style that you need for your garage. We have garage shelving units that are mounted to the wall. On the other hand, we have free-standing shelving units that are placed on the floor to keep the space organized. We also have shelving units that can be stacked together to form bigger shelving stacks.

Use of the shelving units

The use of the shelving units will determine the right option for you. If you want a shelving unit for storing small tools like garage screws, consider a unit with shelving bins. The shelving bins are good for keeping the space organized. You do not have to worry about losing some of the tools since everything is kept in a container. We also have cube storage that will help you to organize small items.

Garage space

Before you buy garage shelving, determine the space in your garage idea. It is a good idea to check whether you have space to accommodate the shelving unit. If you are working with limited space in your garage, it will be a good idea to get wall-mounted garage shelving units. In case of space is not an issue in your garage, free-standing garage shelving will be good.


Think about portability when buying garage shelving. In case you need to move the shelving units from time to time, consider buying garage shelving with wheels. It will be easy to move the shelving unit to the space that you need.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation is also an important factor when buying garage shelving. Wall-mounted garage shelving will need some expertise for installation. However, there are shelving units that come with all the necessary hardware to make the job easy for you.

Weight limit

Remember to check the weight limit when buying garage shelving. You need to take note of the maximum weight limit for each shelving unit. In case you are planning to store heavy items, you need to be sure that your shelving units can support the weight.

Garage Shelving FAQ

Is it cheaper to build or buy shelves?

The decision to buy or build is up to you. Building garage shelving is a good idea if you have some skills in using tools. For DIY garage shelves, using wood is the right option. Wooden garage shelves are easy to build, and you need to know how to measure, cut, and drill wood. It will take some time, but you will end up saving some money. You can always build something that will fit your garage storage needs.

Buying garage shelving units are a good option if you want to explore the different garage designs and options like metal. You will save time, but it is definitely worth it.

Wood vs. metal garage shelving

Choosing between wood and metal garage shelving can be a challenge. Metal garage flooring is ideal for commercial garages. It is easy to clean and can also carry all the heavyweight in the garage. 

The durability of metal and steel garage floors can never be compared to wood since it is not affected by moisture. Wood shelving units are ideal for home garages. They are beautiful, warm, and they add personality to your garage space.

Is covering garage shelving necessary?

Covering garage shelving is always a good idea. Unlike cabinets, garage shelving units do not have doors. It is advisable to use curtains or waterproof sheets. 

Covering the garage shelving will help you to hide clutter and makes your garage space look organized. It is also a good idea to cover garage shelving so that you can protect your tools from dust.

What is the best garage shelf height spacing?

When installing garage shelving, make sure that you install at least 6 inches from the floor. Doing this will protect your valuables from moisture. The ideal spaces between each shelving tier should be around 3.5 inches so that you can get enough space to store the large items.

Which garage shelving do you love most?

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